Reviews for An Unknown Compelling Force ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Definitely the best documentary on the Dyatlov Pass

I really enjoyed this movie - it was a great blend of investigation and adventure.

There's so much information out there on the subject, but I think this film does the best job to look at all the information and sort through it in a way that makes sense.

Sure if you're already an "expert" on the subject you might know a lot of this stuff, but I still think you'll get a lot from it.

I learned more about who the hikers were than in any of the other online videos and I really enjoyed seeing what the location was actually like, was awesome! I think this film is onto something in terms of the theory.. but I like how it leaves something for us to think about...A must watch for mystery and true crime fans!!

Not very compelling

I had never heard of the Dyatlov Pass Incident and before watching this I read up on it, online. Watching it , I think the documentary does a good job of explaining the facts of what was found back in 1959, does a good job of discounting some of the theories concerning what happened but it certainly does not solve the mystery of what happened. You can go online and in much less time than this film takes, read several other theories as to what could have happened and even read about evidence not brought up in this film. I think the film maker's heart was in the right place, but while Compelling is a word in the title of this, this documentary is not all that compelling, I struggled to stay awake. Some of the people interviewed were excellent and given the evidence, stated the obvious but others were not all that interesting or just seemed not "camera worthy". The actual story I read about is so much more interesting than anything presented here. There are also some annoying film effects used, that add nothing, what ever happened to just shooting great sharp film and leaving out the special effects ? This was suppose to be a documentary not Instagram.

Probably the best D.P.I. account so far

A Worthwhile account of the Dyatlov Pass Incident mystery in a very good foto documentary about what's really happened that night . The evidence it's here. A remarkable true story very well told.


Is this really a new insight into the incident, or just another rehashed version........ you be the judge!