Reviews for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7 / 10

Not terrible, not great

Super predictable jump scares, not nearly as scary as the other movies, it's so easy to tell when something scary is about to happen but when it does it's not even really scary.

But I will say the acting is great and the story is told pretty well, this however has to be one of the most embellished of the movies yet. It's honestly more of an action thriller than a horror movie.

We missed you James!

NO SPOILERS! Weakest of the series and and I have to believe the missing piece was director James Wan. The scares were way too predictable, the script felt one note and even though I went in cold I could still see the ending a mile away. Solid turns by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as they have always done but still even they couldn't elevate this one.

Decent follow-up, but lacks tension

Not hating on the movie and I'm actually glad they moved away from the haunted house formula, injecting a bit of other genres like criminal investigation but even though it's well paced, there's less of those nail bitting moments i love from the series. The cast still deliver the goods and the story, despite having a few weak spots was still engaging, but with far less memorable moments compared to the previous chapters.

The Devil Made Me Yawn

Seriously, is this even a Conjuring movie? The story is draggy, boring, not scary at all. I wasted 2 hours of my valuable time.


Personally I think this one was my favorite because it explores more of Ed and Lorraine relationship and gives a better story of how they meet. The movie had a lot of tension and was not really scary at all. But that made it easy to watch. Storyline I thought was good. Can't wait for a fourth if there will be one.

ToOo mUcH StORy

Everyone who's complaining that they're too much story and not enough scares, are you kidding? Story and character is the reason why we care about the stakes-that's where drama, tension and horror comes from. If it was all jump scares and lacking in story (the movie Winchester comes to mind), I guarantee y'all would've been even more disappointed. While remaining faithful to the Conjuring universe, I appreciated that this third movie explored new territory so it wasn't just a repeat. It is a quality addition to the series, and much better than the spin offs. A total win for what it is.

Did the Devil make them produce this trash?

Have never written a review until now because this movie was beyond dissappointing. First off, if you're looking for suspense, tension, demons, decent cinematography...all the goods of the first will not find it in the almost 2 hours of pieced together rubbish that is the conjuring 3. There is zero character development and by the end you won't even care that you don't understand what is going on. The special effects are laughable, as is the dialog and whatever the plot is. Plot holes, plot holes everywhere. James Wan, you were sorely missed! Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga deserved better.

Really not good; pales in comparison to the first two...

This sequel should have been left alone. The story is so filled with inconsistencies and silliness that it is just hard to include it as part of the original Warren saga. The directing was generic and the plot was more like heroes versus villain rather than a good solid horror story or retelling of the Warren's cases. So sad to see good solid actors put in a movie where their talents are just simply wasted. Not worth seeing...

So boring

Not only did they make up even more lies for the movie to go along with the Warrens lies, but it didn't even mesh. It was so boring and pointless. I didn't know Wan didn't direct it when I started, and within 15 mins, I said to my friend there is no way Wan would put his name on this junk. Do not waste time on this. Just watch the first one again.

Fell Asleep

Boring. Also Hollywood, just a tip...that cracking sound of a body distortion while possessed are bones cracking. A host could never survive that once the demon is gone so please tell better stories rather relying on this silly contortionist nonsense...

2021 - The year of the letdowns!

Ugh, yet another film that I was really looking forward to, that didn't meet my expectations, or even live up to it's own hype!

What did I just watch?

Let me start by saying that I am a MASSIVE fan of the entire Insidious/Conjuring universe...and I've enjoyed all the films so far. But this just didn't do anything for me, the winning formula seems to have changed, the characters and their personalities seem different, the 'scares' just ain't there!

It's so slow, dull, boring and tedious. If I'm honest, I spent 85% of the film confused about what was going on...and the other 15% wishing it would end. The previous instalments had me on the edge of my seat throughout. They made me feel like if I looked away for even a second, I would miss something. Not this time though...I actually went and made a snack while watching this.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a competent film, but it's also the weakest link of the franchise.

If there is going to be another instalment after this, PLEASE go back to the original format.

The Con-juring: The Money Made Me Do It To You

This is the kind of convoluted swampy swill that could only have been conceived in the intelectualy vacant and vapid era of you know who. Presented in the gilt of cheap pretentious style befitting a narcissistic buffoon grubbing for attention with predictable lines and a sound and fury signifying exactly nothing, the murky meaningless mess of a so-called story leads the viewer on a seemingly endless journey into dullness. THE END IS NEAR, hopefully!

Don't change writers on Movies that work!!

You can definitely tell it's not the same writers! Part 1 and 2 were my favorite horror movies! This one sucks! It took us 2 days to watch because it was boring!

I don't even get what I watched!

I didn't jump once! Don't waste your time. Just watch 1 and 2 again.....please don't make another unless you get the original writers back!

That Was Intensely Satisfying!

I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time, another addition to 'The Conjuring' & its brilliant. I've always been as much of a fan of horror/scary movies as much as the next guy but this was so satisfying to watch, it was so good to get back into the dark room vibe, any time i watch these always in a pitch black room, the story of this was excellent, enough build up scenes to have you questioning why wasn't this made sooner!

The Conjuring delivers in the best way possible, I was throughly intrigued in this spooky story for the get go. I dont jump scare easy , not as easy a s i used to anyway, this story is a compelling one that will keep you entertained and there's no question about that.

Highly recommend it was awesome!

Chaves Delivers (No Spoilers)

I was worried when I read that Wan would not be directing, but I didn't want to cast too much doubt initially, I saw potential in Curse of La Llorona and hoped under Wan's tutoring, he would deliver... Well, I can say without a doubt that he did deliver.

Being an avid fan of the first two in the series, I was pleased to see how much of this movie was clearly inspired by both its predecessors and the films of the genre. The atmosphere is fantastic, I recommend watching this late at night, with the lights off and no sounds outside of the television.

Sound work was absolutely stunning, even when no music was playing. Scene set up was pretty decent, some stuff did feel a bit rushed, but it didn't really detract too much from the film overall.

Really a different style than previous films, a bit more focused on the Warren's over the subjects, though it does maintain its charm that made the series beloved by horror fans worldwide.

Definitely recommend watching in theaters if it's safe for you to go.

Not the same without James Wan

It's not a bad movie at all. I quite enjoyed it. I just went into the movie prepared not to like it as much as the previous Conjuring's or even some of the spin offs, so it did exceed my expectations on how much I liked it, the damn witch lady was creepy as hell. But it still isn't the same creepy as the other movies. Without comparing it to the other films it's actually good. But I just can't help but to compare just because of the name of movie. Basically the order of the movies is 1-3 with the first being the best and the latest entry the worst, I actually like the first two Annabelle movies more than the third Conjuring, but that's because those were more creepy and scary tone than this. But overall I will watch this movie again and did enjoy seeing the Warrens on another adventure to save the day. It's always a treat to see Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga acting alongside each other, good chemistry as Ed and Lorraine.

Loved it, but making a Conjuring Universe took the scares' out of this.

Not the end of the world that I was not scared watching a horror movie. If you are the type to watch a lot you do get to the point where it may take a little more to frighten you, but I was surprised that I got no jump out of my seat moments, nothing gave me the willies or the chills. The best they gave me was suspense.

What I did get was a lot of oh snap moments. An oh snap moment when Annabelle was referenced. An oh snap moment as you see the Warren's children older and getting into the game. An oh snap moment where Lorraine Warren uses her powers for a more light hearted moment and an oh snap moment when the Warrens meet a Kinard spirit.

These are the things that make up a film franchise universe, something that I feel the movie celebrates more than anything else. We are here to see the Warrens battle evil more than we are here to see the evil they battle, and I'm all for it. If Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were 30 years younger and we put Wilson in some ruby red shades, they could be Cyclops and Jean Grey from the superhero franchise, X-Men.

I was not expecting the change in direction the Conjuring took cause it's not a horror movie, it's more of a Crime Drama with horror elements as the Warrens attempt to get a lighter sentence for young man who murdered some people by proving...The Devil Made him do it (that's why they picked that subtitle).

Despite the change in genre, I'm still feeling this movie. I loved this installment in the Conjuring universe and would love to see another (I wonder how many times they can see it was based on actual events)

No horror in this film...

There was nothing scary about this film, and the few jump scares it had were very obvious so not one for you if you like your horror films to be scary...

It's a great movie

I think this part III is a great movie. I don't really care about jump scares, what I care is the story scares me. The casts are great. I love this movie.


Invoking everything you've seen before and embellishing it without mystery, suspense or tension, devil clearly not in the detail, the only nightmare: you wake and recall watching it the next day!