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IMDB: 5.1 / 10

Ridiculous....or is it?

Gun toting rednecks on a kill crazy rampage- the occasional riot or manhunt is surely their right under one amendment or another. No?Unbelievable in this day and age. Silly movie with a sheriff not just apathetic but complicit and orchestrator of the redneck sporting event. Federal law - nah don't recognise it. Just choose your victims and hunt em down. I mean....they got a head start so that seems fair.Ridiculous right? Right?Capitol idea - let's do it. did already.

Just updated my worst movie

Nothing good to see in that. Total waste of time. Save yourself, move on.

My Theory: The Movie Take Place in The Purge Universe

Happy Hunting is a film that has some brutal kills, good effects, and interesting performances. It has a story that feels familiar but still manages to have a few twists and turns that are surprising.The movie that has it all; social commentary, horror, and intense bloodshed. This film even has a character that many people suffering through addiction can relate to, and maybe even learn from.I really believe that the movie is part of The Purge universe, the events take place specially after the events of The Purge: Election Year.

Even the poster is a ripoff (of Blue Ruin)

When you're too lazy to do something original, this is what you end up with

There Are Bad Men Everywhere.

Okay I wrote a medium sized review and tried to submit it and the internet froze up and it apparently got lost so that is lame.

So not writing that again so long story short.

I liked it. End was good! Chris was a great character. Haha. 7/10


Had some solid scenes and a decent story with some blood but just wasn't that fun to watch. Should have been better.


Wow this film really blowed me away. Fresh and brutal, highly recommended

Good Idea That Turned Stupid

Yet another movie that kinda had a good plot idea (though admittedly its been done much better 100 times before) but then the writers either ran out of ideas, money, and/or ingenuity and the ending just leaves us unsatisfied with some thinly veiled "political leftist anti-American commentary" that quite frankly is more offensive than anything any right-wing nut could ever devise. Anyway, it has its moments, but I'd skip this one.

A Pretty Good Movie - Viewer Immersion Guaranteed!!! - Better than IMDb 5.1 Stars

05/03/2019 Well thought out storyline with excellent actors make for an enjoyable movie for you and I. Not necessarily super but really good. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit

A town we don't want to visit.

Its strangely entertaining to watch, but at the same time god dang awful.

Happy Hunting: It had potential

An alcoholic drifter goes on the run after upsetting meth dealers, he turns up in a small town only to find himself hunted by the locals in a sick game of cat and mouse.

Very professionally made and fantastically directed I was fairly impressed with Happy Hunting early on. The concept though not original was handled well and everything seemed to be going well.

It has pacing issues but nothing too major, the issue really comes with a pointless side story and an ending that will really quite stun you. Why? Because it's bafflingly stupid, really stupid.

Up until that point for the most part I was enjoying Happy Hunting and thought it'd walk away with a comfortable rating, alas that ending is so counterproductive it damages the film.

Such a shame, whoever wrote that needs to sit in the corner and think about what he's done.

The Good:

Very well directed

The Bad:

That ending

Watch Something Else..

An alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event. Happy Hunting suffers from a bad script, over the top gore, alot of dark scenes that was impossible for me to see at times and above all a terrible main protagonist that i couldn't feel any sympathy for what so over. And even once the film leads to the whole killing spread it's not worth it that much because it was such a slow drag and when the acting isn't that good or believable as well? Then we've got a big problem. (0/10)

Great take/twist on The Greatest Game

Great take/twist on The Greatest Game A low budget did not stop this Director or Cinematographer from making a good film.

Creativity is its biggest strength

I was very interested in 'Happy Hunting' once I found out it was directed and written by Mel Gibson's son Louie Gibson. Mel is one of the finest directors working in Hollywood today so I thought it would be very interesting to see if his son possessed any of the same talent. So does he? Possibly, it was harder to work out than I had anticipated. 'Happy Hunting' is quite a strange film. It sets out to be strange, but I think managed to be even stranger than intended and in unintended ways. I would say I enjoyed it, without loving it.

There's a point halfway through the film where you will likely ask yourself how are they going to stretch this out for another 45 minutes? They manage it though and while I wouldn't say the pacing of the film is its strongest point, it's not a bad effort considering the way the film is set up. I also liked some of the creativity used in certain scenes. This is the main indication to me that Louie Gibson might have some real talent because creativity in film making seems to be the thing most directors struggle with today. It is sorely lacking in many modern films, however not this one. I wouldn't call this a "must-see" but if you stumble across it on Netflix it's worth a watch and you'll get basically what you're promised.

The dry desert combined with psychotic rednecks on the chase n the great Trump's wall.

Saw this recently on a pirated DVD. As a fan of movies based in badlands, backwoods n outback i was really looking forward to seeing this n to top it all it is a survival flick, another favorite genre of mine. The movie is about an alcoholic army veteran who has to deal with drug dealers, crossing the border aka Trump's wall, cold turkey effects n psychotic rednecks. Well, this movie has nothing new to offer but it is worth your time. Most dangerous game has been done so many times. Backwoods slashers n rednecks exploitation films been done umpteenth number of times. This movie may appeal to hardcore fans of the genre like me. The humour is very dark n the chase is thrilling. The best part about the film is its setting n dirty and gritty cinematography. The bleak dry desert and the surrounding area just as troublesome as the psychotic rednecks of Bedford Flats. Fans of the recent Beyond the reach, Desierto n the 80s Gymkata will enjoy this.

Makes The Hunger Games look like futuristic child's play

I have never felt compelled to write a review before but this film has. I wouldn't classify this film as a horror genre more like an Action/Horror and in that order. Action as it is always moving with action styled scenes and horror in the fact of the horror of being hunted down by a bunch of strangers. This is is how you do a low budget film. It shows you do not need tons of blood and gore and suspense to create a great film (although it will satisfy most blood lusts to a point). The acting from such unknown actors is above par and the concept is (although the idea of hunting others for sport has been done) original and well written. It is a believable idea and was executed brilliantly. I have watched most of the horror films to come out this year and was left disappointed and wanting more yet this film although not technically horror has left me with the feeling at least there were some films that made it this year. It is truly a film worth watching considering it didn't need to resort to elaborate special effects and lots of sex. In fact the effects are minimal and there is no sex at all. All in all a great film to watch, just a shame it did not get the theatre time and recognition it deserves.

The Horror genre label may be misplaced, so also a good watch for fans of other genres. Splendid casting and acting, in addition to original plot and unexpected developments

Seen at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2017 (website: Starting with an original premise, it has even more original developments in its favor. Of course, the prey has slim chances to survive as per the initial setup of the hunting "game", yet it takes some time for the villagers to learn that the prey this time does not give in so easily as in previous years. In a series of scenes, switching from prey to prey, one falling after the other, yet this time with victims on both sides. Luckily for us viewers, it all went differently from previous years. Alcohol plays an important side role, primarily (of course) for main character Warren throughout the running time, but he also makes productive use of alcohol near the finale.

Entertaining throughout, apart from Warren's alcohol addiction and related cold turkey phenomena, and despite the unnecessary violence, the latter not shown in all gory detail yet suggested with not much left to outguess. For example, when someone's head is beaten with a baseball bat, the movement of the bat is clearly shown but not the ultimate effects on the receiving end. A concession towards content advisory ratings?? It won't help, as the whole movie is riddled with unmitigated violence all over. But it is not Horror in the old-fashioned and literal sense of the word, so no dark corners nor ancient buildings, no monsters nor ghosts, only ordinary (yet redneck) people operating in broad daylight (or some at night) with destructive intentions.

All in all, casting and acting make this movie stand out in the first place, in addition to the original plot with many unexpected developments.