Reviews for Cruella ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.1 / 10

Everything wrong with modern Disney

"Hey I have an idea! Let's dig through our old movies, dig up random villains /protagonists and give them revamped origin stories to cash in on the nostalgic audience."I can't believe this trick still works on people. Don't give Hollywood the chance to take you for a fool. Avoid at all costs.

All women are queens

Disney is ruining every female vilain they have.

In Disney's eyes there are no bad women in the world, all of them have a motivation to be evil, they can't be just evil.

Not good.

More regurgitated garbage from Disney. Not only was it bad but at least in some other movies the main does not get framed as some cool and edgy anti-hero that we all secretly aspire to. She became what she hated and the movie celebrates it.

So sad that Disney lost its magic

It's just too cruel to put your family through Cruella.

Stay home, watch an old Disney if you must. Disney must have released this movie at this time knowing it's a dud. Sweeping the trash out and maybe make a few bucks from the poor unsuspecting movie starved consumer. The once dependable family movie studio is dead.

Couldn't get past the first 15 minutes

Disney...stfu. Just stfu. Have all the creative writers gone to Pixar ? Disney can't find them anymore ? No one can write a new story for them ? One that doesn't recycle classic characters and gives them w0ke stories so Disney can be like "see kids ? We're as w0ke as you, spend your money on us !" How ridiculous the way her mom died, oh sure that's justifiable, I totally get why she wanted to skin the puppies later in the future. (Sarcasm) Let's make Cruellla a feminist icon of the 70s ! What will you do with Hades or Scar, Disney ? Actually PLEASE don't answer that. What a joke. Another movie where they bought the rights to great classic songs so that you don't notice how lackluster the writing is. People giving this a high rating, you're Disney enablers. Mediocre. Mediocre. Mediocre. Throw this film in the trash, with the other recent Disney failures.

Why 2 stars ? The wardrobe from what I see deserves the credit, other than that. Need I say more ?

Boring and uninspired

Like others have said this is a check the box movie, uninspired cash grab. 3 of us started watching this, 2 fell asleep it was so bad. I cant think of a single thing good to say about this movie.

A Sign of Cultural Decline

In a sign of our unimaginative time, Cruella is crammed full of the nauseating modern indulgences emblematic of Western cultural decline. An origin story of an iconic villain, Cruella concerns itself with explaining the rise of its villain in keeping with a psychology culture that reduces human beings down to the most traumatic events. In doing so, Cruella De Vil is robbed of her mystique, uniqueness and impact.

Trapped inside of Disney's cash-grab remake scheme of its classic catalogue, Cruella bobs the head of its unoriginal story to a never-ending crescendo of late 20th Century pop music. Add in the thematically-unnecessary racial, sexual and gender identity box-ticking character renderings to satisfy the bean-counting justice via keyboard warriors and you have Cruella... or the surrendering of a once great artistic medium over to the socially-enforced platitudes of the failure that is modernity. But hey... it's better than listening to the greatest "musician" of our time... Cardi B.

Now for all you modern culture conformist fools out there... you may proceed to hit thumbs down.

Who is this for?

A Disney disaster that is too dark to entertain children... and too childish to entertain adults. The soundtrack is clichéd and on-the-nose. The performances are intentionally hammy... but it plays like a cheap stage production. No one creates a single real emotion of any kind. I didn't laugh. I didn't care. I didn't buy any of it for one second.

the sun was blotted out..,,

As disney shills flew en masse to salvage something for their overlords. The animated 101 Dalmatians stands the test of time. So trot out your live action flavors of the month and try to squeeze a dollar, they only prove their desperation. I was blessed to have raised my kids in a golden time of movie magic.

Too long, too boring, no character

First half and hour was long and boring, after that had to watch with x2 speed and even with that it didn't helpThe story is so lazy and silly, nothing originalWhat a waste of Emma stone!

What does punk and Disney have in common?

Answer - absolutely nothing.

A shallow and meaningless movie that is unnecessarily long.

The 'musical moment' gimmick was so ridiculously over-used.

Thompson and Stone's performances struggle to fill the void left by poor writing.

Digital blindness

I'm just making this review in hopes someone at Disney sees this. The digital dogs look bad. Your producers have what I call "digital blindness" where they can't see which digital effects look much worse than practical effects. Please use practical effects as often as possible.

A Surprise blockbuster

Should win some awards for the best costume designer.

Live action remake.

Completely the BEST live action Disney has made so far.

Character development, depth, story! This film has everything and more, could not recommend anymore!!


Why can't bad guys just be bad guys cause they're... bad? "Some people just want to watch the world burn." Having a sob story doesn't justify your wrong doings. Just stop with the awful villain origin stories, Disney. This one is the worst so far.


Dialogue and Actors all amazing; great story and soundtrack. Thoroughly Enjoyable. Kudos to Disney!


One Hundred and One Dalmatians + The Devil Wears Prada + Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn = CruellaThere, I just saved you two hours.

The reimagination & ruination of a Disney icon villain

It would seem DC/warner aren't the only company willing to deficate all over their iconic characters with unimaginative, uninteresting & ridiculously expensive silly reimaginings that are completely pointless, Disney are also happy to aswell.

The comedy is lacking the action is tepid & the reimagined story is a pile of smelly dog doo.

The uneducated & intelectualy challenged have likened this to "the joker", neither the character or the film bares any resemblance to the "joker" character or the recent movie, in fact the cartoonish "Cruella" character is nothing more than a rip off of Vivienne Westwood, the iconic fashion designer that was largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.

This is yet another pointless movie from the house of mouse & it's dried up ideas, the regurgitation & ruination of ideas that have been & should be left alone to bask in the glory of their initial triumph.

Disney should spend less time robbing the back catalogue & spend more time searching for new talented imagineers.

Perhaps this is the state of the world today, in 1961 Disney released " 101 Dalmatians" a literal work of art in story & animation, 60 years later in 2021 Disney release "Cruella", a lacklustre offering that is more childish & immature than a Saturday morning cartoon for 6 month old babies.

An inconsistent mess full of boring tropes.

Somehow Disney found an entire team of people who've never seen 101 Dalmatians, and forced them to write a prequel movie in an hour. Only good part of it was the costumes.

it is terrible

Waste of talent, money and time. Another huge mistake for Disney. Why are they keep doing that to their classics?