Reviews for Friends: The Reunion ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Paul Rudd should have hosted

Okay for a reunion show I guess. Would of been cool to see Paul Rudd as host and he could rub his success in all their faces. Lol.

Tedious and boring!

I found the Friends Reunion - tedious and boring! They are looking very old and they are not very interesting!

Great to see them!! Disappointed With random people

Loved seeing the group together!!! But could have done without all the strangers and celebs talking about how they felt about friends and the lady Gaga part? I fast forward the parts with the random peeps and celebs, as nobody cares about random people or any celebs besides the Friends cast and who worked on friends as The magic of the show is the friends!!! Keep it with that as that is what people want to see!

why James Corden

It'll be better w. Graham Norton, Jimmy Kimmel.

Any more ideas for the host ?

James Corden can ruin everything.

Why did they invite the most useless TV host in, he is utterly useless and to invite him in possibly the most anticipated TV moment is beyond belief.

I left the affair feeling sad.

Matthew Perry was always my favorite Friend, perfectly matched to the character that he played. It was very obvious that, perhaps due to some sort of diminished capacity, he was being marginalized during the entire affair. He wasn't asked many questions and his speaking parts were kept to a minimum. Also, it was very telling that, when Matthew Leblanc was telling a story, the other cast members looked at him with engaged smiles on their faces. When Matthew spoke, they all looked at him with sorrowful looks of pity. If you think I imagined it, rewatch it for yourself. Also, HBO hasn't realized that the vast majority of people now couldn't care less about the opinion of any celebrity. The time spent including their vacuous ramblings would have been better used showing screen tests or many other prominent historical clips. And finally...that James Corden thing.

No big deal

Really no big deal here. Just the cast talking about their favorite memories/episodes/scenes...(While I'm sure, getting paid major, for something so simple)

Big deal. - they could have done that on a zoom call like all these other shows did during the pandemic.

  • I really hope no one got HBOMax, just for this, cause that would have been a disappointing waste.

Just rewatch the series

My fault. I expected a little nostalgic reunion AND a "where are they now" scripted hour. Table reads of original shows? Predictable questions during interviews? I intentionally stayed away from press about this reunion as to maintain an element of surprise...bad call. I would've saved time and disappointment. I fast-forwarded after the first 30 just to see if it was all the same or would eventually turn into a scripted show. I tolerated maybe 40 minutes of the 1hr47m. Nothing groundbreaking here. Just rewatch the'll take less time.

Love the show, but this is ridiculous

I didn't understand: What was the point of doing this?

When talking about a "reunion", what the fans had in mind was an episode where it would show how the story developed and how was the marriage of Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike e what as Joey doing.

Why not show some funny story about what it means to be a father, what it means to have adult children, what it means to live with 50 years of age?

Aren't they actors ??!?! Isn't that their profession?

I don't understand how people who are professional actors refuse to act and just accept to record an interview ?! What is the point of this?

If I wanted to watch an interview with the actors I would go on Youtube, there are better ones there.

So fake...

These people are so fake! Fake smiles, fake faces (tons of Botox), and fake friends! It is just an interview, but still, they are acting. Maybe because they got paid a fortune to do so. Not to mention people like Lady Gaga who had nothing to do with the original show. Shame!

What a mess!

All six of them finally being filmed together in the same room is a joy but everyone else, jesus!

More than 1h has no justification for not being cut at montage.

And James Corden... he ruined it all didn't he?

Utterly disappointed

I have watched friends over 20 times; this; whatever it was; just disappointed me! Felt really artificial.

Friends who aren't friends

If I worked with the same people for 10 years and they became like "family", it sure as heck wouldn't take me 17 years to get together with them all again. So I find it hard to believe they all actually like each other...and it showed. It all seemed too fake and without an actual script it wasn't good acting. Sometimes even painful to watch.

Matthew Perry looked sick, though I've read he'd had dental surgery so I hope that's all it was.

Don't get me started on Courtney Cox either! Stop with the botox!!

Very sincere friends(!)

They talked about how they were like a family and how sincere they are back then and still, but since then (the final) they only met once until this episode. They seem very very insincere. In my opinion if they got paid a little less some of them wouldn't even join and bother themselves with this project.

I know this is very unpopular opinion I am sorry for this. I really like the show and this reunion episode frustrated me a lot. They could be a little more honest.


I am massive fan of Friends and have watched every episode at the very least, 15 times each. I, like many millions of people, have been waiting for a friends reunion since the end of the last ever episode. I was naturally very excited when I heard they were FINALLY filming one. This reunion is definitely worth every second, of the 1 hour and 39 minutes it runs for. I was in absolute floods of tears, due to howling with laughter and crying like a blubbering baby at the happy/sad parts.

Everything you wanted!

The best we can ever get from the reunion. The surprise visits from various other characters makes you jump out of your chair. My favourite part was the Smelly cat melody with lady gaga and Lisa Kudro.


It's so perfect, mostly everything you could ask for happened and they showed much more that I could ever ask for, please watch it if you have not already thank you.

I didn't want it to end

Brilliant. Just f-n brilliant. Seriously I'm just about the most critical person you'll ever meet. I can find fault in ANYTHING. But this reunion was AMAZING.

I'm not even a massive Friends fan and I found myself laughing and crying in equal measure.

I could easily analyse the crap outta this and find faults everywhere. But I'm not going to. This review summarises the way I was feeling when I was watching.

Did miss Paul Rudd's presence though...Wish there was more.

Beautiful episode

I sobbed happily throughout the episode. It was SO good to see all of them together again, to get to know little secrets we never knew and to revisit all the iconic scenes! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and didn't want it to end. I can re-watch it again and again.


Oh what a gift!

I laughed, I cried and both ... I'm still crying as I'm writing.

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful gift you offered us.

I got chills during the whole show, never happened before.

I ended up clapping like mad in front of my TV, cheering, crying some more. We missed you guys, so much.

You gave us the gift of love, friendship and support ... so emotional ... wish you Matthew, Lisa, David, Jennifer, Matt and Courtney, all the love and happiness you deserve.

Huge hugs from France.