Reviews for Wrath of Man ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.4 / 10

Boring mess

Too many time jumps, random things happening with random people all of a sudden 1/3 of the way through the movie that you don't know/care about. Just a big jumbled mess.

Cheesy one-liners and cheap violence...

Guy Ritchie (The Worst Director of All Time) simply doesn't get it. He doesn't understand cinema. To him, it is all about cheesy one-liners and cheap violence. Jason Statham is perfectly cast in this emotionless, brainless, wet dream for a moronic teenage boy. This is pure trash, made by trash, for trash.

Lives up to be a Guy Ritchie Movie, and goes beyond?

Nicely paced and orchestrated, organized and well told story packed with action sequences and twists.

I didn't see anything or anyone who didn't belong.

Flashbacks are nicely placed to tell the story in a way you will understand.

Towards the end, I felt we could have had some typical Statham moves to add some more thrill. But it was a nice watch.

GR's Tenet

Seems that everybody has lost his mojo nowadays. This movie is plain bad and shallow, and i mean really bad. There's not one good thing about it : no character development, unrealistic setup, unrealistic dialogues, everything feels cheap or forced, you name it...A special thumbs down for the CGI though. Unbelievably amateurish looking blood, smoke, etc. I sometimes had to rewind because i could'nt believe what i just saw.

Stay away or watch it as background noise but don't expect a Guy Ritchie experience here.

Expected so much more.

Based off of seeing the trailer, I expected so much more from the story on so many levels. But all this was, was an indirect story based around Clint Eastwood Jr., starring Jason Stratham and a few other decent actors with cameo appearances of Andy Garcia. Definitely nothing to write home about and kinda predictable. The trailer really had me sold but in the end, this story was not what I expected. Watch once and call it a day.

Not enough "punch" for a Statham-Ritchie actioner! [+52%]

As a Statham-Ritchie action vehicle (within the comfort zone of both dudes), I expected more out of Wrath of Man than the generic drivel I was subjected to. It is both a heist and a revenge flick rolled into one, sans the situational dank humour or the quirky one-liners. Here, Ritchie's buzzy visuals and crisp, action-packed montages are replaced by plain, unsophisticated shots that serve only to expound. By the beginning of the second act (each act with a distinct title-card, serving no real purpose - not even subtly allegorical), Wrath of Man becomes riddled with plot convenience, as opposed to Ritchie's usual writing style where characters organically go through do-or-die situations.

The non-linear storytelling doesn't help. Not only does it rob us of all the layers of mystery that Ritchie sets us up with in the first half-hour, but it also makes the latter acts expository as hell. The dialogues, a Guy Ritchie strongpoint, are astonishingly dull this time around. So many loose threads are left hanging by the time the film gets to its finale - several decisions, especially by the antagonists, don't seem like ones that supposedly smart criminals would take. Christopher Benstead's brooding score, while intriguing in the first act, becomes repetitive and undermines the overall impact. Statham and the supporting ensemble do a fine job, but I wish there was more (meat) to the film than what I watched.

Kick ass action flick

Guy Ritchie diverts a bit from his usual directorial style but delivers a kick ass thoroughly enjoyable action film nevertheless. Statham exceeds expectations. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Lived up to the Hype ????

I enjoyed depth story , Reminds me of "Den of thieves" but more interesting with a Twist, I'd like a Sequel if possible even though it didn't set up for one but has potential for new story line built around the main character.

Much ado about nothing

As a Brit I should really support a British Director and the Actor. But this movie is dreadful and aimed at middle aged macho men with no grip on reality or how things work in the real life:

  • Jason is a one trick pony that can't act and has only one character in his arsenal
  • Guy Ritchie hasn't done a good movie since RocknRolla
  • Gun ballistics if off
  • Horrible soundtrack
  • The directing - is like it took a piece from every popular action movie with an almost copycat style to Nolan's Dark Knight in some parts
  • Badly written characters
  • Bad script
  • Not twists.. I can go on

Watched the full movie in order to leave a review. I don't understand the high rating - but the masses are never wrong, eh?

Wrath of Haemorrhoids...

Fortunately Preparation H is on hand to clean up and what a mess he has to cleanse, as dysentery envelops the complete plot from beginning to end leaving a mind-stain you'll struggle to wipe away.

Classic Jason and Richie

Good old action that you are used to from those two legends, fun movie must watch amazing action scenes.

Statham at his best !

Great film from Guy Ritchie - Non stop action with a brilliant soundtrackStory slowly unwinds as we travel back in time.

Statham is superb in one of his best films to date.

Non stop action sequencesRecommended.

Good action, excellent plot

The movie kick off with an interesting theme and 15mins down the action starts taking place. As much as idiots here are saying the movie was predictable, well they should ask themselves what we're they expecting, captain America using thor's hammer or iron man coming back to life?

This is Jason Statham at his best and he surely did an excellent job. I'm happy they didn't make this hand to hand combat style and stuck with conventional theme. Simplistic and enjoyable.

Action packed

I loved this action packed movie. Jason and the cast did an excellent job of keeping me entertained.

Well written and never a dull moment.

Fun action movie without the politics

Glad to see a movie that isn't constantly rubbing some sort of political garbage in your face every two minutes! This movie proves you can successfully have a diverse cast that doesn't seem forced. The dialogue is a little contrived at times, which took me out of it, but for a couple hours of shoot em up fun with a semi-clever story (and Statham is pretty bad ass) it's worth the price of admission.

Not as Stathamish as I would've liked it.

Not one of Guy Ritchie's best films either, and the timelines created more convolution than intrigue. But if you're a Statham fan, and love action, revenge, bloodshed and carnage - like me, then you need to watch this. It's an 8/10 from me.

Payback and Testosterone Still Exist in 2021

In the new PC world of 2021 and beyond, testosterone and masculinity still made it to the big screen another time.

Jump in for an entertaining ride with the base of money truck heists, but this is really a revenge story. As usual Statham takes no prisoners and goes through everyone to get his man.

Not epic and the money truck storyline leaves something to be desired. But this will provide you with the the action and emotion you need for the evening. And maybe a few days after.

Another Gritty Worthwhile Crime Flick From Guy Ritchie

I love Guy Ritchie films, I saw this on a whim and didn't know it was him until the opening credits. So when I saw that I knew I was in for a white knuckle action fueled ride that I would love. And while its obviously not his best, by a long shot actually, I liked it, I enjoyed it, and I recommended it to friends and family. But a masterpiece it was not.

Good thing I didn't watch the trailer because going in blind, not knowing the story that was (for the most part) spoiled in the trailer, I enjoyed the semi-done before revenge plot. But the grit, the tension, and the action is what made it all for me. Jason Statham often become his own cliché in his own movies but not this one. The whole film was dirty, it felt gritty, and I love films that don't just show nice cinematography and sets, but instead have a consistent tone that makes you feel like you're in it. And of course the action is good, we already mentioned who this is coming from, the final "heist" of sorts was very entertaining and the action was intense and well filmed.

I did find the editing weird in a couple of spots, just a couple of moments and one entire segment I felt did not really flow with the rest of the film and kind of take you out of it, It would take up some time to say which scenes but you'll know them when you see them. Oddly cut, either to quick or just in an odd fashion, and an entire segment of the film that serves as backstory for me personally, was placed it a bad spot I also loved the score, it was very simplistic yet unnerving and effective. Only added good to the gritty imagery and tone we were looking at.

All in all its a solid action thriller that is no masterpiece but still worth a watch if you like the genre.

Save Time, Watch the Trailer

Guy Ritchie continues to disappoint. He and Chris Nolan have joined the same too big for their own egos club.

Paper thin characters wasted on fantastic actors. Horrible pacing will have you writhing in your seat. Jason Statham in his most understated, under utilized action role. Will this guy ever get a break.

Seriously, everything you need to see is in the trailer.

Didn't require a theater screening

I feel a a bit ambivalent about this film. The plot is revenge, although it was muddled by unexplained events and a back-and forth timeline. I would have been fine seeing this on a small screen.

Jason Statham was okay for the part, a man with a mystery agenda at first. However, there was no emotion shown, even though there was opportunity. He held the same facial expression all the way through.

Hollywood scriptwriters, please listen. 20 f words in the first two minutes is overdone. Learn how to write dialogue.