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IMDB: 5.5 / 10

This movie will stress you out

The characters in this movie are the STUPIDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN, and that's me being nice. You will scream at your tv for the WHOLE movie because their actions are SO STUPID. "RECORD DUMBA**" "PEPPER SPRAY PEPPER SPRAY" "GET OUT OF THE CAR" "YOU REALLY WENT TO THE DINER WHILE YOU KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING?" Some examples

Stupid story where someones puts a girl in danger just to solve a crime.

Stupid story where someones puts a girl in danger just to solve a crime.

The Wrong Car: Lifetimes best movie?

I'm not the demographic for Lifetime original movies, primarily because I'm male and you know how Lifetime movies play out.

To quote Family guy

Announcer: This Tuesday on Lifetime: Valerie Bertinelli stars in a Lifetime Original Movie.Valerie: Y'know, Doctor, you said you were going to cure my cancer, but all you did was rape me! I'm starting to think I don't have cancer at all.Doctor: Well, you're right. About the rape part. But I'm sorry, you still do have cancer.Valerie: *bursts into tears*Announcer: Valerie Bertinelli in: Men Are Terrible And Will Hurt You Because This Is Lifetime.

Every Lifetime movie is pretty damn misandric. Within moments of the movie starting and with no clues as to what the plot was I assumed rape and that is exactly what the film revolves around.

However despite all this The Wrong Car is a remarkably well made little film which though fairly predictable actually manages to entertain and build to a really quite good finale.

If you don't like Lifetime originals this is still probably not for you and as man it's very easy to be quite offended by these films but for what it is this is fairly good.

The Good:

Oddly good around round

Great finale

The Bad:


Things I Learnt From This Movie:

One day a Lifetime movie will surprise me and it won't be about rape or an abusive partner and every guy in the movie won't be a bad guy. Alas that day is not today

A very timely subject for a movie!

With Uber and Lyft in the news all the time lately, I think the subject might be of interest to a lot of viewers. The plot is very plausible, people are finding that out, with all the incidents that have already happened. Way too much trust out there. Of course criminals are using technology now, apps, new kinds of vulnerability. As for the film I thought the casting was good. There might be some plot flaws, but remember she is driven by anger, and might be a bit reckless and not thinking straight. That said, it all works out. But yes there could have been more depth. A little freaky at the end, should make a lot of women more careful.

Driving Miss Trudy

Beautiful blonde criminal justice student Danielle Savre (as Trudy O'Donnell) thinks she's getting into a legitimate "NetCar" (as "Uber") after partying at a nightclub. As it turns out, the driver is a fake. He drugs and rapes his victims, after arriving in a black sedan that looks like a legitimate car. Most people just hop in the vehicle and give their address. Understandably traumatized, Ms. Savre has trouble warming up to attractively muscular Jackson Davis (as Donovan), who seems like an ideal catch. She's not interested in slightly chubby Kevin Cox (as Charles), a "NetCar" driver and fellow student. After learning how long it takes to investigate rape cases, Savre decides to take matters into her own hands. She gets a job as a driver for the same company, hoping to stalk, identify and nip the rapist...

Writer-director John Stimpson's "The Wrong Car" contains a valuable lesson: make sure you know your driver is authentic...

It's also an engaging and nicely produced story. Casting is perfect, right down to sleazy motel clerk Rhet Kidd (as Roger) and concerned detective Christina Elmore (as Jackson). There are some problems accepting various plot developments, however. While strained, we're going pardon Savre for putting roommate Francia Raisa (as Gretchen) in deadly danger. It's stupid, but we all do stupid things. The last shot (of alcohol) at the nightclub, before the endeavor, is dumb multiplied. But, the characters leaving the scene of a possible rape to go have coffee - and with a police investigator, no less - is the real deal breaker. No good "Lifetime TV Movie" cop or heroine would do such a thing. If the pretty blonde heroine can skip showering for three days, she can wait a few hours to help a drugged rape victim.

**** The Wrong Car (2016//01/16) John Stimpson ~ Danielle Savre, Jackson Davis, Kevin Cox, Francia Raisa

Watchable and interesting

Classed as a drama/thriller but plays more as a thriller. Very watchable even though it can be slow at times.The film could be predictable but is still surprising. Highlights several interesting points about crime,opportunity and their consequences. Good acting by Danielle Savre and believable story. There are some underlying warnings and good advice in the film without it been preaching.After watching the film I was not left wondering what would happen next as all ends were tied up. Good scenes and filmography.An enjoyable film for a good night viewing.

I would recommend watching this thriller.

watchable but boring

not complicated, expected turn of events, expected the suspects from the very beginning even before the incident happen because there is no room for other suspects actually. Some events are not logical at all. most of the school scenes were unnecessary because they start with an idea they but the scenario writer decided not to go on with any side arguments and to focus on the main story, that's why they were unnecessary . its watchable. but I really hated the guts of the main actress playing the "rebellion vigilante" I would advise that you make this your last option to watch

that's all!!

Very Entertaining

Quality movie from very good producers. Casting was great as all the actors were believable from the lead, Danielle Savre was really good as well as the co-leads and down to the streets toughs and the evil perpetrators. I must applaud the writers for writing an intelligent police detective instead of the usual trope of an inept Barney Fife character. The writing was sharp and edgy and never relented on pace and development. The director and crew gave this movie a very professional feel. I really don't have any gripes with this movie and look forward to more entertainment from it's producers. Lifetime should only be as happy as I am with the time I invested enjoying this movie.