Reviews for Oxygen ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Not bad

Often films like these know their end by the first five minutes of the film. Good movie as suspense but expected.

Laurent is Bland

This should have been prime-casted by Jodie Foster (Panic Room) or Janel Montgomery (New Amsterdam). Melanie Laurent acting is bland, lacking strength and reality. The feeling of being trapped inside a pod without oxygen should have been intensified with sweat and heavy breathing all throughout the movie. If compared with the movie Buried (Ryan Reynolds), I almost felt a real hypoxemia!

Poorly manufactured drama

The movie manufactures ALL of its drama by withholding information. That's a cheap trick, and that's all this movie does.

Once you know what's going on, information is STILL pointlessly withheld, solely to generate drama. I mean, literally EVERY SINGLE discovery or deduction makes you think, "wait, why didn't they just say that in the first place?" The entire plot of this movie could have been avoided with a simple infographic pasted to the inside of the hibernation chamber.

This isn't science fiction. It's pointless information disparity. Go watch Moon instead.

I really enjoyed it

I knew Melanie was a good actress but she really outdoes herself here. There are some really good plot twists that I didn't see coming. I don't get the low scores at all. I'm guessing their taste in movies is limited to those that are fast and/or furious.

Great low budget sci-fi

All of you bad reviewers if you don't understand sci-fi don't watch so simple. Marvel is not sci-fi but fantasy. Great movie.

Surprisingly good.

Can't believe the relatively low rating score of 6.4. Some people are really hard to please. Just take it for what it is: an entertaining B-movie with a fine performance by Laurent, unpredictable twists and turns, cool effects, attractive photography and a recognazible musical theme. I hate it when people give one or two stars only because the script is apparently not 100 % foolproof and ignores the obvious, cinematic qualities.

REAL sci-fi - Creative and exhilarating

My recommendation: avoid spoilers like the plague and don't even read many reviews. This film is best experienced as a wild ride.

I simply love how creative it was. Excellent filmmaking required to make a movie set 99% of the time in a cryogenic chamber riveting and suspenseful, though a huge amount of the credit for that goes to the lead actress. I've never seen her in anything before but she was simply phenomenal. Without her this could have gone a different way but if nothing else watch it for her performance.

This is what sci-fi is meant to be: exploring how our current and future technologies affect the human condition. The details of the science itself are certainly fascinating but what it gets right is showing what that means for humanity as a whole AND the individual, and what it means for our future. I see that lacking in a lot of sci-fi and so it's always refreshing to see.

I can understand where some of the negative reviews are coming from but in my (naturally subjective) opinion they simply don't outweigh the good and in many cases are wrong. If you love true sci-fi, give it a chance. I doubt you'll be disappointed in the lead actress's performance and it will make up for any doubts you may have on the rest of it.

good sci fi

We are living through a sci fi drought. It's a desert out there, with a lot of dehydration induced 3rd and 4th rate delusions. This will quench your thirst for a while.

Good technical execution. Doesn't underestimate the viewer. Fantastic acting. And... French?!


Far from pure, but don't let that contain you as this story of a woman reawakening in a cryogenic capsule with the breathable air rapidly depleting will have you pinned to your seat throughout while conjuring a plethora of finales, endings and conclusions - any number of which will probably be quite plausible.

Claustrophobic clever sci-fi

A really good claustrophobic experience. Starts where "Buried" was but the development is thrilling . With a clever script at hand Aja on the helm shows again his qualities and the movie touches important questions of existence .

To be featured In the final top 2021 list?

Excellent from start to finish

What a great movie. Watched it not knowing anything about it and I was hooked the entire time. I didn't want it to end. Mélanie Laurent's performance was stunning and hopefully award worthy. Ignore the reviews and watch it.

This movie should have a way better rating!

Its a really good movie. Won't say more! Just watch it and make your own opinion, but ill say its a really good movie again!

pure suffering... for the audience.

Imagine a whole movie of nonstop whining & crying, yup thats about it.

Worth to watch

First of all I really enjoyed this movie and the performance of Melanie Laurent ! I will definitely watch it again ! Very gripping ! Cant understand the bad reviews here ! A smart science fiction movie from Alexandre Aje (love his movies)

Not for everyone, but most science fiction fans will enjoy it

Personally, I really enjoyed this film.

Despite guessing quite early on what the story was. It did not take away any of my enjoyment of it.

The leading beautiful Melanie Laurent does what she does best. She's a really great actress in everything I've seen her in. The script and her acting do not let the movie get boring.

The end was a little sudden, but I get what the director was going for. I just would have fleshed it out a little more personally.

Solid 7.5.

Low budget movie that will plunge you in a deep coma

Low budget movie and it really shows.

Basically a lonely (bad) acting performance from Melanie Laurent.

If you don't fall deep asleep during the first half, you can pretend you care about the ridiculous plot twists in the second half...

New level of mystery movies

One person show with breathtaking performance ,, shocking twists during the course of events till the final scene ,, emotional ending abd soundtrack ,,

Plot hole after another

For a movie that tries to build suspense to present an idiotic answer is a fatal blow. Unfortunately this movie was one fatal blow to logic and physics and all common sense after the other. It renders the emotions silly and vapid.


If this is going to be more science than fiction, then a lot of stupid stuff here.

If this is going to be more science than fiction, then a lot of stupid stuff here. I'm not even going to mention it all.

Nonsense aside - we have other things here: the annoying main character (cries and grunts for the first minutes of the film), a poor plot, predicting the end. It is naive and simple.

But I've seen much worse movies produced by Netflix. 5 stars.

Slow, tedious, and unlikable.

That's just the actress they chose. The film is predictable, it telegraphs each reveal from a mile away. But I found myself distracted even more so by the actors horrific fungal nail infection. Like Brie Larson's toes--rather than treating the infection--she has just painted over it with nail polish leading to claw like deformity of her fingertips. For germophobes this is horrific, seeing as her hands always look dirty, the edges of the nail polish flaking away to reveal yellowy brain clawlike nails that look like she was digging in soil with her hands. It's the stuff nightmares are made of for me.