Reviews for Cerebrum ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 9 / 10

Slow burner Scifi drama with a lot of heart

Ok, this is not your regular science fiction film. It starts out slow establishing characters, concepts and what not. But after the initial 20 minutes, it goes into an unexpected territory. And what I liked most is the final 30 minutes. It's confusing if you do not pay attention, but absolutely brilliant if you do (You might need a pen and paper to keep track of the characters).

Overall a heartwarming film, if you have the patience.

Almost a 10 star movie

My title says it all. This movie could have been an instant classic with 10 star rating.

What worked:The father and son relationshipThe complex, yet rewarding endingGreat acting and Cinematography

What did not work:Science behind the scifi was not adequately explainedCertain scenes were too long or too short

Overall worth watching ( a couple of times to get the story straight).

Hopefully with a larger budget they can make a better movie next time.

entertaining indie sci fi thriller

The movie is classified as sci fi thriller, but it much more expansive that that --it deftly dives into the age old question, what makes us human? It's a fun joy ride that leaves you guessing until the end. Our 12 and 15 year old girls enjoyed it as well.

It's a movie not too far from near future!

I was really blow away by the film! It got a good story/script about discovery new science but the best part is the relationship between a father and son. It's a film that I would recommend to anyone and whom didn't like science fiction films.

A great performances by the cast. It's a film will taking you on a roller coaster ride!

Solid film when viewed through the lens of small budget/new faces.

Creative, unique and ambitious project. Interesting to watch and consider. Recommend.

Unique subject nicely executed

Although categorized as sci-fi, but carries a distinct feel of a psychological thriller. The best thing is the way not only the characters, but the locale, cinematography and background score adds to the overall impact of the film. Nicely paced, so successfully keeps the viewer engaged throughout. All in all a very good movie.

Good Idea Bad Execution

Interesting sci-fi concept however poorly packaged together, wooden acting, a bad script and mediocre direction reeks low-budget better suited for a TV Movie or Direct to Video since Steven Segal and Eric Roberts were unavailable...

Almost as awesome as 'The Room'... almost!

This is a serious attempt at film making by people with absolutely no self awareness. It's a 'so bad it's brilliant' movie, so, invite your friends, stock up with beer and prepare to be underwhelmed!

Seriously, if you liked The Room (2003), you're going to love this movie for the exact same reasons.

The prodigal son returns home to see his father who has a science lab in his barn. They hate each other, but the son happily gets wired up to some dodgy machine for some sci-fi brain sucking experiment.

Oh, God, it's just horrible and I watched it all the way through to the end!

Sux donkey d**k

Not a single thing good about it . I couldn't even finish this movie. It was boring. And too low budget. Don't bother watching.

Intriguing and captivating conception filled with innovative plausible technology.

From the outset, the movie needs the viewer's uninterrupted and complete attention. Even missing a quick beat will throw you off of the fascinating storyline.

It's an exceptionally well-thought-out plot that will keep you guessing its crescendo. A unique storyline filled with unanticipated twists and turns. Don't let the slow start discourage you. The story builds up as dynamic essential character's deception, trickery and lies start emerging through the exchange of memories and reminiscences. The nuanced family dynamics and its flashbacks add a distinctive backdrop to the storyline.

Overall, this movie is penetrating, refreshing, and enigmatic. It keeps you engrossed and at the edge of your seat.

Intriguing and fun to follow

Loved the plot! The characters in this film did a great job! By the second half you are hooked into a unraveling a crime! Can you be committed for a crime you didn't commit? To save your memories? A fresh and thoughtful look into the future! Enjoyed untangling the puzzle, and debating the twists! Truly refreshing.

3 guys with a camera in a Ranch make a movie.

Feel free to skip this. You already wasted enough of your time here.

Heed This Warning: Save Your Time and Money

I made the mistake of not watching the trailer before trying this one, based on the many good reviews. If you cut the dramatic music from the trailer, you get a clear sense of how amatuerish and awful this thing really is. I did not get past the first five minutes before the bad acting, bad writing, and unbelieveably bad direction had me reaching for the remote.

Felt like watching Inception

This movie is intense, detailed, filled with twists and if you don't pay attention you'll be lost. I like the plot, storyline. The characters did a good job emoting especially actor Christian James did an amazing job at it!! Loved it.

A neural sci-fi thriller with a heart-beat.

'I'm NOT my father', Tom's assertion is far from dubious. As an audience one wanders, then why is he visiting his father. It turns out Tom reluctantly agreed to be a guinea pig for his father's science experiment in exchange of monetary returns. As he sits in the chair in the make-shift lab setup in a barn, a device is attached to his head which creates a digital copy of his brain on to a chip, thereby storing memories which, in future, can be reloaded in case of a memory loss. The idea, on the surface, may sound familiar and one might think, so what? The answer to this very question will set the audience on a twisted, yet heart-warming, feature film length debut by Arvi Ragu. Picking up the mantle as writer, director, and producer, Ragu has proven that his short-film 'One Small Step', which won 2019 Remi Award at WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival, was not a one-time fluke. His first feature length film, Cerebrum, has won Special Jury Prize at 2021 WorldFest during its world premier at the closing night.

The idea of storing and reloading memory is merely a yarn knit into a myriad of pieces which Ragu has meticulously stitched together around the central narrative of father-son relationship. James Russo plays the father, Kirk Davis, who has managed to copy the neural structure of a brain onto a micro-chip. The incentive for his research stems from witnessing his wife falling prey to Alzheimer's. Russo's natural portrayal of the father sets the tone of this film early on. A son's reluctance to see his father and their strenuous relationship can be felt through Russo's voice. His son Tom is brilliantly played by Christian James, who carries the baton forward and, without any exaggeration, carries the film to its finish line. Without giving much away, early on in the movie there is a scene in his father's lab that involves memory reload and right after this he is sitting in front of a TV watching a home video tape that his father had recorded, both of these scenes encompass James' acting prowess. He should be nominated and bestowed with awards. In the side cast Andy Pisharody's over-zealous intern, as Bruno, brings the humor and Alexxis Lemire's Chloe is a cool breeze. Ragu has succeeded admirably making every character an essential part of the plot.

On the technical front Jakob Lofberg and Ron McPherson have captured wild west with scorching heat. Jon Blaze's editing and Edward Antonio's music keep the tension afloat. In summary, Cerebrum is a remarkable debut. For film-lovers sci-fi genre is a gateway drug that teases and pushes them to venture into making their first film and invariably they fall into the trap of plot-driven incoherent mess that becomes a copy of a copy of Christopher Nolan. Fortunately, Ragu has resisted that temptation and made Cerebrum a character driven film that is coherent and accessible, without, dare I say, the need of multiple viewings. It is the father-son relationship that drives this drama on a winding road to a satisfying climax, making this sci-fi thriller beat with a warm human heart.

Interesting concept filled with deception and lives, and the pursuit of the truth

The new movie Cerebrum is a sci-fi film that gives viewers a sense of what a path to insanity looks like. With an interesting concept, deception and lies, and the pursuit to uncover the truth, Cerebrum will keep your eyes glued to the screen until the end. For thought-provoking, mind-altering entertainment, this is the movie to watch.

Cerebrum is about a man named Tom (Christian James) who returns to his father's home despite their tough, unfavorable relationship. Not long after arriving, Tom finds that his father Kirk (James Russo) is working on creating digital brains so that Alzheimer's patients would never lose their memory. Enticed by a monetary payoff, Tom gives in to his father, agrees to become a guinea pig for this secret, untested procedure, and ends up committing a crime that he can't remember. Working with Chloe (Alexxis Lemire), he has to uncover the truth before it's too late.

This movie has a well-executed tone. The story is chaotic and dangerous, and is complemented by darkness and dusky colors. The setting for most of Cerebrum takes place in a dark and messy lab. This creates tension and gives the movie an eerie feel. Along with the settings, the characters' wardrobe also matches the film's tone. Tom always wears dark colors that match his character's personality and the film's plot. The background music, arranged by Edward Antonio, enhances the sense of conflict. For instance, in one scene where Tom and Andy (Anirudh Pisharody) are fighting outside, the music keeps building and building until the end of their fight. It emphasizes what is going on, which makes the scene more memorable. Although Cerebrum intends to highlight the process of sharing memories between people, the parts of the storyline where people actually exchange minds is somewhat confusing. Even if you are paying close attention, if you miss one thing, you could be thrown off entirely. Despite this, the film kept me interested until the end.

The message of Cerebrum is that the truth will always come out. Even though many people accus Tom of committing the crime, he still persevered to uncover what really happened and eventually, others knew the truth as well. There is some profanity, so a parent should be aware of that.

Cerebrum is a captivating film, especially for fans of science fiction. It's definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before. I rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 14 to 18, plus adults. Reviewed by Maica N., KIDS FIRST!