Reviews for Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 8.4 / 10

A tail of two halves (terrible to great)

First half of the film was pretty cheesy, slow and I found uninteresting compared to how amazing the show really is.

The last 20-30 minutes of this movie really was the anchor as it was a spectacular fight scene with incredible animation that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Made it worth the watch and hopefully they figure it out in the next film where the the whole story will be interesting to watch.


This movie is one of the best movie ever made in the anime history... Even your name doesn't come any closer to this movie it's worth watching this movie.

Astonishing, Godly Animation and Heart Breaking

I'm out of words to describe it after watching. The overall story, animation and fight scenes are amazing. The red flames if Rengoku San are so amazing, I've never seen this type of animation in other anime so far. It's wonderful.

I would like to thank the original manga creator Koyoharu Gotouge for giving us this master piece.

Demon slayer was my 2nd anime and I loved it so much as a normie. It made me teary at some at some point and the movie gives you same vibes. I already knew the ending still it made the heart melt. :(

Quite wholesome

Its tricky to write a review for this one because it is not really an usual movie but it's an anime arc and a very serious and the detailed one indeed. As a movie, it was beautiful I would say. Throughout the movie, you would feel various emotions. Some scenes are cute and wholesome, some are sad, filled with regrets, there is a bit of comic relief as well. You may find yourself having a good laugh initially but the ending is sad and emotional.

Now, coming back to reviewing it as an arc, this is how it overall went :

Story : Beautifully executed. Even though, Enmu was dealt sooner than we expected, the writing is totally justified. We didn't really get to see how Inosuke managed to wake up and break free of that dream but apart from that it was all no-nonsense stuff. There was a thrill but no unnecessary stretching or no unnecessary badasseries. There are few comic relief and cute moments as well. Also, there are quite few classy quotes and I can't get enough of them.

Characters : We cannot say that both the villains were purposeless. They are demons and are brilliantly written. By the end of the movie, their respective mindsets were described pretty well. Rengoku too is brilliantly written but I felt we deserved to know more about his father or Rengoku's viewpoint about his father. I am not really sure if we get to know more about him in the upcoming arc. Regardless, Rengoku seemed closer to his mother. Tanjirou as usual a very wholesome character and keeps giving you various feels. But overall, the show belonged to Inosuke. If you guys were waiting for his character development, this is that moment. The movie doesn't offer much to Zenitsu and Nezuko fans but despite that, they do have their respective moments. And rest assured, you will definitely get to hear "Kaminari no kokyu, ichi no kata. Hekireki Issen!!!"

Art : Outstanding animation. Combined with sound effects, it almost feels like a never-seen-before stuff.

Sound : I am yet to browse the titles but one thing is for sure, each of those OSTs are absolute fire. We could not have asked for better. Rengoku fans should not miss the end credits.

Overall, I enjoyed every bit of this movie.

Never wanted it to end.

Just that perfect blend of heart touching storyline, visually brilliant animation, right intensity of action, and warm emotions that left me at awe after a worthy ending.

A wonderful continuation of the anime!

This movie was incredibly well done in many ways.

First, the animated fight scenes blew my away. The quality of the animation was spectacular, and I would see it again just to see the fight scenes.

But aside from the fighting, the storyline was awesome! It continues right off of where the first season of the anime left off, so if you want to understand everything, WATCH THAT FIRST!!! But on the other hand, people who haven't watched the anime have enjoyed the movie as well. But if you want to save yourself from confusion, watch the first season first.

With some inception-like themes, incredible action scenes, and a plot that will have you go through a roller coaster of emotions, this is definitely an animated movie to watch out for!

(Note: the only thing I would change is give zenitsu more screen time.)

(Another note: this movie got robbed from best animated series nomination for the Oscars. What were they thinking?)


This movie is truly a masterpiece. In the end, I found myself moved so far as to reconsider some of my own core principles and thought processes in life. The concepts and meanings in this movie are truly thought-provoking, and it is executed beautifully. The storytelling allows for a perfect mixture of light-hearted and heavier-set scenes.

This story is captivating beyond the words I have to describe it. If I had to choose one word to describe it as closely as possible it would be this: beautiful.

Even this falls short of the feeling I wish to convey, and I can't recommend it enough.

A masterclass in mixed-media art.

I didn't think they would top the sakuga seen in s1:e19. In fact I wasn't sure they could. Boy was I wrong. There were a few fights that had the hair on my arms sticking up and a few second in each that made me make an audible, involuntary sound, while I was barely still in my seat. The art direction? Impeccable. The characters? Immaculate. My main issue with the first season of the show was that Inosuke and Zenitsu were beyond infuriating and were on 100% with their personalities 100% of the time. It was still like this in the first third of the movie, but the characters show some other aspects of their personalities as well, and are slightly more tame during the latter half, which I think the majority of the American audience will greatly appreciate. Another issue I had with the first season was that the audience was never able to properly grieve with Tanjiro over his family's death, as they were given less than five minutes of screen time during the original. I'm not going to spoil anything but that has been addressed now, and I've shed tears for them now, or at least for how much their loss impacted Tanjiro. Oh and back to the art direction. You can tell that every single person on akira matsusima's team gave it their all, and loved every minute of it. Every frame bleeds passion, and some left my jaw hanging. The dedication and attention to detail is evident and I cannot give it high enough praise. I am left very curious as to how the show will go on with Tanjiro as the main character without it feeling underwhelming though, now that we see how much his powers pale in comparison to the high ranking slayers and demons. I'm worried it may have went too crazy too soon but we'll have to find out when season two releases. The sound design was astounding as well. I'm obviously no professional movie reviewer, and I may be a little biased because I love Shonen and am a sucker for art, but I honestly found nothing wrong with this movie and really hope I'm not overhyping it when I say- even if you're not a fan of anime as a genre you're doing yourself a great disservice by not seeing this film. And see it in theaters! IMAX if you can. I know we have COVID out here so be safe and weigh the risk, but it's definitely worth ticket price for IMAX.


Compliments to the writer for making an amazing anime. I waited for almost 6 months for the release date and it's finally in the US. I've been patient until now to watch such an explicit film. I was speechless! I couldn't think after the movie. I didn't want it to end that way. I love this so much. Please continue to spark the viewers with more of your creative films. Arigato.


I'm so glad this movie got an American release. If you loved the animation of the first season, this is an absolute must-see. Find the biggest screen you can and enjoy!

The animation. The characters. The situations. The music. The action. The demons. It's all great.

Also, try to find a theater with a good sound system. The surround sound really was on another level with the fights.

What a movie!

A truly awesome anime feature

I had so much fun with this movie, it was only playing in a theatre a half an hour drive away from where I live so I drove to the theatre and was blown away by just how good it was.

The animation was amazing. It's was fluid, kinetic and very crisp and detailed. I was a bit hesitant on watching it at first, since I knew this movie would hold some major spoilers for the seiries, and I've only watched the first episode of the anime show since I've only known about it for a week since discovering it on Netflix. This movie does have major spoilers though, but I encourage you to see this in a theatre as soon as you can if tv spoilers bother you or not.

I was worried that the whole movie being set on a train would get stale fast, but it is always exciting and doesn't drag a bit. If watching Train To Busan taught me anything, it's that movies set in limited spaces such as trains can still be constantly exciting if it stays engaging. This movie just like Train To Busan isn't entirely set on the train, there are flashbacks and an action sequence seperate from the train.

Anyway this was an exceptional movie with very good direction and animation. It was thrilling and also very emotional. Don't miss this one

I never wrote a single review in my life and here is my review for the first time.

If you have watched the first season of Demon Slayer. You will not be disappointed. If you only read manga, you will also not be disappointed. Feelz are real. Visuals 10, feelz 10, sound track 10, humour 10 and story line 10. So don't read other reviews to decide if you should watch it or not. Go and Watch it.


I cannot stress enough with how amazing this film was. I watched 90% of the film with a blurred vision because of how emotional it made me feel. I cannot even pick a favourite scene or moment because of how well delivered each moment was.

I'm speechless...

There isn't enough ink or paper in the world to write down everything i loved about this visual spectacle, not that my words could even scratch the surface of fully captivating this level of quality. So I'll just say the things that stopped this masterful work from being a 10/10. There is an large amount of blatant exposition is this film, there are times when it makes sense for a character to be revealing such information but Enmu just stood on top of the train telling his entire plan and more for over 10 minutes for no reason. The music is still top notch but I don't think it was nearly as powerful as the score in the 1st season which stuck to more traditional Japanese instruments. Stop reading this already and go watch it!!!

A masterpiece

They got me in the first half I won't lie.

I came in expecting a particular story, got that exact story and then the movie kicked off into the most marvelous ending I have ever seen in an anime movie.

It is correctly mature. It moves you emotionally. It's gorgeous to look at and honestly deserves an 11/10 rating easily.

Worth the wait

A true delight for the demon slayer fans, starts slow but picks up the pace brilliantly after the interval.

Simplemente maravilloso

Es demasiado bonito, y realmente conectas con los personajes, la animación sigue siendo una joya, y la banda sonora, ufff inigualable

Absolutely perfect!

This movie is awesome! Highly recommended!Better experience if you've watched season 1 and haven't read the manga before!

God tier movie

Master piece movie rengoku is a top tier character plot twist were fire animation we're good 11/10 movie mangaka is a genius likes she's knows however to portrait here characters Very we'll specially inosuke add tanjiro character development in movies is so good

Amazing movie!

An amazing thrill ride full of comedy, dark and emotional moments that will leave you begging for more. If you liked the Demon Slayer anime, you are sure to love this movie.