Reviews for Justice Society: World War II ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.8 / 10

Skip this subpar standalone.

Cheap-looking animation, low grade dialog, disjointed plot, zero character development, typical lazy deus ex machina resolution, ending appealed to unearned emotions since there was nothing important in the story to wrap up. Like other recent standalone DC animated films, you won't miss anything by skipping this one. Very difficult to find anything redeemable about this effort. 3/10 stars.

Not recommended.

It's like DC animated shows took a nose dive when it comes to keeping it's quality. The Animated movies were great upto the JL dark movies. Man of tomorrow was good, but not great. This was Bad. It's like it's made by the DCEU guys.

I'm still getting used to the animation style. The special effects were good, The designs were good.

The script and story was weak. The characters were one dimensional and felt shallow. There are a few plot holes. There was pacing issues. Some of the lines were cringe and it's delivery was melodramatic. It was like watching a cw show. It was Slow, boring and predictable. Not recommended. Waste of time. 2/5.

Gave it an extra star for a Henry Cavil Mustache Appearance

DC: Please stop this. Go back to the other animation style and approach, the DCAU was a wonderful thing from the get go. You've given us two new movies in this new vein and it's awful.

I did not enjoy the animation.

The action was boring, some early wonder woman scenes are good, but when it gets to the "climax" or other fights it is just underwhelming.

The story is a crappy screenplay slap in the face to a ton of good source material. Why reinvent the wheel as a square?

Running out of new story ideas

I guess with sooooo many graphic novels, and animation already produced in the DC universe in throughout the decades, stories like this can (and have) come up to be different.

While there is something interesting about the Justice League, errr, Justice Society fighting alongside the Allies against the Nazis in WWII, the way the story panned out was a little disappointing.

The animation is nicely done, and the movie overall is well produced and directed. But while the story is interesting enough, there was just some parts of it lacking. It needed more more solid script.

Although, I liked the surprise twist within the movie.

VERDICT:Recommended viewing. It's not perfect, but fans of the DC universe and/or super-hero animation, will find enough for this movie to be a worthwhile watch.

Count how many moments of long silences there are in this. It's weird.

So dull. No one involved in this movie seem to care. The scriptwriters, the actors, even the animation is uninspired.

DC's new art and animation being wasted on F rated writers

Since the trailer of Superman: Man of Tomorrow I'm smitten by DC new direction for animation. Sadly, the quality of writers is far below average I barely have expectations left to anything set to be released.

Hot Garbage

The animation style is overly simplistic, think low end anime at a higher frame rate. The character development is non existent. It was finally great to see previously unused characters take the spotlight but this "reboot" of the animated universe is off to a terrible start; visually, terrible choices in voice actors (why does WW sound like she is from the Soviet block?), and an overly complex storyline they rushed through in 90 minutes. I had high hopes for this reboot, but so far, I am sadly unimpressed.

Hyped reviews will not change this meh film.

These hyped reviews with 9s and 10s will not change this meh film. This movie was just ok. Wonder Woman with the Russian accent did not add any flare and story was and fight scenes were all over the place. Pay no attention to any of those hyped reviews. They are truly misleading.

Far from the worst, but...

I read some glowing reviews for this movie, so I was excited. But this feature is so clumsily made, it's a bit embarrassing. The ponderous pauses between dialogue, the poor detail, the awkward choices; Superman sounds like a skinny man, Nazis are 'evil', and then kaiju. It bungles along with plenty of cringe ('Sorry, I'm an American! We don't do surrender!') before ending in inconsequential fashion. There is always fun in seeing two generations of Flash working together, but an idiotic Wonder Woman and a petulant Superman do nobody any favours.

DC need to stop farming these projects out to cheap Asian animation houses, and take them seriously.

Justice and American

What a joke American way American justice just stop ruining another countries for America sake.

what happened to DC animated?

Not the best one , but still better then WW., like it that its fark and full of violence.

One of the better DC movies

Really liked the animation style. WW is given some really cool action scenes as well as both Flash get some nice abilities. A bit of a gripe is that most characters especially WW sometimes go into wooden face mode and she is in scowling mode most of the time.

The story goes from nazi to magic to Atlanteans with little depth to any of them. The end desired to be better but given the flow of the story we couldn't expect more.

Overall a good watch with something different than usual.

Nostalgic Superhero film

So off the top I think the art style will throw off some, it's clearly made with the intention of a more retro look, reminiscent of 60's cartoons with general quality of life changes to make it better suited to modern audiences, which I personally found to be quite beautiful. I wouldn't want this art style for all future DC animated films, but it seemed well suited to the nature and tone of this film.

Storyline wise there is nothing particularly interesting about it, it's WWII based so it's mostly about punching Nazi's & stopping evil plans and I don't think it's a spoiler to say that, it's simply what the Superhero WWII genre is.

What's interesting or atleast refreshing about the film is it allows its heroes to be vulnerable, flawed, and make mistakes. Yet despite any shortcomings or fears they may have they persist on, it's the inherent part of what makes a hero courageous, far too many modern heroes, particularly with respect to female heroes aren't allowed to show weakness in any respect. A hero that shows some measure of vulnerability or is in someway flawed is always more compelling then the always perfect & virtuous hero who can do no wrong.

Heart, humor and action packed!

Why is this movie at 6.7/10? It should be at least an 8 because it's awesome.

Another example of why The West is Creatively Bankrupt

If you're looking for a DC animation that sets up lots and pays them off in the end, this is not for you. Nazi magic items, where? Flash's role was important when? If anything he made himself and Garrick weaker most of the movie. Why were nazis even apart of this film? Only for the Atlantans to be the big bad in the end. I really hope this is a stand alone and if that's the case it makes this film that much worse because plots were essentially set up to never be established. Iris west, are we really gonna canonize this tokenized Iris West? Shes not black and you don't need to put a black face on established characters of any other race. If you want black characters then just make them and make them likable as you would any other mainstream hero, but then again considering how bad this film was if they did that, the character would be atrocious.

What I did like was the animation, it wasn't great but it was different. The fighting was decent too. That's pretty much it, watch this if you're bored.


Script is Def sub par, iris simply is not believable in the role. Not in voice , not in disposition or attitude. The woke touch ruins this as well. Animation sucks as well.

DC Animation smashes another one out of the park

DC live action movies need to start watching the animated stuff and learn from their wins. This is yet another example of fantastic work. Credit to the voice acting, as it was exemplary, but the story was incredible. Intricately woven; the story is never short of a twist and was amazing to watch as it unfolds. Final warning: bring tissues.

Awesome Stuff! DC Goodness.

Big fan of the DC Animated Movies since a child. I really liked the continuity that was followed loosely The New 52 stories. When Man of Tomorrow came out I really enjoyed the colourful and vibrant world that was clearly setting up a new universe. That Superman was great and now we get a new Flash that I think really works well.

I really like this animation style. It's really fluid and the action was excellent in my opinion. Especially Wonder Woman's fighting scenes. It was great seeing the JSA doing their thing and seeing DC highlight other heroes than Batman was great to see. (Not that I dislike Batman. He's my favourite.)

Looking forward to the next instalment with Batman: The Long Halloween.

It's a great superhero flick that really feels like you're reading an older comic book.

Continuity problems. Even without continuity.

I love the DC animated movies for the most part. This one had a very appealing artstyle (my only complain is Wonder Woman's atrocious hairstyle).

The story is okay but I do have a few problems with it. This movie has no continuity with any other DC animation and sometimes I struggle to understand who knows who and where in the timeline everything fits. As it happens, this is another "what if" scenario, where Flash meets Superman for the first time.

I know it's hard to keep track of everything since the 90s and have a perfect timeline, and nobody is obligated to predict every plothole. But its bugs me when my mind has to do mental gymnastics so that I can fit this movie in the DC multiverse. And yes, I have seen every DC animation and movie.

Another problem I have with the story is that we get to meet the Justice Society, in the 1940s. If this is your first movie, I doubt you would know who any of these heroes are (except maybe Wonder Woman). They have no time to be developed as characters and you have to guess their superpowers. Even if you know who these characters are, there are conflicts with their appearances in other media, which makes these characters new, even if you know them! Hourman for example, was is the StarGirl TV series, but there he appeared to be very different. And Black Canary had almost no screen time or character development. So it's hard to get to know her, care for her, or understand who she is even if you knew her from other animations.

The fight had almost nothing to do with the Nazis, but rather a war between DC brainwashed heroes. This is overdone and boring at this point. And Superman comes in the end to save everyone? That's lazy writing.

I wonder why they bother to introduce magic Nazi items at the start, only to never mention them again. Felt like a lost opportunity, filled with things we have seen before. A recycled story.

There were things I liked. Time-traveling is always interesting (even though overdone with Flash), Barry and Garrick sharing secrets was cool (but how come Garrick knows how to phase but not create cyclones, is beyond me) and the not-quite-time-travel plot twist was an interesting touch.

All in all I don't care about the 40s but I do like good stories. This didnt felt like War War 2, but more like DCs civil war in the 40s.

No Justice, No Peace!

DC has hands down some of the best animated features. It may not look like Pixar, but the stories are compelling. My biggest grip with this movies however is consistency. For every excellent film, there is a terrible one. Recently, I liked Red Son, Soul of the Dragon, Hush and Fatal Five, but this title was 100% trash. First of all, voices are all over the place. I'm going off the top of my head, but I think Nathan Fillion was both Green Lantern and Steve Trevor I think Rosario Dawson also voiced multiple heroes. That kinda stuff plays with my mind. That was previous titles, but still, I'm an audible guy and when have a host of famous people doing multiple characters, it just mentally forces me to disconnect. Over the year, Tara, Susan and Kevin solidified themselves and these days, you never know what to expect in casting.

Today this rating for this title is 7.8 and the reviews are flooding in at 10/10. Trust me when I say I'm the voice of reason and I also predict a rating drop down to the low 6 range, possibly even high 5's. This title is not good and it was a serous struggle to stay engaged and finish it. I really don't want to see another title with any of these voice actors, they were not suited for these roles.