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IMDB: 0 / 10


Please. Hopkins barely had to show up for this one. Probably shot his scenes in his den. This movie was a waste. The narration was stupid, the story was tired, and the acting was wooden. I could've written a better script.

Soooo boring

It is so slow and boring, with predictable twist. Even 2 great actors can't save it!

What's wrong with Hollywood?

How good is this movie...... 20 minutes in and I vacuumed the house while leaving it play.


I adore Anson Mount. That said, I never want to see this movie again. The "noir" style was off-putting and the ending predictable. I was hoping for a leading man role that would allow Anson to shine. This was not it.

The most boring, convoluted, incoherent nonsense hitman story ever written.

I'm curious how anyone involved with the making of this film saw the final cut and said "awesome, let's get it out there!"

I get that writers James Wolf and Nick Stagliano (also the director) are newb filmmakers, but this is just a waste of everyone's (the viewers and those involved with the film) time. A 5th grader could've written a better screenplay. It had plot and technical issues galore. There were scenes that where irrelevant and/or made no sense. It was predictable. It was implausible. It was ridiculous. And you can't just use the word "noir" as an excuse to describe this mess. The 110 runtime was excessive for the little substance the story had, and the slow pacing got to the point of making this film annoying to watch.

The cinematography and performances were the only somewhat redeeming qualities. Sad to say this film doesn't do Hopkins any favors on his resume. It's a very generous 3/10 from me.

Not terrible

The lead actor was pretty but bland and not much actually happens but this isn't the worst film I've watched this year. Give it time and watch it on a slow Sunday afternoon. It's better than watching TV when there's nothing really on. It's a shame the director talked Abby into getting her boobs out because it was unnecessary. Her script was awful too but it's better than not working at all so I understand why she agreed to it. Yes, it's a predictable plot but overall it passed a couple of hours and I don't regret watching it but I wouldn't watch it again. Sorry, I'm on the wine so not too coherent right now. Enjoy!

Slow Burner

Although it is almost entirely predictable, with the entire plot is laid out for you in the first 30 minutes, it is not as bad as most reviewers would lead you to believe. The fact that the plot is again laid out at the end of the film shows how dumb they expect the average audience to be.

Most viewers today want/expect witty one-liners, big explosions and long, drawn-out car chases ... but that is not what happens in the real world, so it does not happen in the movie. This movie tells it like it is; cold, dark and lonely.

In short, if you did not enjoy it, it was not made for you, and you are the one that made the choice to waste your time.

Wow disappointing

As also Anthony Hopkins master shame his talent wasted in this boringly narrative movie. The whole thing was awful. Want my hour back in my life. Hollywood doesn't have an original idea anymore.

Reminded me a little of the Hateful Eight

A messy first person narration movie. There is no lead in to why the main character is of any importance for us to listen to him explain his trade craft.

I thought the convergence of players in the diner was similar to the Hateful Eight but they never allowed that tension to grow. Instead they played the story out in various locations and the movie lost all its potential.

The woman has a nice nude scene but that alone is not enough to recommend this movie. Out of respect for Anthony Hopkins' past roles and the 10 minutes he gets in this movie I won't say anything about his performance. If it was any other actor I would have trashed him. Hopkins should hire a new agent after this.

Boring and predictable

Feels like you have watched it half a hundred times before.

Top-shelf gargage

I've seen this formula a million times now:Ingredients:1 x Idiotic, far-fetched plot no 8-year old kid would believe1 x competent director1 x competent editor1 x star actor, preferably a Oscar winneradd a couple more B-listers and a "strong female" charactermix well, and voilá! There's your run-of-the-mill streaming service filler.

This movie is such garbage that I seriously wonder if Anthony Hopkins was blackmailed into doing it. Either that or he is in dire need for cash, or maybe starting go get senile.


What a lame fim. I mean come on sir Anthony. You just won another Oscar and this is the best you can come up with? And Abbie Cornish must really be hurting to have exposed herself in this one. Showing your breast does not change how terrible this film really is. A regrettable one time watch. Or just a hard pass....your call.

Recognisable actors taking a Payday for a weak production. That's the entire movie.

Painful watch. Anthony Hopkins and Eddie Marsden are the reasons I watched this movie. Slow, boring build to nothing. Waste of time.


Once you decided to use voice over to

Replace the thoughts of the characters, it'd be a disastrous wrong step to start a movie; it's so lame and so lazy to use such stupid method to almost every scene and setting in this movie.

Besides, Anson Mount, who played the Virtuoso role, was not an ideal pick for it. Mount still implemented his aura when he played the fierce character in "Hell on Wheels" as totally inappropriate. A hitman or assassin should not show his intensity everytime when he was in a social contact with the common people. He just looked so different and stand out among regular people, he didn't blend in but a rooster among hens; that's an absolute NO NO in the first place. He's so intense and looked so obviously intense with animosity to others, only made him look so unprofessional. Then again, signed up Abbie Cornish to play the diner's waitress was another misstep unforgivable, but even so, she's more looked like a seasoned virtuoso than Mount, who played it. But Cornish really has to watch out her weight, it seems a bit of out of control and readily to explode. Hawkins, well, this movie got to borrow some heavy wt. Actor to fool viewers to think that this movie would be great, but not in the least. He's not a magician or savior to salvage a terrible screenplay with limited budget for a B movie and, I'd guess a large part of the budget was paid to him for his participation. As to Mr. Mount, your performance was just too 1 dimensional, you couldn't just bring your Hell on Wheels characteristics into any other roles you played. You're a handsome dude, but it could only bring you so far.

Summary: Don't waste your time like I did; don't bother.


I was looking forward to this because I am a huge fan of hitman movies. The trailer was promising, it had Sir Anthony Hopkins and Abbie Cornish; what else do you want? Boy oh boy, they have butchered this. The movie is so boring right from the beginning that you'll find yourself yawning throughout the movie. Endless, poorly written dialogues, half hearted performances. You'll predict the ending within the first thirty minutes. Very predictable. Stay away from this trash.

Awfully boring wannabe noir flick

Very very slow, Anthony Hopkins was the reason I sat through this movie - what on earth made him do this movie. Dreadfully boring -- to say the least.

Possibly the stupidest hitman movie ever made

The hitman is told where and when to find his victim, but not who. No name, no picture or description, just an obscure clue. When he arrives at his destination, there are multiple possibilities for him to consider. If you can get past that premise, it is still a mediocre and predictable bore.

I think so

I so want to be stop using sex scene. But it's just a bit of 20.

Anson Mount is so fine with age

This is a B rated movie, maybe deserve 6-7 rating, a pretty good slow burning thriller builds with suspense.. the 10/10 rating is for Anson Mount performances..if you love hitman movie genre & Anson Mount, then yes pls check it out, and beware of the ending !

Anson and Abbie

Greetings again from the darkness. It seems to this casual observer that once a person makes the career decision to become a hitman (or hitwoman or hitperson), their life expectancy drops significantly, as does their willingness to trust any person they meet, or at least it should. After all, the industry of killing is all about death ... it's simply a matter of whether (this time) you are the one doing the killing, or the one being killed. This neo-noir comes courtesy of writer-director Nick Stagliano (his first feature film in 10 years) and co-writer James C Wolf.

Anson Mount (so good in the "Hell on Wheels" TV series) is the titular Virtuoso. In typical noir fashion, he's also our narrator, and serves up a detailed explanation of his approach to the profession. He's methodical and meticulous in his precision and planning, and goes about his business in a professional manner, while maintaining a low profile and adhering to his own code. He even practices his facial expressions in the mirror preparing for the rare social interaction (it's funnier than it sounds). He does jobs for The Mentor (newly crowned Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins), a former military friend of his dad. Their minimal communication usually involves a name on a scrap of paper. The first job we witness is a "rush" job and collateral damage leaves Virtuoso burdened with guilt - something that is not an asset in this line of work.

It's the second job that takes up most of the run time. The Mentor provides only "White Rivers" as a hint to the identity of the target, and instructs him to be at the only diner in a place that barely exists as a town. Walking in, he sizes up those in the diner: The Waitress (Abbie Cornish, excellent as Fanny Brawne in BRIGHT STAR, 2009), The Loner (Eddie Marsan, "Ray Donovan"), Handsome Johnnie (Richard Brake), and Johnnie's Girl (Diora Baird). A bit later, the local Deputy (David Morse) is added to the list of possible targets.

The set-up is fun, and meant to keep us striving to stay one step ahead. Chris Perfetti adds a touch of humor in his two quick scenes as the motel desk clerk, and much of the tete a tete comes courtesy of the Virtuoso and The Waitress. Of course as with most noirs, we viewers figure out what's going on long before the hero, as the distractions are many. The budding romance offers up some seedy motel lovemaking, and the Virtuoso has an unusual living arrangement in his cabin in the woods. In other words, there are some excellent elements in play here, and it's difficult to pinpoint why the film doesn't play a bit better than it does. Mostly it just lacks the suspense delivered by the best in the genre.