Reviews for Stowaway ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

An utter waste of your time

Its like watching a soap opera, only novelty is that it is set in space.

The movie was...

This movie was: tedious, dull, monotonous; repetitious, repetitive; unrelieved, lacking variety, lacking variation, lacking excitement, lacking interest, unvaried, unimaginative, uneventful, characterless, featureless, colorless, lifeless, soulless, passionless, spiritless, unspirited, insipid, uninteresting, unexciting, uninspiring, unstimulating, unoriginal, derivative, jejune, nondescript, sterile, flat, bland, (plain) vanilla, arid, dry, dry as dust, stale, wishy-washy, gray, anemic, tired, banal, lame, plodding, ponderous, pedestrian, lackluster, stodgy, dreary, mechanical, stiff, leaden, wooden; mind-numbing, soul-destroying, wearisome, tiring, tiresome, irksome, trying, frustrating; humdrum, prosaic, mundane, commonplace, workaday, quotidian, unremarkable, routine, run-of-the-mill, normal, usual, ordinary, conventional, and suburban.

What a schlock job of absurd setups

I'm not going to reveal plot points except to say the agency in charge of this mission must be the sloppiest shop in the quadrant when it comes to keeping track of important things and in training its crew. The pace is glacial. The resolution is glacial. The plot absurdities should be burried in a glacier. It's not that the acting, per se, is that horrible but the whole thing is annoying and doesn't say much, ultimately, about the human condition except for the aforementioned poor management practices and crew safety practices that are beyond all redemption. Avoid.

Condensation in space

It's so annoying when your pressure gauge gets condensation on it in the vacuum of space.

did not resolve the main plot mystery

I hate it when the writer decides to jump off a cliff and gives the audience the middle finger. What's the point bruh?

Netflix STOP!!!

Stop raising the price of people's subscription to keep churning out this utter garbage all the time! The cast literally means NOTHING without a decent well written story & this was just a predictable snooze fest!

Essentially Nothing

There is absolutely nothing in this film. Good idea, like the choice of a small cast - reminded me of Gravity- however, very poor execution. Arguments made by characters are too weak, nothing is given to relate their characters to the choices (actually choice, a single one) . We dont even know what so called leader thinks about any of the happenings yet alone act on them. Unfortunately, a wasted idea. Wish they thought more on it before.

It's the Weight!

Obvious problem with plot: how could stowaway's weight (175#?) not be noticed at launch?

Crew are limited to few ounces of personal items because weight at lift off is critical to success.

Just plain STUPID.

In Space No One Can Hear You Not Trying

Somehow an engineer ends up as a unintentional stowaway on a spaceship heading to Mars. How he ends up behind panels screwed in place is anyone's guess (he certainly didn't screw himself in), and not an issue that i remember being answered. Whatever.

At the core of Stowaway is old 'trolley problem': would you sacrifice fewer people to save more? With an extra body on board and a mechanical failure that means oxygen can't be replenished, there are now four bodies using up resources rather than 3. This is something we've seen a gazillion times before in movies, usually as a minor bump in proceedings before carrying on to overcome something with even more at stake. Here, it's the whole premise, which is unfortunate for something that was dealt with in 5 minutes in The Good Place.

The main problem is that the noble idea of sacrifice for the greater good has no dramatic weight unless the characters involved are likeable. Toni Collette is well on the road to becoming a national treasure, it's almost impossible not to like her. Unfortunately, everyone else is expendable. Daniel Dae Kim is upset about his plants, which...meh. Shamier Anderson, the accidental stowaway, is injured and has a sister back on earth he's the guardian of which means meh. Anna Kendrick's soul is pure meh.

Between the plants and the oxygen and the go outside and fix the thingy bit, what we have is the middle bit of Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine' with a made for TV script and no budget for character development.


Nothing to care about

Basically the movie left me not interested in anything it had to offer. They left me not interested in the characters. No one to love, like or hate.

And so many technical issues.

And we never got to hear earth on the various support calls.

I'm only here to see how bad others think this was. So call me surprised it scored over 3 or so.

Silly movie

I just wonder when they gonna stop making movies about space missions with a crew full of unprofessional, psychologically unbalanced, stereotipical, uncapable, unresponsible and silly people. What a joke!

In real life we are actually sending our most trained, most disciplined and capable people to space, not some teenage students that can't cope with their childish psycological problems.

This is not a sci-fi movie, this is some bottom tier soap opera with space mission on the background.

This movie has a classic start, flat, primitive plot and an unsettling ending, that makes no sense, but since the whole plot is unrealistic and unreasonable, the ending actually goes in sync with it.

Wouldn't recommend it.

Not bad at all

This is one of the rare times i agree more with the legit critics rather than the users.

Its not a 10. But certainly not a 5.5 either.

I dont know what people expect anymore. I wonder if its an ADHD thing.

The characters were good. Good story and writing too.

Sure its a slow burn but not a waste of time in my opinion.

No ending again

I'm sick and tired of either writers who think it's cool to force watchers to "use your imagination", producer's and studios who run of money and just cut it and roll to credits or directors who are both. This one takes the cake the ending sorry no ending....??

Movie-makers educate yourself, because the audience has already done it.

Dear all future movie maker!

In an age where we can witness spacewalks streamed LIVE and watch rockets launched weekly. After decades of watching movies set in space. We the audience (well at least most of us) have a basic knowledge about basic engineering and basic rules of spaceflight and EVA.

Please respect our intelligence in the future and listen to the expert consultants you hire. Believe me, it will pay of.

Sincerely,The Audience.

Completly unrealistic plot

The plot is so totaly unbelievable and totaly lacking effort to make u believe it it, it ruins the movie. Acting and visuals were good. Liked the slow pace.

Better than expected

This movie is basically the famous short story the cold equations retold with a slightly bigger cast so I went into it not expecting a whole lot that would engage me or challenge me, but Anna Kendrick's performance maybe one of the performances of her career. By the end of the movie I went from feeling it was cliché I am OK but nothing special to be in on the edge of my seat with intensity of caring about the outcome of these characters especially the doctor and that's saying something. There's only four people in this movie and they're trapped together in a spaceship. But they unpack a lot of drama and that's saying something given the rest of the cast. I would recommend this film.

Plenty of moral philosophy but bizarrely no actual soul

So, the positives are great cast and subsequently excellent acting. The cinematography, VFX, score and dialogue are also on point. However, for me there is somehow no actual depth, no actual compassion for any of the characters, which seems an odd thing to say when all the cast are so very good. It lies with the fact that although this is science fiction, it is still based on science and the action/reaction/procedure, the scenario would just not exist. I would recommend but it is one of those films that will split audiences.

A Beautiful Space Drama

This movie seriously needs a higher rating. I just watched it, and I have to say I was completely and utterly blown away by it. Unlike a lot of Netflix films, which have tones of action and very little plot, Stowaway is a character-driven film. It's a slow burn drama, which I know isn't for everyone, but if you have the patience, its well worth it. Also, the plot is rather simple. The crew find themselves with an extra passenger and are in danger of running out of oxygen before they reach Mars. However, what really sells this film is the characters. A lot of movies tend to have too many characters. Stowaway, however, fixes this problem by only having four characters. The result is that each character has their own arc and depth to them. Also, it makes you care about each one of them and understand their point of view. Last but certainly not least, the performances are fantastic. Each actor played their part amazing, especially Anna Kendrick. I love Anna Kendrick as an actor and try to watch all her films, and I must say this is one of her best performances. She deserves an Oscar for her performance as Zoe. Zoe Levenson is one of her best characters to date. She is the ship's doctor and is the emotional center of the film. I was worried going into it that she was just a supporting character, but I was wrong. Her star shines the brightest. I won't give anything away, but I will say this movie was very emotional for me. I was literally in tears several times. So please ignore the rating and watch this film!

Thoroughly Disappointing!!!

Big fan of Colette, Kim and Kendrick....but they (literally) can't save this movie...riddled with plot holes and "supposed science"....dumb.

Nice space scifi

Well, some reviews here are negatives, but I find the story intriguing because it may happen one day. Confined with a limited resources traveling in outer space, the enemy is time or else...