Reviews for Nobody ( ) 720p

IMDB: 7.7 / 10

Super american assassin beats bad russian gangsters. Never seen than one before.

Turn off your brain and enjoy the fight scenes.

You really don't watch this movie for its unique and unprecedented plot.

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.

What an incredibly overblown ego power fantasy narcissist dream designed to make the user feel as beta male as you possibly get in a society build on the foundation of comparing yourself to others. (aka. The controlling factor in human behavior) This then would be like comparing anybody as a super low self esteem basement dwelling beta male compared to this ultra alpha male 'nobody'.

I am 100% sure this is just more Hollywood mind control to reduce the confidence of the masses.

Tasteless and immature violence fest

The only reason I gave this movie a shot was because Bob had the lead role. Boy am I puzzled why he took part in this.

If you're into a razor thin plot and a bunch of out of context fight scenes, have at it.

If you're over the age of 19, pick another movie.


I'll preface this by saying I watched this for free on my buddy's firestick. So for free and considering there's not many other options, this is worth 2 hours if you have nothing else going on. Decent acting, average dialogue, but almost feels like you've seen this movie before. Very unoriginal. Considering the landscape of not really any other options, I didnt hate it but don't expect a best picture with this one.

Not really worth

Great idea ruined by a really poor execution. Dialogues to be forgotten about, cheap action scenes and a pitiful sound design makes it almost unwatchable at times.


Nobody is a constant pure adrenaline, a film that it takes to release the nerves, with intense action, irony and balls. Directed by the brilliant Ilya Naishuller, taking into account the smallest details (as it was for Hardcore), illuminating the chaos with intelligent shots, without leaving anything to chance and enhancing the emotions during the action. A story that is as simple as it is banal, but which manages to entertain in its intent and in its simplicity. Great cast with a fantastic Bob Odenkirk who leads scene by scene as a good host and the legendary Christopher Lloyd who enchants and surprises. Small masterpiece that pumps blood from the beginning to the end, immediately inserting itself as a great one in the ranks of the genre.

Watch it only if you are a Bob Odenkirk fan

I gave it 2 stars because of Christopher Lloyd.

It is an unoriginal and uninspiring film. Nothing is new, nothing is fun and interesting.

And what a complete waste of casting an actress like Connie Nielsen. I expected more.

You'll enjoy this film if you enjoy mindless action with gory scenes.

Hutch Mansell is certainly no John Wick and it is an insult to compare them or the 2 movies. There is no story and none of the characters are likeable.

At least John Wick had a puppy dog that drives the whole film and Theon Greyjoy's character was unlikeable and we root for Wick throughout the film. But Hutch is boring and he makes the film boring too.

Epic film.. not to be missed .. Part 2 please

Hits everything spot on. Don't watch the trailer it's worth the surprise.

John Wick of wish

I dunno where to start from. . Just bad .. Plot, music, characters, main character .. Bollywood.

Predictable story, rambo last blood style

It starts interesting but 15 minutes after beginning you don't get any sort of surprise by any mean, the production and acting are well though.

The most overrated, over-hyped movie I have seen.

The movie was a disappointment for me. I saw the trailer for the movie before I saw the actual movie itself. I thought this movie would be more like a vigilante movie and I love these sort of movies.

But in effect this was more of a dumb backstory kind of generic Hollywood movies dished out. This follows the same case as John Wick. The first John Wick was good, but they killed it with the sequels. They should have stopped after the first one. "I Am Wrath" is also another good movie and better than this one.

I have already seen good vigilante movies in the past. Death Wish and The Exterminator are prime examples of good movies that have survived into the present era. Vigilante 1983 starring the late Robert Forster and Fighting Back 1982 starring Tom Skerrit are also terrific.

In Nobody(2021), the story follows a family man played by Bob Odenkirk(of Breaking Bad fame) who fails to stop some inept burglars from stealing his possessions. After which he has a change of heart and lashes out vigilante-style to vent out his anger. The rest of the movie deals with repercussions of his decisions.

The acting in the movie is so-so. The direction and background music and sound-effects is typical of a generic Hollywood action thriller. Overall this movie was a real waste of my time and I would never recommend you to watch it. See all of the above movies I have listed above.

Who reviews these movie!?

Oh boy this is bad... Can be summed up as a boring cliche American action film. Doesn't bring anything new to the table. This is literally what i've seen in the hundred of other action films. It started out good, had some nice scenes and nice music but the rest is complete trash.

Movie made for teen boys

Incoherent mess. Plotless and pointless. Bob Odenkirk is wasted on a testosterone-fantasy, pseudo revenge film in a town with no police or firefighters, apparently. A waste of time.

Bob Odenkirk Nailed IT!!

Bob Odenkirk made his character believable somehow even though story is mediocre... Also, action scenes will 100% satisfy action fans. Don't expect more than that!

Great movie!

Action meet comedy. Really good movie! I didn't know Saul could be such a bad ass.

John Wick + Home Alone = Owesome!

In a few words: that was marvelous.

This movie put a smile on my face, that stayed there till the titles.

Highly recommended for watching.

You don't know Bob..

All the 80s and 90s combined in this violent masterpiece.

Odernik against all odds dressed up as John Wick and made me wanna punch every wall in the house.


Dont take this movie seriously.

Somebody that tries to review this movie seriously goes wrong direction IMO.

It′s just an action comedy with fighting and shooting that also has excessive blooding in somewhat Tarantino style.

Just turn off your brain and enjoy main character smashing bad guys :)

Started well......

First half hour wasn't so bad, but as it went along it got more and more ridiculous. Bob obviously fancied himself as a new bruce willisBut it was laughable .was looking forward to it as he's a great actor, but this was too silly so a thumbs down from me


You better call nobody

Yeah, better call nobody, grab a beer and watch this garbage alone.

Who doesn't need a silly movie, full of cliches that you have seen 1 000 000 times once in a while? Great for spending 2 hours in another universe made of cardboard characters and beyond impossible to believe situations.

Bang, bang, bad guy from the Russian mafia I'm coming for you! Yes, again!