Reviews for Riders of Justice ( ) 720p

IMDB: 8 / 10

Funny & dark Danish crime film.

There's a lot going on in this Danish black comedy which follows a hard-as-nails soldier seeking revenge for the death of his wife in a supposed train accident. He's aided in his investigations by a group nerdish, social misfits who bring a heap of skills and dysfunction with them. There's an awful lot going on in the clever script: father daughter relationships, social alienation, the interplay of probability and coincidence, as well as the usual action & violence you'd expect in a film of this type. Perhaps it's a little too much content in places - the tone of the film veers wildly & disconcertingly sometimes, but overall the writing, acting & ideas are so strong that you just go with it. The cast is great - Mads Mikkelsen holds it all together with another tremendously enigmatic screen performance and is ably supported by a strong ensemble. There's plenty of laugh out loud moments, emotional engagement and shoot outs to keep the whole thing racing along & even if it's fairly obviously where things are going to end up, it's a very enjoyable ride getting there nevertheless. A notch above most other action films.


Mads Mikkelsen in a perfect performance, allways. The other three, or maybe four,, excelent too.

Dark comedy at Guy Ritche style.

I enjoy it.

Again excelent danish movie.

Three musketeers and a soldier

One of the best foreign movies that I've watched recently. This movie takes dark humor to a whole another level, yet its gritty when it comes to serious dialogue. No matter how silly/stubborn a character may be, the narrative touched the sensitive depths in them in the best way possible.

Briliant cast with outstanding performances

A real good Danish dark comedy movie ! I love all the cast, lots of them are already my favorite, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mads Mikkelsen, Lars Brygmann, Roland Moller, Jacob Lohmann.. as they can be easily found in great Danish tv or movies.. Acting performances are top notch, a perfect blend drama with a bit comedy, thriller, actions & heartbreaking scenes. Overall it's a must watch if you enjoy foreign films..

and now for something completely different

In the US we associate indies with sub-par film-making. Because they are cheap productions destined to fill the pipeline for some low-end cable channel, and most of the cash never makes it to the screen. This Danish gem is the exception to the rule. For a tight $5.0 mil budget we not only get top production values and acting, but a story that defies expectations at every turn. Tarantino meets Keystone Cops. Engaging. A treat.

hollywoodland has got...

Something kartoffel like to chew on here, hanging on the trend to copy or reissue a selfmade product in the english language for the free spirit of the land of the free.

Because this is far over my expectancy of danish filmaking, being fortunate with a good story and screenplay, theyve done a marvellous job creating a unique crimethrillercomedy of the darkest kind.

Castline shows that denmarks market of sustainable and solid variety of actormaterial is materialized into this revengeful stake out and eradication of the worst hudlums in fictional danish history.

The plot and story are far to complex for me to elaborate in norwenglish, just say that its not a familymovie, rather 12+, extremely well made and executed. The grumpy old man bows and bends in respect. This was awesome.


This movie has a little of everything, with an interesting storyline. Mads is on point as usual, and the other actors turn on strong performances as well. A must see, you will not be disappointed.

New Favourite Movie

It's not until you watch a film like this that the extent of the dross Hollywood is feeding us becomes apparent. The plot is relatively simple: man seeking revenge for the death of his wife. That's where the brilliance of this film departs from all norms. If you like irreverent humour mixed in with genuinely thought-provoking emotional impact then I think you'll like this film. It's one of those film where you blink and think 'did that just happen?'--and yes, it probably did. Brilliant. Do not miss this film.

does Denmark really see Ukraine this way?

The image of a low-grade animal on the face of a poor Ukrainian. a humiliated brute, not a man. for me it is insulting and sad. this "movie" has no place and no evaluation!


Same genre as "De Gr?nne Slagtere", "Adams ?bler", "Blinkende Lygter" and so on...Crazy danish black comedy filled up with crazy personalities :-)Its a very well produced movie, with a good storyline.

Finally a wellwritten crimecomedy

A bunch of misfits, most with anger issues, try to go on a rampage, led by a PTSD-suffering Mads Mikkelsen.

This movie features many of the best male danish actors. It has strong perfomances and a laugh out riot dialogue, especially from the supporting cast, that you have to hear to believe.

It's not a revenge-movie per se, but deals with issues like parenthood, friendship, and forgiveness. Because of this, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and think it's the best movie to come out from Denmark in years.

Dark comedy full of surprises

The opening of Rotterdam FF is a fascinating film, built on a solid script with brilliantly developed characters. Between the dark comedy and the thriller, it has characteristics of other ATJ titles, but in some moments, in the game of coincidences and the weird tone, it is reminiscent of the Coen brothers. Addressing topics such as grief and the consequences of our actions, this film is full of surprises.

If this doesn't win a shed load of awards...

....There is no justice!Brilliant drama mixed with rib tickling comedy and superb performances from all 4 leads. This is one of the best films to come out of Denmark. Do not miss it!

His best movie this far

I loved the first four film, but I actually think this is his best movie.

Best danish film since "The Hunt"

I became very impressed with Anders Thomas Jens new installment to his bizarre and unique film universe!

The film delivers comedy in top class, and have some impeccable acting performances particular from Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, but the rest of the cast (Nicolas Bro, Lars Brygmann, Roland M?ller, Andrea Gadeberg etc.)also does a good job!

The script and the lines were really well done. How the characters interact and talk to each other felt very natural, and none of it seemed "staged", which shines through as ATJ is one of the most talented screenwriters we have in Denmark.

I found the film's unique plot and its special "idea" to be incredibly thrilling, and made the film have a lot of thoughtful elements, where the cinema-goer is actually challenged intellectually, which I we rarely see in a Danish films. It almost felt like the concept of the film was taken from a Nolan-esque universe!

All in all a great danish film!9/10

A new danish classic

This movie follows a group of both interesting and hilarious characters. We see them go through hell, in belief of what they are doing is for the greater good. And hilariously so. Definitely a 2020 must watch.

Go see this one!

I went to see this film in the cinema, and i have not laughed and been entertained this much for a long time. The acting is great, the humor is even better than expected. Retf?rdighedens rytter definitly has the potential to become a classic, no doubt. Time will tell. but I highly recommend this film.

Very well balanced

The balance between very dark comedy, drama and action is very Well balanced in this movie. Although this is a typical Anders Thomas Jensen movie in a typical Anders Thomas Jensen universe, this movie seems more mature than his former hilarious movies "Adams ?bler" and "Blinkende Lygter". This movie cuts a little bit deeper in the drama departement and the acting is also a bit better. This movie will male you think about how you live your life.

Great entertainment

Life aint fair - or logical - and it may be meaningless - so deal with it ?? great movie about life

An absolute roller-coaster of a Movie

What a thrilling and hilarious piece of art. Amazing cast, I really felt and cheered with their characters.Great story with a fantastic build up. Sad that the ending ruined it. (Though I did sit on the edge of my seat the last 20 mins of the film)