Reviews for Friend Zone ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.3 / 10

The movei that best matches my life

Love not wanting status A love that does not require compensation is a close friend, too, and I fell into a position called a close friend while I was in love with a friend. But he doesn't want This movie is as well. It started with being friends. And became a friend of Until falling in love with each other Causing him to encounter various events Causing many impressive moments A love that doesn't need anything in return. Just wanted to see that he was happy. He can laugh, he can smile, we just want to be a part of his happiness. This movie clearly conveys a close friend relationship. And i love this movie so much It's like taking my feelings and my life to create it.

Whatta Movie!!

This is my first Thai movie to watch, it's way more than what I expected reading on IMDb! I smiled throughout the whole movie, even now while writing this.The best thing I liked about is theres no vulgarity in this movie, I've seen alot American RomCom, and those were full of sex instead of "LOVE".A must watch for guys & girls, even you can watch it with your friends group. Enjoy!!

2019Love you for a long time

How many people can spend ten years waiting for someone you like? Love you still, love you for a long time.

Romance comedy

It's a wonderful movie . Even though I'm not thai i like this movie very much . It's full entertainer I assure you that you won't be bored at all . Like some other movies there are no scenes that is like a cliche .

Good movie for teenage

Cool movie for high school teenage go and catch em if ya really love em keep spirit and do your best to reach the goal because we are who we are do not until you regret it someday because we can not buy back time. Keep do your best until maximum don't give up.

Worth it to watch

Best romcom movie ever. Pimchanok and nine have best chemistry. Worth it to watch

More of a comedy film than a romance one...

..and that's not goodi think best romcom movies are a balance of romance, comedy and heart

the main complain i have is that i wish they showed more of the character's friendship rather than the mishaps of crossing through that line of "friend zone"

nonetheless, it was still very entertaining and i had some laughs. the main leads are cute and a lot of the other characters were really funny.

there were a bit problematic ideas around the friend zone coming off as somewhat a strategy to get the girl but i think the male lead didn't intentionally plan it even though it did come off that way. the endings for the three other guys were cute.

but watch with caution, it's not about getting the girl, it's about saying what you feel instead of just pretending to be just a friend and being fine with your friend's relationship pining over him/her and then blaming him/her for your misery.

Heartwarming movie

Not only a must watch but a mustx2 watch :) the movie ending was always going to be what we all expect but the twists and turns were what made this movie a memorable one. Pimchanok is such a beautiful actress! Never noticed her before and boy she took my breath away :p The chemistry she has with Naphat made this movie so heartfelt. Step out and step into the zone with this movie and you will not regret it. O ya, I am not a Thai and yet loved it!

Welcome Myanmar and try to make next film in our country

First, I want to say Thank You Friend Zone team cause you came myanmar and try to make film.I 'm so proud of our country and I also invite you try to make next film in our country.The story is simple but It is romantic and attractive and include funny scene.I also like it.And many people will see the beauty of our country.So I want to suggest to every one try to watch this movie.And I admit thant you will not lose your time and money.