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IMDB: 5.8 / 10

All These Reviews are TOO NICE

This movie was terrible. I'm sorry. I like Holland Ridley, but the plot was just stupid. It was NEVER explained the backstory of anything, so as a viewer, I was left stumbling along the entire movie.

It sucked. Glad I didn't pay for this crap.

Chaotically Boring

Haha Tom Holland being a hormonal boy in this movie. In a dystopian world, young boy Todd lived in a colony with only men, and these men were plagued with the Noise, where all their internal thoughts were unfiltered and leaked out that others can hear. One day, a girl came down from space, met the colony, and stuff happened.

What I enjoyed the most was the unique premise. The boy Todd, played by Tom Holland, could not control his Noise around the girl, played by Daisy Ridley, and it gave for some funny and cringe moments.

And yeah, that's pretty much what I liked about the movie. Despite the premise, the movie went for a predictable and formulaic plot that was pretty boring for the majority of the runtime. The characters were straightforward and had little background that can make me invested in them. The cast was pretty strong, but the script didn't give them enough to shine.

Also, there were major plot points that were ignored. The ending didn't make it look like there's gonna be any sequel, so I guess I won't know much about those plots.

This movie would honestly be better as a TV series like The 100. It somehow felt rushed and empty as a 2 hour movie.

Overall, a movie with potential but was wasted with mediocre plot and characters. It's not chaotically good, but chaotically boring. No point watching this movie. 4/10.

Interesting Premise, Good Execution

All the bad reviews are interesting. I don't quite understand the dislike of this movie. It's got an interesting premise and the movie is competently made. Compared to some of the crap that's come out recently, this should be considered for an Oscar, frankly.

Daisy Ridley does a good job in this movie. And Tom Holland is a good protagonist. The movie has tension, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The movie does have a bit of a slow burn. But I think that's a good thing with what I would consider fairly hard science fiction. I would put this on the same level as a movie like Oblivion.

Anyway, ignore the haters. If you enjoy science fiction- real science fiction- then this is a solid movie.

UPDATE: As I'm watching the movie, I'm trying to figure out why people hate it so much. Is it the differences between men versus women? I recognize that's a REALLY touchy subject these days. But this almost perfectly describes our differences. Men have to fight their baser instincts. Men have to dominate their feelings. Women have more control over their thoughts. They're also more in touch with their feelings. This is a fantastic allegory, to be honest. I'm quite impressed. I also appreciate that Viola is treated as an equal to Todd. Just an all-round well crafted story.

I Don't Really Understand the Hate?

"Chaos Walking" is definitely no cinematic masterpiece, but it was a fun way of spending the afternoon. Performances by Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, and Daisy Ridley are all fine. It's also got a nice little sci-fi concept where the males who have landed on the planet are subject to an effect called "the noise", which projects their thoughts aloud. Some of the concepts like the actual backstory of Prentisstown in relation to the other human settlements and the native species that inhabits the planet would have been welcomed. The whole movie kind of reminded me of "Planet of the Apes", which is no insult.

I'd recommend this for those who wish to lose themselves for a couple of hours. You'll probably forget about it in a week but it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

A lower budget episode of Supernatural

They even reused some of the sets from Supernatural. And all the extras are veterans of the Vancouver film industry. The Alien from the trailer has about 30 seconds of screen time, so this isn't a sci-fi flick. And Daisy Ridley is stuck salvaging enormous derelict crash-landed space ships again. I have a feeling the casting and screenplay were auto-generated by a Netflix AI. Luckily this will never hit theaters and I never paid to see this so it gets my one star for helping me fall asleep last night.

Chaos walked out of the theater

First off, this is a bad made-for-tv level production with a big name cast who apparently ate all of the budget with nary a nickel left over for a set, so they pulled the ol' SyFy Firefly trick of making outer space westerny and filming in the nearest field with wardrobe salvaged out of storage. However, most distastefully, this movie is rife with gratuitous scenes of animal cruelty. Why, why, why? I've no idea, they are of no intrinsic value to the story and are of a particularly mean and nasty nature. If you are an animal lover you will want to avoid this one, I felt like throwing up. The story and plot are unbearable tripe anyway. Finally I have to say, a bleached-blonde Daisy Ridley did not sit well with my eyeballs. Chaos is walking alright, she's left the building and called an Uber. She will not be returning your messages.

total flop

So nice to see we can colonize space and other planets but still cant evolve enuff to get rid of dumb redneck religious nut jobs.overall a boring movie no wonder it took so long to come out.hollywood yet again screws up a book with a bad adaptation.


It had me sighing within 5 minutes.

Who has this been made for?

Who is supposed to relate to this film? Will the masses find an in, find empathy?

Another mass financed film cultivated for a social media neo PC minority.

How do they get made? Who finances them? If the Cinemas were still going they would die a death.


I fell asleep half way trough the movie .adn when i woke up i still was bored with it .

Dull and dumb

This a very boring, straightforward story set in a strange, pointless and incoherent world. It will leave a lot of unanswered questions in the end unless you read all the books beforehand. What's worse, all these special properties of the world are pointless in terms of world and character development. All you see is just another Wild West with a bit of funny Noise effects and some (very little!) alien fauna, and all this never impacts the story in any meaningful way.

Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen are good, as expected. Even Daisy Ridley is more or less okay. Their characters are not. You can understand what drives the young Todd, he's the most developed one, still, there's a lot to reveal in his background, in his past, in his relations with the other settlers of his town. Others are worse than that. Most of them talk riddles all the time, just like in a teenager's fan fiction, and the Noise never helps there.

Another problem is the lack of reason, the lack of sense. There's just a lot of tiny little details that clearly make no sense, both in character's judgement, in their actions and in the world itself.

Overall. This is bad as a tale. This is bad science fiction. And this is also bad in terms of storytelling. What I liked: the new fresh world, and the beautiful visuals. But... that's all.

PS: No really, I've been looking at my wrist watch roughly at the middle, trying to recall how long the movie should be overall. If I had been alone, I would have probably walked out of the cinema then.

Walked out it was so bad

The thought voices added to the chaos. This movie was terrible. Walked out an hour into it.

Worth a watch

When I first saw the trailer for this, I read the books this movies is based on. I was not sure how this was going to come across on the big screen. It was actually enjoyable! They wrapped it up well. With COVID coming to an end (hopefully), there has been a lack of new material at the movies. If you love going to the movies, this movie is pretty entertaining, actually more so than the book series.

The humour is memorable.


I enjoyed the story & humorous moments that seeing the mens thoughts created. I look forward to a sequel, if there is one.

Without mentioning spoilers. Other viewers may not enjoy the thinly veiled mystery in the plot, unexplained reasons why characters have certain skills & weak deaths of characters.

Still worth a watch. A sequel could be good!

Good One

Great casting. Good acting. Average storytelling. It's way better than your average teen movie. I haven't read the books but I liked the movie.There is a world where men and women could see men's thoughts as noises but no one is able to see what women thinks. I guess that's fair. I liked Tom Holland. He did everything for Daisy Riley. True chivalry, I guess. He wanted a kiss and she never kissed him back; only in his thoughts. The director could add a romantic scene between them. It would have been a good idea. Overall, a good movie. Go watch it. You might like it as I did. 6.5/10.

Very enjoyable

I didn't read the books but i had low expectations because of the rating and it surprised me in the best way! I enjoyed it alot, the idea is unique and very interesting, script is well written, cast is great, the story is exceptional. I cant understand why the rating is so low! Cant wait for the sequel!

Demonstrates bravery at every corner, in its intricate and complex plot

Chaos Walking is an amazing film that demonstrates bravery at every corner, has a very intricate and complex plot, and has subtle but amazing dialogue!

The storyline follows a boy, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) who is about to become a man. In his world, he has been brought up to believe that all the women have been killed by the Spackle and all the men are affected by "the Noise" - a force that puts all their thoughts on display. One day, Todd stumbles upon a spaceship that crashed into his village, believing there are no survivors. Little does he know there is one survivor - Viola (Daisy Ridley). Seeing that she does not have the Noise, he tries to protect her, but he isn't the only one that discovers her.

One of the best parts of this film is the graphics. From a tree to a mountain, everything looks so vivid and real. Because this story takes place in a dystopian society, the setting is something imagined to be "foggy." The sets are magnificent and provide a background for every scene exceptionally well. As for talent performances, both Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland are marvelous. Tom's brave face really sold me on his character Todd. With Daisy, her charming smile and presence shows how empathetic, sad, happy and a sometimes flirty she is.

This film demonstrates the true meaning of bravery and what one sometimes goes through in order to be called brave. Although this movie is rated PG-13, it really pushes the rating to its limits. There are frequent uses mild profanity, which are used aggressively and often as name-calling. There is also quite some bad behavior, such as killing animals and there are scenes with violent images, of shooting and stabbing, although nothing is too graphic.

I give Chaos Walking 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Reviewed by Apurva S., KIDS FIRST!


The movie is not good nor bad. Feels to me like this could have developed into more than one movie but they crammed everything into one. Plenty of things left unexplained (from plot to characters).

Not bad, not bad at all...

Ever since his spiderman days, Tom has impressed me with his professionalism and timing in certain scenes. He... to me anyway... has this presence where you wait for a line he's lingering on. The "noise" as it's called in the film takes that pause away, but his expressions don't. If anything, he looks a touch out of place. Which was just perfect given the uncontrollable nature of the si-fi aspect.Daisy, has of course, mastered the blank stare to perfection. Again, lifts the si-fi elements.Supporting cast fit very well together. I could name drop. But read the cast list yourself and I'm pretty sure you'll see a standout name or 3 that will surprise you.Having just read that this was based on a trilogy of books, (rights purchased by the studio back in 2011) I'm hoping it does well enough in profits to give us at least one spinoff. Even a tv series has potential. You'll see what I mean in the last 60 sec of the flick.I was going to rate it a 6ish. Just because of it being like nothing else atm. But bumped it to 7 because of the production team producing such a nice fit with cast & the direction keeping the pace constantly interesting. You don't really get the chance to drift off in your own thoughts because you're too busy keeping up with theirs.By no means is it a masterpiece. But you shouldn't leave the theatres feeling ripped off either. =D

It's fair but only just.

The premise is ok. Mads, Tom and Demian are all good, despite only getting glimpses of the latter. The whole things comes together alright but it's just not well done enough to warrant a higher score. Daisy Ridley puts in another mannequin like performance, and she is carried like luggage by Tom for most of the film. She just doesn't have "it". Honesty, I've seen CGI characters with more range. It's ok but that's about all.

what was actually shown was great

As someone who read the books, this is a really decent adaptation. I was originally upset that they used adult actors in their 20s to portray 12 year old preteens when they could've given actual child actors the opportunity, however I get that they probably wanted big names to help rake in the money or whatever. Despite playing roles they were not supposed to take, Tom and Daisy did a good job at bringing Todd and Viola to life. They embodied their personalities well.

Considering there probably won't be a sequel (it was filmed like 4 years ago and forgotten about by everyone so I highly doubt there will be sequels, but who knows), I wish they showed more of the spackle. I also wish they made it longer and used all three of the books instead of just the first one. When it ended, I was kind of like "THAT'S IT?? I WANT MORE"

That being said, I loved it. Tom Holland gave an A+ performance once again, like he always does. His American accent was flawless, like always. Daisy Ridley was great too. The dog actor who played Manchee was exceptional and deserves a raise. Nick Jonas wasn't the worst, however they should've hired a real actor to play the role because I could not take him seriously and I just thought about Camp Rock every time he came on screen.

For people who have NOT read the books, this movie was great. You wouldn't be able to tell that anything is missing. For me, however, this was my favourite book series as a teenager. I noticed a lot of missteps.

I'm rating this a 10/10 for the sole reason that it deserves a higher rating and it does not deserve a 6. I do want them to make a sequel, even though I highly doubt there will be one.