Reviews for The Dry ( ) 720p

IMDB: 7.7 / 10

very slow movie

I am confused, is this movie set in the present day or is it 10 years ago?

The birth certificate said 1973 meaning ellie died in 1990 at 17

but the cop said she was killed 20 years ago, it makes no sense

is eric bana meant to be playing a 37 year old????


Way too slow, ok storyline great aussie acting, but just tedious to watch

Smouldering Lead, Undercooked Direction.

Eric Bana commands the screen, ably supported by Genevieve O'Reilly but the direction just lacked spark. This was a film that begged to be evocative, yet it just plodded through, getting the job done with no standout atmosphere. Robert Connelly is a journeyman director. Solid but unremarkable. If it were not for Bana, this film would have passed by unnoticed. By comparison Iven Sen creates slow burn, outback, damaged detective films that burst with atmosphere and leave you with red dust up your nose.

A missed opportunity

Unfortunately, we make very few films here in Australia, and we rarely make great films, that's why when a fairly ok movie comes out, we all get excited. Our local movie critics are also incapable of judging local films without bias. They too, get overexcited and rave on about a film like "The Dry". This is not a boring film, or am awful experience, however, it's really not that great. Of course, we all get sentimental when we see the Australian landscape photographed in a movie, it's close to our hearts and we get touched by it. This film has all the ingredients to potentially have been a great film, but that opportunity was missed. The story has many holes, the constant flashbacks get confusing, the performances are not that great, Eric Bana has no chemistry with anyone on the screen, the soundtrack is nonstop and aimless, and annoying. The dialogue is also poorly done. Very basic screenwriting, nothing sophisticated, very much on-the-nose. I understand the desire to portray the simplicity of the characters being a country/rural setting, however, films like Coen Brothers' "Fargo" achieve this without compromising the integrity of the dialogue. This definitely didn't live up to the hype. Watch it of course to support our home-grown. film industry, but we really need to up our game.


What's with all the good reviews? Pumping up unworthy product does more damage to the local Australian film industry than anything else. This film would be an ok tv movie, but that is all. It pales in comparison to similar Australian product such as "Mystery Road" (the film) which had craft, style, atmosphere. It is even inferior to Australian mystery tv series such as "Jack Irish". Give it a miss and watch one of the other shows I mentioned instead.

A good murder mystery, and a shining example of Australian storytelling

On top of being a damn good murder mystery, it was wonderful to see an Australian movie that doesn't try to play down the specificity of life in this country. Many Australian films could very easily be set in any other country - designed to be universally appealing, with a thin layer of ocker seasoning. But this story, the range of characters in it, their personalities and quirks, are very specifically of this time and place.

Matt Nable continues to be a pleasant surprise for those of us first introduced to him as a football player. He brings a level of realism to his performance that is completely familiar; I could almost believe the filmmakers had been spying on people I grew up alongside. He made such interesting character choices. Injecting vulnerability where a lesser actor may have chosen hardness. Portraying that vulnerability with a sincerity that in another's hands may have been laughable, but in his became a full realised multi-dimensional human being.

Indeed, all of the main characters feel multidimensional. Not a one is a simple one-note character. All have flaws and contradictions that just feel real.

In other words, this feels like the world I've lived in. Given the saturation of American media in our cinemas and on our small screens, occasionally punctuated by a UK comedy or Nordic crime drama, that is a very rare and very welcome feeling indeed.

Disappointing and disturbing

As an Australian Film construction worker for 20 years, there were no sets or homage paid too any set construction team, Sad stuff. The story line was horrible and disturbing with extremely bad acting . Who would right such a bad script and story line , a sick and depressed person. Makes me feel sad about our film making in Victoria. If this is the best we can do here then we are doomed too fail in my eyes. Once you watch this you can't unsee it .

Disappointing both as a crime and as an Australian outback movie.

I watched this movie with great anticipation. I had read the book which did a great job painting a distressed town in the grip of a devastating drought. In the book one could feel the heat and hear the desiccated undergrowth crackle. Emotional conflicts were also handled nicely. The writing and the way the book paints the landscape and the people masks the weakness in the plot and the poorly developed unveiling of the perpetratorSadly the movie fails to show any emotional depth in any characters. The town is greener and far less bleak than shown in the book.To make matters worse the way the crime is solved is even more abbreviated than in the book.As a consequence it fails as both an Australian outback movies as well as a crime movie. My adult son who had not read the book described it as boring.

True detective meets Regional Victoria

Easily the best Australian drama I have seen. Great acting with even better mood setting and cinematography. 10/10

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

This was my 18 yr old's pick to see on his birthday today.So glad he picked this.Took 5 of his teenage friends who live on a diet of Marvel universe and Sci-fi films.They were captivated from start to finish.Eric Bana, an amazing talent, puts in a nicely understated performance.The rest of the cast are great.As another reviewer said, there is a subtle homage to Picnic at Hanging Rock in this film and it has that same haunting quality.The harsh, dry landscape is also one of the stars of this film.Some nice plot twists and red herrings, the dark subject matter nicely balanced with a dry, very Australian humour.

A great Aussie movie!

I usually avoid going to locally produced movies but with COVID there's not much to choose from so we ended up at one. This is the best Aussie movie I have seen in a very long time, in fact the best movie I've seen in over a year (and I see a lot of movies). Highly recommend.

Top whodunnit

Excellent cast who re-create the insular feel of a small Australian country town, wary of "outsiders", in a great murder mystery movie. The landscape in the middle of a drought is also brilliantly rendered. Loved it, though there were a few too many flashbacks: a minor quirk. Everyone in our very diverse film group also really enjoyed it.

Atmosphere and acting

An excellent Australian crime film, with the score and cinematography blending perfectly with the story and acting to produce an atmospheric, intriguing film. An understated performance from Bana, but arguably top three for his career. If you're from Australia, go see it - support local.

Best Australian film i've seen

I first read the book and found it impossible to put down, i was a tad skeptical going into the movie as in my experience the film is usually a let down. However i was very happy to have been proven wrong, the acting and the eeriness of the filming is exactly how i imagined it would be, the music creates a great layer of thrill and buildup, also brining your emotions into play. The only reason i haven't rated this a 10/10 is because of the constant jump from scene to scene with no context, like in the book there were more conversations leading to certain scenes playing out but within the film at times it could be confusing. Non the less they did a fantastic job and i highly recommend this movie to any anyone.

A "Must-see" Aussie Who-done-it"

Save your time, don't have the film spoilt by the reviews and just go enjoy the 2 or so hours of captivating story that this film has to offer

Great Aussie movie

I hope this movie does well outside of Australia. High quality movie with fantastic cinematography.

Gripping & well produced

Loved it from start to finish.Unpredictable.Would see it again!

Absolutely Riveting

Brilliant acting, enthralling story and beautiful cinematography. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a film as much as I did this and on top of that, I walked out of the theatre feeling so proud of this Australian movie. It's worlds class.

Sensational Aussie Flick.

This is such a great piece of Australian film making. The characters, the settings and the story combine to make this a thoroughly entertaining and authentic experience. Eric Bana is great in the lead, and brings appropriate intensity and feeling to the role. I was transfixed from beginning to end.

Brilliant movie

Just go and see this very good and Australia should be proud of this crime movie - world class