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IMDB: 8.4 / 10

Can't stop thinking about this movie

The only bad thing about this movie was the ratio.

Absolutely goes the extra mile from the original , this is the film that DC needed to rival Marvel Snyder is a genius.

A masterpiece!!

This epic keeps you coming back for more....highly recommended!

Just wow. Finish the Snyderverse.

Right off the bat, I am not a DC fan, but I enjoy comic/superhero movies. This was the best movie I've seen in 4 years - and that includes everything Marvel. I wanted to watch it again immediately after. I honestly don't have words to describe this movie, but if you're a fan it needs a watch. Actually even if you're not a fan it needs a watch!

What WB did to Zack is unforgivable, and what JW did to his fellow artists is despicable.

Much Better Movie

This version is so much better than the originally released movie. At first, I didn't understand what all the excitement and hype were about when it was announced that the Snyder version was being released, but now I understand. The originally released movie was pretty awful. The storyline was disjointed and the character development was almost nonexistent. The Snyder version provided us with full storylines and character development for Cyborg and The Flash as well as eliminating some extraneous material that didn't add to the movie. If you like DC comics and were disappointed with the 2017 version of Justice League, go and see this version. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better it is than the original.

WB, Are You drunk

Restore Snyderverse, Otherwise Boycott All WB movies.


Best justice league movie I've seen we NEED JUSTICE LEAGUE 2

The superhero movie we've been waiting for.

Despite the odds, Mr. Snyder really delivered something special with his cut of Justice League. This film far and away is the best superhero film I've seen and I hope the studio can find a way to see the rest of the directors vision through to further sequels. 10?/10? will rewatch at least 100-500 more times and I urge anyone reading this to do the same. #restorethesnyderverse

Can we please get Justice League 2?!

Zack Snyder's Justice League was an amazing movie! This was much needed to help us forget 2017 release (thank God!)Yes the movie is nearly 4hours long but its worth it.

I really hope Zack Snyder agrees to make Justice League 2

Better than original, good but overrated.

People on this site baffle me. Do people not realise giving a film 1/10 means it is the worst film they've ever seen, there's no way it could of been worse in anyway. Also giving 10/10 means it's the best film or on par with the best film you've ever seen, there is in no way it can be better?

Let's all settle down, it's better than the original, yes! It's a good movie. The character development is MUCH better. The CGI is mainly great. Steppenwolf looks great. It's beautifully shot.

It's on for far too long, there's still some glaring plot holes and there's FAR too many slow motion scenes. I'll never be able to take Jesse Eisenberg seriously as Lex Luther. Too many cheesy one liners and too much laughably dramatic music.

It's good but it's not in the same league as The Dark Knight. Not even close. A solid 7.


Zack Snyder's Justice League is one of the best-made and most successful DC films without a shadow of a doubt, thanks again to His Highness Zack Snyder. The visionary director manages, through the undaunted and determined flow of fans with the #releasethesnydercut movement, to bring his spectacular vision of the Justice League, presenting a spectacular film with parsimony and dedication, as only a true DC fan can do. Not only the film is deepened with a wealth of filmed material that no one ever imagined existed, but it manages to redeem itself and to fight with tight fists the previous Justice League (2017) which was a total and a colossal flop in every aspect (not Snyder's fault, of course). In this Snyder Cut all the questions that the Theatrical Cut did not give are answered, digging into the background of the characters and giving valid reasons where it seemed everything was thrown into turmoil and even randomly placed; moreover, the full potential of Snyder's direction is expressed through his unique and particular shots, also implementing and improving both CGI and cinematography, which are the perfect accompaniment to the director's vision. The four hours of the Snyder Cut are nothing more than a blaze of beauty towards these heroes, where with the old release seemed all too strange that they (production & co.) had offered so little from such a talented and resourceful director. Recall that the Snyder Cut must be contextualized and must be interposed in a timeline that had precedents and sequels in the DC Extended Universe, but now it is all to be reviewed, all to be rewritten, all to be reset. This film, as well as citing a similar case (although not entirely), namely The Godfather III Coda, totally redeems the film, putting everything in a new light, entrancing both fans and insiders and in doing so recreating a films from 0 (in fact much of the Theatrical Cut material is not present), bringing to light aspects never seen before and better set together and doing so, finally, being meaningful. Commendable and mouth-watering movie to learn more and that opens up worlds as well as in DC comics. Bravo Zack Snyder, Bravo. Justice has been served for the Justice League.

The best DC movie till date

Overall Opinion-Although the competitors Marvel have a well organised way of strategic movie releases and have excelled till date.This DC movie is just marvellous that even a neutral comic book audience can enjoy and also the characters in this movie are thoroughly portrayed their personalities and their motives are clear unlike the predecessor of this movie making it a perfect version of a movie.

Review-The movie has a strong sense of the impact created from the previous movie and also how the world revolves around the impact is clearly shown very early itself.The pacing of the movie is excellent so much so that it doesn't seem like a 4 hour movie.If Marvel fans want to compare pacing lets just say being a neutral comic book fan myself the pacing can be compared to The Winter Soldier which is one the best movies too.Each characters motives including the antagonist are clearly portrayed and the story telling is so compelling that u feel for those characters.CGI is great in many scenes but only in some scenes are where u can have a lacking sense but overall it was good.This movie actually feels like a compelling story of a comic book rather than its predecessor which felt like a popcorn movie.It had a great beginning and a end where u want more of it and the character development was excellent throughout.A Great movie for the fans who waited for years and a good compelling story driven movie for the neutral comic book audience .


Why did the studio say no to this masterpiece? Like seriously? Why? I mean like Why? There needs to be an investigation regarding this.

Awesome out standing!

Far better than previous one and better editing for graphics

It's a fantastic movie

No words to describe. It's awesome. One of the best superhero I would say

More Parts

It's master piece by Zack please part 2,3,4 also& Man of steel 2nd part


Zack Snyder's Justice League is an EPIC in every sense of the word. From its incredible set peices to it's expertly crafted story telling this is the best film yet to come out of the DCEU (even though it's said not to be cannon) It's a complete satisfying package that leaves some interesting story threads. I'm hoping we now get Zacks JL2 and JL3 in the future. Because one things for sure now more than ever we will all be fighting for WB to Restore The Snyder Verse! Thank you Zack Snyder for showing us your amazing vision.

Absolute masterpiece following Man Of Steel and BvS

It is more than fans wanted from SnyderCut, it is visually pleasing and amazing cinematography along with a spectacular fresh score by Tom Holkenborg, 4 hours pass by so fast making us want more of SnyderVerse Taste.

Finally, it's been set straight

Gonna keep this short. It was worth the wait, you are stupid to look past this one, despite the history of some DCU movies

Awesome movie.

I loved the movie from the beggining to the end.Just like Ray fisher said,I was hoping that the movie doesn't end. The begging scene was mind blowing, liked that scene very much. Unlike 'the Justice League' the movie show every hero is best at their own thing, make us love every charecters.Thanks Zack and the whole team.

Incredible, far better than previous cut

Zack snyder's justice league is far better than theatrical cut, in every way you can think of, steppenwolf is an actual threat now, his cgi is great, he has a clear goal, but cyborg is the heart of the movie and one of the best characters, Snyder did each hero justice, and flash powers are incredible and mind-blowing, Wonder woman is nothing like what we've seen in ww84, she is a valiant warrior and badass character, I really liked how they portrayed darkseid and paved the way for a potential JL2, he is an absolute great villain, and junkie xl music is really epic and great, overall 9/10 for this movie, I just had one problem with it: too much slow-motionsNOW, it's time to RESTORE THE SNYDERVERSE