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IMDB: 8.2 / 10


There is not much to say about the movie. We've watched an acting lesson from the master, Anthony Hopkins for 90 minutes and I was just speechless at the end with the contribution of the soundtrack from another master Ludovico Einaudi.

It was such a realistic drama reminding me my beloved grandfather that I've lost few years ago. It should definitely win the Oscar.


Give Anthony Hopkins the Oscar on April 26. He gives you the best performance of the decade. An old man with dementia loses his ties to reality. His mind deteriorates, and reality stops making any sense. This movie will haunt you, especially if you have a relative with dementia. Such a heartbreaking movie. ABSOLUTELY the best movie of the year and the best performance of the year by Hopkins.

Great performance

The outstanding film by Florian Zeller brings vivid depiction of the ravages of dementia taking you to an unforgiving brutal journey seen through the sufferer's perspective...

This remarkable cinematic art, profoundly performed and presented, will expose you to touching feelings and terrifying moments while staying relevant and truthful to the reality which is mysteriously blurred through the deceptions of the brain.

A must see for all of those who enjoy a good masterpiece!

Best film of 2020/21?

I hope Zeller moves from the theatre to film full time because this thing is sublime. Dementia (Alzheimer's disease) runs through both sides of the family, I've seen the disease full throttle. It is nasty and heart-breaking; it destroys everyone around the person suffering.

I've a big soft spot for almighty performances. I get a buzz off seeing an actor harness everything in their being to master the craft (DDL in There Will Be Blood; PSH in Capote, The Master). Hopkins is 83; he delivers an absolutely abnormally outrageous performance. One in which, if you're watching it right, will linger long after. It's mesmerising.

But to oversell on the acting alone is to do Zeller a disservice. Coleman is also great. The film and its script (adapted from the stage) is just beautiful. It sucks you in, allowing you to fully realise the disease in all its terrible, and dare I say it, funny, contradictions. I wouldn't want to spoil this for anyone. I reckon you should go for it; the worst that can happen is you turn it off after 20 minutes when you realise it's not for you. It was for me. Utterly brilliant.

Autumns Arrives & the Leaves Begin to Fall...

... the days get shorter, darkness encroaches, the past begins to fade and confusion reigns. A remarkable piece of cinema, profoundly performed and presented, both touching and terrifying and relevant - your own experience uniquely yours but one you'll never forget... until.

The whole cinema sat and watched the credits roll

We often hear that health is the most important thing. The older we get, the more we realize that as our backs start to feel stiff in the morning or our knees begin to ache from driving. Mental health is different because you might feel that you are in tip-top shape while in reality, those around you have been trying to cope with your symptoms for a long time. The Father is a story of an old man who is stubborn about moving to an elderly home and instead chooses to live in his daughter's flat. Or does the daughter live in his flat?

He isn't quite sure where he actually lives as each day the surroundings seem to change without his consent. Despite that, he is going about his business as if everything is normal while in reality it's far from that and his daughter is the one who is heartbroken because her father is not in his right mind.

It's obvious that the events are tragic but because of how Anthony acts and the way in which the film presents his "adventures", it feels ok to laugh. As a matter of fact, Hopkins wants you to laugh up until a certain point where both his acting and the film's mood signify that things have become quite serious. "Where has all my life gone?" - he says and at that instant, you can't help but feel a certain pain in your heart. What's more, your head will begin to spin in an attempt to connect the small pieces to the big picture.

We all know that Sir Anthony Hopkins is a Titan of acting but he seemingly disappeared during the last decade. Turns out he has been saving up his acting for the right role and this outstanding performance puts him right next to Riz Ahmed in the lead to win the Oscar. Oh, and Olivia Colman managed to surprise once again. Like many of Sir Anthony's movies, this one is filled both intelligence and profound depth which makes you want to watch it more than once. The tricky part is that the emotions of the first experience are not so easy to get over.

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The Father

What a movie! I'm not sure where to start.

The casting was perfect. Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors of our time delivers one of the best performances of his career. Olivia Colman was fantastic too. Both performances are definitely Oscar-worthy.

Very well written and directed as well, it left me speechless long after watching it. It never dragged and had the perfect runtime in my opinion.

The Father was a very beautiful and emotional movie. I highly recommend it. By @Als.Reviews on Instagram


This is a first movie...I'm just blown away

Amazing job from all the actors too and clearly a modern cinematic masterpiece.

I never thought that sir Antony will have scarier part then one he had in The Silence of the Lambs

This is the film that hooks you and dont let go until the final shot. Sir Tony is just incredible in this one. His character is loveable, relatable and has that charm that, in spite of dementia, still shines through him. As the title says, he plays the father of adorable and caring Olivia Coldman which is in mine book, after seeing her astonishing performance, one of the best actresses in the world of cinema right now. She is soo good in emitting emotions to the screen that she could do that with her mimicking alone, no words needed. Seeing sorrow in her eyes while looking after the man who raised her is just hard to watch. But the preformanse at the end of the film given by the veteran of cinema sir Antony Hopkins is just OUT OF THIS WORLD. I never felt that way while watching a movie. It was like a giant stone was pressed on my chest and i started sobbing like a child, first time after untimely death of my father 10 years ago. Thanks God I watched the movie alone. Anyway, cinematography and direction are great, also the script, lighting and music. And, no matter witch "political correct" movie get Oscar this year, for me will always be this one..

A realistic and unique exploration of dementia

My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's and the film reminded me a lot. It treats the subject with respect and some bittersweet humour.

It also used the unique properties of the medium of film to portray the experience of suffering dementia in an incredible way which I don't wish to spoil by describing it in detail.

I would strongly recommend the film.

A must-see film with tour de force writing and acting

THE FATHER is one of the most powerful films in recent memory, with two knockout performances from Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. Hopkins plays an old man who is plagued by dementia, and who is refusing care from his daughter, played by Colman, because he believes that he can take care of himself adequately on his own. The movie is structured from the perspective of Hopkins -- the audience often sees things in a non-linear fashion and is not introduced to certain major characters, making them just as strange to us as they are to Hopkins in his mind.

The writing from Florian Zeller is impeccable, managing to be creative while also giving us a devastating look into how it feels to suffer from dementia. While it sometimes feels just as much like a play as a movie, it never bores the audience with any superfluous details and implores the audience to attempt to find their way through a maze that has no ending. The editing and direction makes us feel as though we are being deceived, making us empathize with Hopkins while also siding with his caretaker, who is doing everything she can to care for her sick father.

The performances are the best of 2020, with Hopkins being possibly the best he has been on-screen in decades. (If Chadwick Boseman weren't such a strong contender for lead actor, I'd say give the Oscar to Hopkins.) Colman, however, may be my pick for best supporting actress, because she portrays the pain of watching a loved one slip into confusion and paranoia with heartbreaking reality.

The final ten minutes of the movie are my favorite scenes acting-wise of the past year. THE FATHER is an essential watch that everyone should seek out.



If you know someone with dementia or it runs in your family, you must see this film. Truly a masterpiece and an amazing glimpse into this terrible disease. Don't believe the bad reviews. They know not what they write.

Sometimes You Forget How Great an Actor Is ...

And then you get Anthony Hopkins in THE FATHER. This is a devastatingly, heartbreakingly-brilliant performance and a great film. Hopkins' range is incredible. He goes from charming and funny to menacing to wholly lost in seconds. From man to child on a dime. It's a powerful rumination on a terrifying disease, bolstered by Sir Tony at his finest, a strong supporting turn from Olivia Colman, and an excellent script by Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller (based on Zeller's play). It's a daring move to tell the story from the perspective of Hopkins' character as his mind increasingly deteriorates. A savvy one too, as the audience is forced to engage to truly understand what is real, who is who, and where precisely we are in our protagonist's gut-wrenching journey. This may be Hopkins best work, a late-career revelation that once again reminds us why he's one of our finest cinematic performers. Be warned. If you've ever been touched by the tragedy of dementia, this film could wreck you.

This movie will haunt me for awhile.

It's just so sad and also a bit terrifying. My wife works as a nurse in an alzheimer's ward, and she said this is the most realistic depiction of the disease she has ever seen. She also said in her opinion it should be required viewing for anyone that works with alzheimer's or dementia patients. What a movie!

I was shocked!

As a 77 year-old man, I found this film to be the most depressing, scariest film I've ever seen; rivals 1951's The Thing From Another world, when I ran out of the theatre.

So good I never want to watch it again

The Father might be the saddest film I've ever seen. With a heartbreaking powerhouse of a performance, Anthony Hopkins is at his absolute best. This puts you in the shoes of a man whose mind is deteriorating. I fully recommend that everyone see this movie. As great as it is, it is not one I want to rewatch anytime soon.


Anthony Hopkins at his finest!!! This film sucks you in to the point you don't know what's real and what isn't. Leaves stuck there and your feel for all the characters!

ACADEMY AWARD for Hopkins!!!!

Created a IMDB Account Just to Rate a 10

After watching this movie, I had to see the reviews to see if others were as rocked as I was by it. They were. Breath-takingly good movie. I would have rated the movie a 7-8 due to great writing, acting, cast and story, but the last five minutes shot it to a 100 out of 10 due to Hopkins. Gut wrenching and wonderful.

Was it... Perfect?

It's so uncommon for an actor of Hopkins' talent and reputation to achieve quite possibly the best performance of his career so deep into it. He's acted brilliantly for so long and I don't mean to undermine anything he's ever accomplished in the past, but normally by now actors start phoning it in. But wow. He was not.

This film was devastating to watch. In the best way possible. From the acting - which was lead by Hopkins but was not just great because of him! - to the writing, directing, scoring, editing, cinematography on and on and on everything was amazing! The only reason I did not give it a perfect 10/10 is because I so rarely give them out I'm afraid to act too rashly and give it out too soon but trust me... I may end up doing just that.

As someone who has experienced the subject matter of this film personally in my family I cannot express how painfully accurate every little detail was in the writing and in Hopkins' beautiful performance. The confusion, the anger, the regret, the brutal honesty and lack of self awareness, the fear, the bipolar nature was all so frighteningly accurate that I forgot many times that I was watching a film not a documentary or even real life.

I don't say this lightly.. this may not only be the best film of the past year but of the past decade. Absolutely amazing.

Another Oscar winning performance by one of the greatest actors of our time, Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins easily the greatest actor of our times in his gut wrenching portrayal of a man suffering from Alzheimer's. Seamlessly expressing ranges of humanity from Hannibal the monster in The Silence of the Lambs to his latest nominated role in The Father as he slowly slides into the horror of this father as he loses his mind witnessed primarily through his caregiving daughter portrayed by the brilliant Olivia Colman. The sliding in and out of his past and present flows beautifully through the steady direction of writer/director Florian Zeller an acclaimed playwrite from France, breaks your heart, terrorizes you as you travel through his life's trauma giving way to his rage as it seethes through every expression from a long life survived as he's losing his grip on reality. Nominated for 4 Golden Globes.