Reviews for Raya and the Last Dragon ( ) 720p

IMDB: 8.2 / 10

Just no

From animation to the plot it's all bad, can't remember when I last saw such a bad animation movie.


So much wasted effort on something so formulaic and boring. Yet another poorly written coming of age story, riddled with plot holes and filled with recycled characters from other Disney movies. Its almost insulting actually. Kind of like putting the cheese under the patty and calling it a brand new invention... it isnt... its still a cheeseburger. I love burgers but this just doesnt work with movies and thats the problem here.

Skip this. If you want the same exact story in a recent cartoon, watch Trolls 2. Its just as bad in terms of story and characters but at least they entertain with music. There is literally nothing entertaining in this movie. Not for anyone over 5 at least.

Another stupid feminine Garbage with great visuals

Poor and predictable storyline. Stupid dialogue, feminine Garbage and mostly awful to watch. No Raya song like the rest of the Disney movies. I hate feminine movies, but Tangled is far better than this movie.

Waste of time to those who have not yet watched the movie.

Did Disney even plan this one?

I feel Disney have been doing pretty good lately with their new stories. But my goodness this is just a total mess. Firstly, the animation is fantastic and beautiful as always and they do some good design in the world and make some cool characters, that's where the positives end though.

The whole film feels like the wrote one story, then watched it and decided to cut and paste things together, or add things in. There is absolutely no flow or consistency. To me, the motives of the characters just don't seem fully thought through and make little to no sense.

I feel this film was incredibly rushed and many aspects are only there to sell some merch for Disney.



Raya makes a really stupid mistake of trusting someone she just met.

These movie makers nowadays think they can make a movie with pretty visuals and bad writing and people are going to still watch ?

Please do not watch this movie. It should flop. Not expected from Disney.

Worst Disney movie

Nothing is really good about this movie; some may like the animation but I'm not a big fan, I think it's too barbie like. No real story behind it except that you can trust everyone, even strangers. No real villain, no real backstory or personal risks and change. It's a simple straightforward movie made for 5 year olds that can't even ask a question, kids that will only be amazed by the colors and the useless dancing dragons, kids that don't expect any real outcome out of the movie. After decades of real storytelling and advancements in movie making and story, we find Disney, the all knowing, making the same mistakes that would destroy any small time company; we are presented with a story that has no natural flow, where the characters seem forced and has no room to really grow. As a fan of Moana, and someone who was really excited for Raya, I just found myself utterly disappointed and looking for somebody that can get me back those 2 hours of my miserable life.

Why why why?

Really not up to par with any thing. I fought sleep with coffee to watch this movie. And energy drinks. Missed opportunity. Seriously boring. My two niece and nephew got board too. And it a children's movie. Thanks Disney for making me the boating uncle now.

Pretty Boring

Meaning it's pretty to look at but unbelievably boring.

Would not pay for this, terrible writing

Another visual beauty but the scripting and humor and any attempt to build an emotional connection was weak. The terrible I witty humor especially was very jarring and even took away from the visuals for me.

Luckily my kids don't seem to know a bad dialogue at 6 years old. So that was all it was worth to me, entertainment for my kids. Thought part of me felt guilty for subjecting them to such bad dialogue.

Wait until it is available for everyone on Disney plus. Let's not encourage this writer.

What a tedious movie

We paid $30 to watch this in our home theater, but it wasn't worth a dollar. The story was flat, the characters dull, and the jokes lame. It's sad that so much time and money was poured into this. Truly, the dialogue was cliche and trite from beginning to end. With all of Disney's resources, couldn't they have found a decent script?

If an aspiring screenwriter had written this it would have been rejected hard.

The dragon character is sillier and and more annoying than Jar Jar Binks.

This movie reminds me of a really poor sequel that wasn't good enough for theaters so it goes straight to video and ends up in the bargain bin at walmart 2 months later.

So tedious...will this movie ever end?

I wish I had donated the $30 to charity and saved two hours of my life.

In fairness, the digital animation was good, so the stars are for that.

Lack I both originality and sensible dialog

First, the story is not at all angaging. It is a predictable journey with a contrived story without much explanation of some main plot lines. The dialog is so much out of place. It is obvious they tried to appeal to the young crowd without really knowing how.To be fair, the visuals and world building were quite pleasing. Maybe, if they rewrite the plot and dialog to something more original, it will be OK.

So unbelievably forgettable

The graphics were the only thing worth watching here. This was so boring, and lacked in every aspect....except for the visuals. Not worth the time nor the money. It is not even remotely close to Mona or either of the Frozens, Disney tried and Disney failed.

Boring, predictable, unoriginal.

This movie id probably one of the blandest, generic, cookie-cutter movies Disney has ever made. It felt like a chore to watch all of it. The high quality animation is the only redeming factor but its not even that impressive considering how much money Disney can pump into movies.

Stupid, weak.

Weak story, bad narrative, repeated theme.

Teaching to the children to be weak and a incorrect vision of how world really works.

Beautiful to watch, but not a single joke fell right

Visuals were incredible, but story/pacing was all over the place. None of the dragon's jokes hit, and I just found myself sitting in an awkward silence for too much of the movie. Could've been at least 10x better if they didn't have the dragons talk at all - would've been much more mysterious and interesting to watch.

The last dragon and Raya

To me, the most important thing is the posibility of came back to watch a movie inside of a Cinema, because the experience is so different in the big screen, the atmospher, popcorn and the spectation of a new history.

And for me, Disney had maked again it will be a classic lovely movie and the same structure; a rebbel princes how wants to live a sweet life and how does not know about the world where she lives. It will change by a political situation but to me, it could not be possible diferent.

At the end, the story and the digital animation is magic. It is about the spirit of to be stronger and resilient. Please, you will take your handkerchief and will wantch it twice or more, is time to will back at the cinema, because it makes a lot of legal jobs. You do not forget to be carefull because you are the most importan part of a movie.

Typical, by committee, formulaic

Beautiful visuals hampered by a formulaic story. The movie seemed to be written by committee. Lacked any consistent vision. Contemporary vernacular was jarring and misplaced. And the ninja baby was just stupid.

Looks beautiful, but the story is lacking

Just like the movie Avatar this film is beautiful to look at but completely lacks depth when it comes to the story. It seemed extremely unoriginal, didn't make sense in places and slightly came across as a rip off of the story from Moana.

All in all It seems like Disney have hit a roadblock and should take a step back before releasing more movies, this is now their third film in a row that unfortunately didn't meet expectation

Most annoying dragon ever

Feel asleep after 30 minutes. The dragon was the most annoying character. Couldn't watch it.

Worst Disney movie in years

Characters lack depth, the funny bits aren't funny, the story is predictable, the moral teaching of the movie is supposed to be trustful. Instead we learn not to trust anyone because they only not betray us when they have nomothetic choice. The animation of many of the human figure looks more like a video game than what you expect from a high budget film like this. The facial expressions are so exaggerated to a point that it makes you think "wow that drawing is a really bad actor"

Disney should refund everyone's money