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An alright introduction to Pelé

Tells you everything about Pelé that you can read on wikipedia, but lacks depth and offers no new insights.

Greatest Of All Time

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Just by checking that Juca Kfouri, Gilberto Gil, Benedita da Silva (!) and Fernando Henrique Cardoso are interviewed on this film, I was sure this was a left-wing propaganda using Pelé as an excuse. After 15 minutes I realized I was right!Poor film, poor script, poor production, zero care with the locations.The only good thing in the movie is the historical footages of the 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970 World Cup.

Pelé Eterno is a better and deeper documentary!

What a terrible documentary and editing

What is this documentary about??? Terrible editing we get totally lost so many times watching this

Cowardly using Pele as a backdrop for left wing political agenda.

Another Netflix political clickbait pseudo-documentary..

It definitely doesn't deserve the crown...

After he learned that he did not accept to meet his own daughter, who died without having an apology on his part, recognized through DNA, he lost all majesty, and will never be legend, because before being a professional, he is a m ***** as a person and especially as a father, it saddens and revolts me a lot...And I can't dissociate the staff from the professional, it definitely doesn't deserve the crown...

Pele who is the hero of Brazil

I wish it was a mini series like the Last Dance instead of a movie. It could say more about his personal life and also political life in his time. But still, it was very informative for me and I don't agree with other bad comments about telling politics. Football is never separated from politics in any country, so without telling about politics, it is impossible to understand Pele or any other players.

Lots of Great Clips from World Cup

Pelé played a beautiful game of soccer and this documentary captured it well. I enjoy watching soccer so I appreciated the footage from previous world cups. The documentary was heavy on that though, and for that reason, did not portray Pelé's story with the richness and complexity it deserved.

This documentary also covers the historical and political context of Pelé's career. As a non-Brazilian, I appreciated getting to learn about this. I didn't not think that the coverage was biased or that this documentary was a left wing propaganda film.

I would have appreciated more discussion of the significance of Pelé being one of the first Black world sports stars. His first world cup appearance came only 11 years after Jackie Robinson integrated baseball in the US. I realize this is about Brazil but I know that county has it's own issues with anti-Blackness and racial inequality.

All in all, a film worth watching, but one that does not match the greatness of its subject.

Political propaganda of left bias

You can find by yourself: Jose Trajano e Juca Kfori are fans of Lula, just put it on google.

They are using Pele image to tell only they side of the story.

the CLICK is to see Pelé and the BAIT take you to LEFT narrative.

You don't need to be boring or cheat the viewers to talk about dictatorship, but i guess that this director didn't realize that. The documentary is boring, start "ok" showing some good moments of Pelé, then, everything goes from bad to worse! Don't waste your time!

Amazing Pele!

He deserves this documentary and if you are a soccer fan, please watch it!

Pelé- at the World Cup

The title should be Pelé at the world cup. The doc not even try to go deeper to show who really is Pelé, or even try to tell us something different about him. Maybe it is okay, but it would be a lot better to know a little bit about Edson Arantes.

It could explore more about his carrier on brazilians teams and also how he started so young (17 he was playing the world cup), and what he did after soccer.

The idea of showing the dictatorship in Brazil was not bad, also how politcs influences even in soccer and it was a tough momment.

He is supposed to be the GOAT, however the doc do not show us this. There is no interview from others selecitons os players talking about how difficult is to play against him, or even how he was above the other players.

After watching it, i just feel that he was a really good player that won a lot of worldcups and that's it. Nothing more.


It is a shame what netflix did with Pelé. Whoever clicks on the film to see a story about 'the king', ends up facing a left-wing plot, which has little to do with football. Pelé is not the main character of the film; he is only used by the director who, through the media of Brazilian left-wing journalists and politicians, defend just one side of the story they tell. If there was a negative score for the documentary, I would have my vote.

Too much politics

Any movie about Pele is good, however this one takes a very political stand from the insistence on talk about the military regime in Brasil to have basically only journalist who wanted to focus on this. Anyhow, it worth to watch because it is about the greatest player of all times.

Pelé the king of football

Good movie but not of the magnitude of what pelé meant for football or to the Brazilian people. Pelé was our idol, he made us love the game, turning us into the country of football. He brought the "jogo bonito"(which I think the documentary did wrong on not giving it the deserved importance) the style the brazilian national team played in the sixties that charmed the world and influences our style of play untill today.

The choice to bring the dictatorship period in brazil was very good to bring the context of what the people here were going through. Although it could've come out more connected with the storyline and to how Brazilians saw pelé as a hero who could bring joy during those rough times and how he could even unite the people for celebration of football.

Shallow Pele

I think Pele Eterno is way to deeper than this one exploring the player with more than just this.

Looking by one side I liked the paralel between Brazil politics and the time he played for the national team but knowing his history didn't achieved his worldwide importance.

It goes way to superficial there's so much to tell in here.

The difference between knowing the name of a G.O.A.T and knowing ABOUT him.

I read some of the other reviews and didn't understand the depth of their comments and criticisms. As a football fan -American football (soccer is just a sport without contact and helmets and brutal injuries) is football, I grew up knowing the name of Pele' but not much about him. This documentary was so informative and unbiased dealing with his life from a personal and political prospective. He obviously did not want to be political but wanted to be his a hero in his Nation of Brazil (politics aside). I am so glad the director was able to interview him so he could do - retrospection of his life in general. This film is another feather in his cap and I hope others who want to know more about the "man" Pele' as opposed to the "symbol" of Pele' enjoys this film as much as I have. I truly enjoyed it and will look forward to watching a world cup for the first time after watching this documentary.

Just another bad movie from Netflix

Netflix joined the most radical left-wing sports journalists in Brazil and took advantage of Pelé's beautiful trajectory to make yet another piece of ideological advertising, as usual. During the documentary, few details about the king's life, little football and a lot of space for left-wing politicians, artists and journalists to parade his ideology. Poor Pelé. It was not yet this time that they made a film to match the genius. That was one of the worst.

A just recognition

Of the King of football. unfortunately it only brushed over the darkest period in Brazilian modern history with the ultra right military regime and the torture and death camps it engendered. A similar period of darkness that the country, is experiencing now, but this time without the saving grace to the regime with a pedestrian Selecao

Pelé is better than the movie

Another documentary trying to manipulate the public , talking about politic. Journalists and even a former President talking all the time about dictatorship! How many times this word was repeatedly told. What was about the documentary? I give a 4