Reviews for Dark Figures ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.1 / 10

Suspense and spooky!

Was on the edge of my seat! I kept thinking about it days later, spooky and scary and so suspenseful!

ill gotten ratings. It's a hard pass

This is a terrible movie. I don't know how the rating was any higher than best. 40 minutes, over half of this decrepit movie, is just watching 5 20 somethings talking. Nothing interesting. Back story, nope. Character development, nope. More like watching some irritating "influencers" talking about whatever the hell their lives are about. Well, honestly, as far as the character developing managed to absolutely develop my wanton longing for each and every one of them to somehow meet their demise. The fabled "demon" in the flick is *SP0ILER* -----------------a worthless cgi shadow of any given character. Or.....a person painted in dark black makeup.

Definitely a fun watch!

Not usually a fan of horror but loved this Blair Witch type of found footage film. A awesome modern take on the genre. Was supposed to see this at a drive in so really glad I was able to catch it on Amazon. (Still want to see it at the drive in though - always makes scary movies more impactful) There is a lot going, lots of times my friends were pointing at stuff that I missed! Super fun!