Reviews for Monster Hunter ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.3 / 10

Unexpected fun ride

I went into this with zero expectation (it's directly by Paul W.S. Anderson after all), and perhaps that's why I found this to be a pleasant surprise. Sure there were some cheesy and cringe moments in the film, but the CGI was pretty good and most importantly the fights were plenty and watchable, plus from what I gather many design and details are faithful to the source. Overall it was a fun ride.

Absolutely terrible

With better casting and a little more attention to detail this could have been good. As it stands this movie is trash. None of the actors fit their role or were even believable in said role.

When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9.

When you see the movie trailer, you can't wait to see this film. When you see this film, you'll wish you stopped at the trailer.

Aside from the outstanding visuals, effects and landscapes, the awesome cast was wasted on an infantile convoluted screenplay riddled with plot and technical issues. There's hardly any coherent continuity in the writing, and the ridiculous long dragged out and unnecessary scenes made the 103 minute runtime feel over 3 hours long. I don't mind mindless entertainment, but when I feel a 5th grader could've come up with a better balanced script, the entertainment becomes annoying.

Writer, producer and director of the Resident Evil franchise Paul W. S. Anderson, also cast his wife Milla Jovovich, as well as Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman. As a seasoned filmmaker, his directing was horrible. The fighting action scenes had the worst and amateurish choreography I've seen in a long time. I feel bad for Tony Jaa to have this nonsense on his resume. Many scenes could've been cut down and/or omitted so the runtime be no more than 85-90 mins, as that's all this story - if you can even call it that, would be able to fill.

Anderson's writing was horrid, as mentioned above, and my heading "When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9" is the most realistic for this meme. I'm a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, but I'm not sure how anyone who read Anderson's script could've said "this is awesome, let's start filming!". It's a shame because I know this had a big budget, and unfortunately it would've been better served donated to some cause instead of this garbage. It's a very generous 5/10 from me, all going to the visuals and the cast, who I feel sorry for. If you want to have any enjoyment with this one, throw on your favorite up-beat album on the stereo, and play this film muted as its music video.

The director of a million scene cuts

Watching this movie it was obvious from the start its a poor game to movie adaption, but it's at least entertaining, until there is a fighting scene. Within a very few seconds of the first fighting scene I knew this movie had the same director as the last resident evil movie, just because it's so many cuts, there are not even a second long continuous sequence in a fighting scene, annoying as hell to watch and I can't for my life fighter out how anyone can sponsor this director for an action movie, it's always the same...

cool movie, if you're 5

So two strangers are surrounded by giant monsters but to trust each other they have to fight to death for half an hour... only in 'murica.

Very bad

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was just like the resident evil crappy movies

Very bad movie

I waisted my time when watching this film. Bad story, bad characters, bad monsters (like a dinosauros). One of the worstest movie in the world


First I don't have any expectations with the movie based on video game, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and played by his wife. I watched it on a theater because I was bored and there weren't many other options.How surprised I was when this film is very entertaining and thrilling. Last I watched Milla Jovovich this good is in Fifth Elements. I have to give my appreciation, this is really an exciting, fun and entertaining experience that can be enjoyed even by non-gamers like myself.

Good classic Milla Jovovich action film

Good entertainment all the way through. Excellent visuals and sound in the AVX theater. I can't wait to watch it at home when it becomes available.

It is exactly what you expected to be!

It is as entertaining as it can get! Enjoyed every bit of it. As a fan from MH2 wish they could bring back some detail from the past but can't complain there. Glad I watched in the theater, the special effect was spot on. Bravo

Never played the game

But I found this far more entertaining than Wonder Women 1984. Non-stop action and there are some surprisingly funny moments in the film too. Certainly recommend it!


I loved this movie. If y'all don't like it, y'all are weird. And too critical and annoying.

It's a fantastic 90min time filler

Ppl reviewing this like it's a Harold pinter adoptation, its a dumb action film, that skips alot of the typical cliches and crap one liners, the action is good, the story is kinda believable, the lines are pretty good. I enjoyed my 90min at the cinema

Simple fun

Barely takes a breath before dropping us into the actionNot a heavy plot but a fun ride with simple charactersWell worth an afternoon and a big tub of popcorn

10 because I'd like to have a sequel

This has great potential to be a franchise. Great casting. Problem I have is they put a 2-3 hour movie in 90 minutes. I think they should have planned on making it a 3 part movie. With the cast alone it would do well.

Pure popcorn

If you want non-stop action and humans fighting aliens, then this is a great ride. If you want soldiers missing loved ones, character development, talk of fighting for a cause, long pauses, romance, then pick another movie. Milla's best role and movie that I've seen in a long while.

so much unfair biased hate for a entertaining film

So much negative reviews by trolls that didnt even watch the film. the monsters r terrifying realistic, full of fun actions, fantastic chemistry between milla & tony jaa. critics giving this 3/10 and wonder woman 1984 a 8/10 is unbelievable, everything about this film is far superior. and yes milla can act, deal with it haters.

Way above expectation!

Don't listen to the bad reviews, This movie was waaaay above expectation. It is a fun wild action packed ride from the beginning to the end. I went to the theater thinking I'll watch another cheesy Resident Evil movie with bad CGI, but no the CGI were fantastic. Alot of really good action scenes and some other intense scenes. I didn't even know this is based on a game, but I heard the game fans loved it. Monster movie fans even loved it more. You will not regret watching this on the big screen, trust me!


Nice very amazing film just amazing ton need to watch it

Faithful to Source Material

As a fan of the Monster Hunter series I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The monsters were fantastic and it was a delight to see them on screen. As far as the acting was concerned the relationship/interaction between Mila and the nameless "Hunter" felt organic and humorous in equal parts. You may not find tremendous depths to the characters in this film but it was still enjoyable regardless