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IMDB: 7.5 / 10


The movie succeeds and showing off showing off the struggles African-Americans and the black panther party faced during the times. While several of the scenes are well acted and full of tension. most of the characters are well liked. But the movie keeps it focused on William and Fred as it should. Both Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield offer wonderful performances. The music is well performed. Though despite these great things in the movie I feel that there could've been more scenes that which William and Fred interact with each other to make the betrayal seem more personal. I felt the film doesn't hit that epic standard that other civil rights film such as Malcolm X with Denzel Washington or Gandhi with Ben Kingsley have achieved.

Great story

Interesting story on the black panthers very well made decent acting and very true to the story of the movement.

History that should be taught

This is a very well made film. Well written and phenomenal acting. This depicts a part of history that isn't talked about in schools and people should really know what happened with Fred Hampton. It inspired me to do some more research so I can be more informed.

Solid film.

Big movie attitude, telling a story that wants to be heard. Not enough focus on character development leaves you wanting but the story itself is interesting enough to carry you til the end. Doesnt fill the shoes it acts like it will as the story wanders a bit and doesnt cover things that are more interesting to viewers. I would say its worth a watch and the acting is great.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah is a richly told story of the leadership, revolutionary activism, and eventual assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton, and powerful addition to the social revolution films of the 1960s and early 1970s.Seeing history brought to life in a viscerally real and emphatic manner, made the work very compelling to me.

Fred Hampton was killed at the age of 21 on December 4th, 1969. The aggrieved parties would wait well over a decade for justice with a civil suit settlement of $1.85 million in 1982 after an initial coroner's jury inquest in January of 1970 found Fred Hampton's death justifiable homicide.

The writing pulls heavily from historical texts with Black Panther phrases such as "War is politics with blood. Politics is war without blood." King also manages to pose questions about how to make progress as his characters address the concepts of reform and revolution. While the film is set in 1968-69, these issues are still prevalent today. On HBO Max. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You'll be glad you did.

I Loved This Movie

Let me start by saying I was so tired of seeing black movies and boohooing my eyes out. I was worried while I did tear up I didn't feel broken or depressed afterwards. I was hung on every word and scene. I even paused to have a discussion with my husband about the movie. It's powerful, thrilling, heartbreaking, and a really good movie.

What a horrifying but powerful movie.

Judas and the Black Messiah is one of those movies that doesn't feel like a movie at all, but an experience so mesmerizing you feel like you are a reluctant passenger observing real life events.

The acting is just superb. The performances by LaKeith Stanfield as Bill O'Neal and especially Daniel Kaluuya as Fred Hampton were outstanding. I still remember watching Daniel Kaluuya in an early season of Black Mirror, in 2011. It's a joy to watch someone outdo themselves in movie after movie.

The script is amazing. That scene where J. Edgar Hoover (a mostly recognizable Martin Sheen) asks a massively loaded question to O'Neal's handler Roy (played by Jesse Plemons) was beyond tense. Hoover is pure evil.

Judas delivers the most seething social commentary since Blindspotting.

A powerful performance by Daniel Kaluuya, such an intense and amazing biopic about Fred Hampton

This movie can be complementary to "The Trial of the Chicago Seven", and it deepen the story of the Black Panthers party, and how were subject to injustices by the FBI and the Police Department, in an historical time where racism was extremely bad and costed a lot of innocent lives. Such a tragedy, that here is portrayed in a realistic and bloody way. Definitely not an easy watch.

Daniel Kaluuya's performance was simply amazing, he has such an intense energy during stage scenes, and he simply nailed Freddy Hampton characterization. For sure one of the best portrayal of the first part of 2021, he completely captured me. Also LaKeith Stanfield did a good job. Bill O'Neill, a man that in order to run away from crime charges, was infiltrated by the FBI into the Black Panthers headquarters, in order to provide information to authorities and avoid prison. However he will pay a really high toll, and the real guy, not able to handle anymore this weight, decided to end his own life. He was really on a though spot, but the FBI definitely used him to do the dirty job. Unfair agency strategies are very often reported in the film and, even if these are well known facts, it is still disgusting what the USA were able to do, in order to meet their own agenda.

"Judas and the Black Messiah" is very balanced, it never tried to paint Hampton as a hero, director managed to be impartial, by highlighting both negative and positive aspect of the movement: the main objective was definitely noble, but means used were not always orthodox. No politically correctness involved here, and I am happy that WB just let the director tell the story in his own way by presenting real facts. I am extremely satisfied with this movie and I highly suggest to watch it, together with the Netflix original, mentioned at the beginning.

Phenomenal Thriller

"Words are beautiful, but action is supreme."

Judas and the Black Messiah has taken storm since its release. It tells the story of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party, and his fateful betrayal by FBI informant William O'Neal. At its release during the Sundance Film Festival this year, I was lucky enough to see this. After seeing almost 30 movies, I felt the fatigue at that point and didn't feel as strongly about the film. I did give it a higher score than I felt initially because I knew that I would like it more had not felt the way I did. Let me tell you, watching this a second time was phenomenal. Shaka King made an incredible piece of work. It exceeds as a thriller. The whole time I felt like I was on the edge of my seat. The scenes are so intense and it's King's great direction. I love how the technical aspects are presented. Firstly, the score is both unnerving and fitting for the time period. The cinematography looks stunning and is shot in a way to make you feel like you're apart of the story. And the editing only helps with the thrill of it. King also wrote the screenplay along with Will Berson. The dialogue is really good. Sometimes with biopics, writers are more focused on the factual aspect that they forget to use dialogue to further develop these characters in a meaningful way. All the characters, or rather real people, had a connection with the audience. And I really like how they don't necessarily take one side to the story. Yes, we're supposed to side more with the Black Panthers, and we do the whole time, but it also shows how it could get extreme sometimes with Fred Hampton's views.

Speaking of Fred Hampton, Daniel Kaluuya is phenomenal. There's no possibly way he won't win the Oscar. This is one of the performances that sticks with you long after watching. He captured Hampton's essence perfectly. Another great performance comes from Dominique Fishback as Deborah Johnson. Her performance is going to make her a well-known actress in the future. LaKeith Stanfield also gives a wonderful performance as always. You can see the conflict in his eyes the whole time. This is just one of the best ensembles recently. There really isn't much to hate here. I had a pacing issue at one point, but the film is stellar. I can't imagine anyone really hating this, unless they have a vendetta against the Black Panthers or something. Even CinemaScore gave it an A. As the Oscars approach soon, I'd hope that this gets the attention it deserves. Though it hasn't been showing up at many awards (other than Kaluuya), it's accessible to all with its release in theaters and HBOMax. Also the reviews have all been positive except just a few. I think Judas and the Black Messiah is one of the best thrillers out there and will be remembered as one of the best of the 2020s.

Lakeith delivers again

Excellent acting, along with a compelling story makes for a great film. Worth a watch

Gut Wrenching

This heartbreaking story blew me away.

Watch this if you can.


This film should win an Oscar based on that one scene alone

An Inspirational Leader's Life Cut Short by Treachery

Judas and the Black Messiah is a look into the lives of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panthers, and Bill O'Neal, the man who betrays him to the FBI. Judas shows us the charisma of Hampton, leading both through inspiration and politics, to become the symbol of power and strength suddenly feared by white government. As his star rises, the fortunes of Bill O'Neal fall, and he becomes entrenched in the schemes against the Black Panther movement and a plot to silence the growing influence of Hampton. Judas illustrates the rise and fall of Gods and Monsters, in an era where normal men were both, largely by circumstance.

Has anything changed in fifty years?

If this was just an historical biopic the story of Fred Hampton and the Black Panther movement might not be so sad but the awful thing about this story is that fifty years later nothing much has changed in the US.

Fred Hampton, a young, charismatic activist, becomes Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party - putting him directly in the crosshairs of the government, the FBI, and the Chicago Police. But to destroy the revolution, the authorities are going to need a man on the inside.

There have been quite a few movies in recent years about the Black Power movement but this has to be right up there with the best .The most recognisable one is BlacKkKlansman but i actually think this is the better film.

There are some great performances all round . Daniel Kaluuya is fast becoming one the leading actors in the US ( even though he's British!) and perfect as the snitch Bill O'Neal and Lakieth it a very underrated actor. Both knock it out of the park here.

I'd say the first hour is a little slow but the second half ramps up rapidly and it's not until you get to the final credits and you see the archived video of the actual people involved that it hits you how real this was.

I'm not sure how one man can betray his beliefs and people like O'Neal did but as you find out , it took it toll eventually.


I loved this movie. Fantastic story line, character development and the high tension points. Most importantly, it helps tell a more complete story of Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers. We need more movies like this one!

A great mix of pure adrenaline filled action, suspense, thrill, and acting

This movie had way more action than I thought, reminded me of "Heat" in a way. There are moments where a group of people have to fight or defend an area, and it is well done.

Acting is good of course, pacing is great, and overall this movie wasn't so "in your face" and "preachy."


A Modern Classic...

As a stand alone film then this is straight off of the top drawer.

Kaluuya kills the part stone dead and all in all this will and should go down as a modern classic that is worthy of an Oscar nod in the best 'actor / script / director / film' categories.

Informative and great acting

I saw this in theaters tonight, i like true stories and this was quite informative as i knew nothing about the story it is based on. Top notch acting, quite tense at parts. I didn't enjoy the 2nd half as much as the 1st, some very slow parts then quickly speeds up to it's conclusion. I've seen this director's 1st movie, and this is a huge step up from 'Newlyweeds'. It was closer to Spike Lee quality. I recommend it, but seeing it once was plenty for me.

An interesting movie

Good film, good actors, interesting plot, but the film is not for a higher grade than 7.Any rating above that, especially all these dozens that people give is a reflection of politics and ideology and not the quality of the film.People tend to give too high marks to promote a film or send a political message.

Shocking but no Surprise...

... especially as the events portrayed continue to play out in various guises, in various nation states throughout the world today, the oppressors performing familiar rituals as olde as any you care to conjure. Great performances from LaKeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya ensure this insight into prejudice, racism and control really does hit the mark and shames the so called land of the free.