Reviews for Space Sweepers ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.7 / 10

7.5 fun old fashioned space romp

Korea makes 80s movies with top notch cgi and practical effects

The story is pretty dumb, with plot and physics holes wide enough to drive a space station through, but its a refreshing kind of dumb that plays pathos, honor, humor, spectacle and action well.

there's no woke agenda, no ideological lecturing. Just a straight up white man evil dude and a highly diverse female led crew to oppose him. oh, ok, fairly woke. Maybe the lack of emotional gurning, talking about feelings and lectures on the badness of the evil white men differentiates it from the current crop of US made rubbish.

At any rate, its fun. subtitles is a must if you are not poly lingual as there's at least 4 languages in this (that i recognized, maybe more)

Dear Koreans, well done!

A very amusing space adventure with interesting characters. Very colorful, but not too much, with a little bit of "underground" style. Great compliments to the little actress Ye-Rin Park whose character is a real refreshment to the movie. Too bad the final part of this movie isn't quite that good (the space battle is too long and chaotic, and the main villain could have been a stronger character). In spite of everything, dear Koreans, well done!


Great fun space fantasy that tugs at the heart strings (well it tries to). Cheesy but great fun. Great characters, solid CGI and fair plot.

Not to be taken seriously but good escapist entertainment.

Well done Netflix.

Enjoyable, engaging and fun!

Crumbled across this on Netflix and so glad I chose to watch - starts out with a bang and kept me interested the whole way through. Very well done, was originally meant for the big screen but due to COVID came to streaming services. I'd happily pay to see this in a theatre.

Return of the Space Opera

Visually well implemented. Lovable characters. Cool story. Similarities in style to Luc Besson. Koreans put Hollywood to shame. You can see what good Sci Fis would be possible with today's resources.


If this was an American sc-fi with names like George Lucas people would have rated it 9 or above!It's a good movie with awkward Korean vibes but over cool fun and interesting, don't dwell over the minor issues. It's a great movie!Better then most American sci-fi lately.

Loved it

Sure there were times I wasn't exactly sure what was going on but what a film. A really fun ride. Great effects and likeable characters with interesting back stories. I loved the robot character - I really liked the material his head was made out of! Interesting multicultural cast and great world vision of the future with all the technology and gadgets.FUN ESCAPISM.

Low score reviewers really most have a dull life.

This sets out to be a space romp and it achieves that perfectly. If your looking for a couple of hours of well made mixture of sci-fi, laughter, cuteness ,action with a 80's style,sense of fun and escapism then this is for you.


Let me begin by stating that I am a fan of Korean cinema. They make superb movies that exist contrary to the stereotypical efforts coming out of Hollywood recently & as such are a breath of fresh air. Space Sweepers, however, does not deserve the same accolades. To begin with, I was put off by erratic behaviour from the characters as they displayed cartoon-like, exaggerated responses, behaved irrationally at every turn & would suddenly launch into fits of violence for no apparent reason. Really. It was like a bad martial arts film. The dialogue was far too rapid & to be honest I just couldn't keep up with the subtitles. The action sequences were choppy & it was difficult to follow exactly what was supposed to be going on. To make things worse the story was not sufficiently engaging & after about half an hour I gave up. On the plus side though, the special effects are stunning,

Visual Garbage

A movie should start with a coherent script containing characters you care about, motivations, a setting, a setup and a pay off.

This thing is visual garbage, pretty pictures without substance.

this is cool

I think this is cool for 1st time korean blockbuster

Very fun.

The CG was incredible for the small budget ($20m) they had, the setup was very interesting, and the twists in the end was an icing on the cake. Also, Bubs stole the show.

Far better than I expected.

South Korean cinema artists know how to make Epic entertaining sci-fi movies. My only complaint is that this movie could have an extra three hours, and it still wouldn't have had a dull moment.

South Korea is the New Hollywood!

All Hollywood can do anymore is give us CGI-fest films with no depth in character or story, or remakes that are almost all worse than their originals. Typically, the films tend to mirror the demands of their audience; people who can barely sit through anything that actually requires some attention.

Korea gives us a great space story that is a bit of a mixture of Wall-E, Firefly, and Blade Runner. The film also gives us a great balance of story, character, and action. Why does the story work so well? Because like all great storytellers, they focus on the story and the characters.

George Lucas once stated, "a film with special effects and no story is a pretty boring thing." Funny how he would actually end up going against his own proverb, and it is also true of what has happened with much of western filmmaking, as stated above.

The film also has a lot of heart, which will make the viewer all the more appreciative that it isn't just an action movie. This is enhanced by veteran actors like Joong-Ki Song (Descendants of the Sun) and Tae-Ri Kim (Mr. Sunshine) as well as Jin Seon-Kyu.

The movie isn't perfect, but if you want a good story, some laughs, and some great action sequences, you won't be disappointed.

Not bad at all for their first sci-fi epic

Considering the scale of this movie, and what they set out to do, I'd say this was a success. It was off, not perfect, and missed often. But overall, very entertaining, impressive, and promising for a whole new film category for South Korea to add to. And they have a lot now. Btw, it's nice to see a variety of countries and languages represented here, not just the usual English only which I find more realistic in a sense. Btw, it is very difficult to incorporate so many different languages and it didn't always work out. But I always thought these futuristic space stories had way too many people from only certain countries ie USA and UK. Star Wars are suppose to be aliens, not even human, far far away and they are still mostly....English speaking white people basically. No one ever thought this was odd? Anyways, looking forward to more sci-fi to come out of South Korea, and other countries for that matter

I enjoyed it alot!

I can't believe the budget on this movie was only $21.2 million! That's pretty incredible! I loved everything about the movie, from the cast to the storyline, including the special effects. Some people are complaining about the CGI but just ignore them, they're just spoiled from watching movies with $200 million budget. It would be very interesting to see what Koreans could do with that kind of budget. I could only imagine! An easy 10 for me.


WOW. This film really was an unexpected gem. I was expecting an average run of the mill sci-fi film, but this film just blew me away how good it was.

It starts of decent enough and develops into a really compelling action sci-fi adventure, the core characters are all really likeable and by the end I was rooting for them, the CGI and special effects are really well done and it has a novel idea for a plot and a well paced and well thought out story. There are some real edge-of-your-seat sequences and some nice humor throughout. I was expecting an average B movie and was really impressed with how good it turned out.

Aswesome !

Great movie, 8/10 cgi, story 10/10, sound, image, actors 9/1, the missing blood is perfect, a nicely combined story for kids and grown ups, all i can say, great job Koreans !

If You Love Space Action Movies

Yes it's in Korean, but rejoice there's English speaking actors as well.

With that out of the way...

The movie is full on action packed outer space gloriousness!! It's got a easy to follow storyline, incredible special FX, and the 4K Dolby Vision HDR on Netflix makes this movie pop out of the screen!!!

I agree that it does run a little long, but aside from that if you enjoyed Star Wars or Serenity you'll love this!!

Worth checking out!!!

A fun ride!

This is an action packed ride right here! It is corny near the end just saying but overall its very good! It has plenty of action, comedy and drama to fix anyone wanting to watch a fun movie. Def a good watch for the whole family too! If your on the fence about watching it give it a go!