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IMDB: 0 / 10

Makes you think long after watching

I watched this after watching the trailer, though the trailer seems to be for another film I was not disappointed. I watched this with the wife on valentine's Day, thinking it was a bit of a romantic film and we both seemed to actually enjoy it. The film never tells you what it's about, it makes you use your brain to think and talk about what is happening and what did happen. We both worked out what the underling story was but there are so many questions you think and rethink after the film's finished and that's what I love about this film, it's not easily forgotten but I do want to see it again. When I do I will probably see it from a different view and end up with a different score. Watch it and enjoy the ride which I will be as interesting as mine

Sensitive study of mental health and addiction

It's not what I expected and had to write a review as this is so underrated as it really gives a first person perspective on how quickly and easily you can loose everything and your mind. Well written and acted with a sympathetic eye. Very good film.

It's about addiction and mental health, not SciFi!

Anyone that has been an addict or knows someone that is will appreciate this movie. This one hit really close to home for me since I have a family member with addiction issues.

Meth psychosis, Addiction, homelessness and mental illness

Wow! Hits close to home. Great way to bring crystal meth (blue crystals) and the ongoing challenges and struggles that some are facing to the screen in such a suspenseful manner. It really paints a picture to help empathize the treacherous and emotional experiences on both sides of the glass."One of these days, you're going to have to choose between these worlds."

The worst thing about this movie was the marketing.

I was really excited to watch this film. I love sci-fi and I'm a big fan of both actors. I was looking for something fun and quirky but that's not what it is. About 15-20 minutes into the film I had to adjust my expectations. I had to shift my thinking from sci-fi to drama because that's what it really is. *SPOILER*

It's a drama about addiction. A lot of people probably didn't realize this because they've never had to deal with a loved one that has addiction issues. Unfortunately I have and I saw all the signs. I understand why the writer/director wanted to leave it up to interpretation but I think that just led to some confusion - especially for people who don't have any experience with an addiction. I also think there's a bit of mental illness in there as well and that fits because a lot of people with mental illness self medicate with illegal drugs.

All of the haziness occurs when people are coming down off their high. During their highs everything is blissful - or so it seems. That's the only thing that could explain why people would hurt their families - especially their children - so much.

I think it's a worthwhile movie with great acting. I think people will enjoy this more once they adjust their expectations.

Not Sci-Fi

Whatever impression the trailers or your film guide have given you - this movie is not a Sci-Fi movie - its a simple story about how a man can simply drop out of society because of things happening outside his control, and the challenges faced by homeless addicts with with mental health issues, top acting and a decent story and far better than a lot of the dross that has been unleashed on a disappointed public during the pandemic.

Well done!

If you didn't get it, try thinking harder instead of writing a bad review. Definitely not a movie that everyone will understand, needless to say that's not because of the movie... Well done Mike Cahill!


I didn't watch any trailers nor read any reviews, and I don't want to spoil this film but it's well worth watching, it's frustratingly slow to begin with and does drag in parts but that adds to the cause and affect.

It's great to see this film from the point of the main characters and I caught on fairly early in the film, but some may be confused as to what's happening and why, but just hang on and you'll get onboard even if it takes you a bit longer than 10 minutes.

Really good

A tail of drug addiction told in a very unique way. Really enjoyed this movie. My wife and I were surprised at the bad reviews. We assume because it's early. Definite watch.

Really Great Ideas With A Passing Execution.

This film has so many interesting ideas but i found that it doesn't really follow all of them though.

I'm pretty confused at the low score and how badly it is being panned by critics.

I thought the acting was pretty good and i was really interested in these characters. Which is where i think some of the issue are found.

I think this film needed to take a step back from the sci-fi elements. They are very sparse but are there enough to hinder the true storyline. If i am being honest i think the whole 2nd act needed retooling. It was like a brick wall that the movie just slammed into. And then it just sort of slogged along. Once again i thought 'oh this is interesting' but then it just like stalled and i sat around thinking what is this movie now. It kind of gets its momentum back in the 3rd act but i think the 1st is where this movie shines.

This movie is also great at visual storytelling. The production design, costuming and make up all work so well. It allows you to understand what the film is trying to say before the film explicitly tells you and i though that was really good.

I honestly think this movie could have been great but it just got its self bogged down with the sci-fi part and trying to trick? the audience.

I think it held its cards too close to its chest but i think the twist is blatantly clear from literally the first scene. This isn't a bad thing at all. I think it would have been better letting us view this world though the lens of us knowing twist from the beginning. I think that would have been a much more interesting and very eye opening character and subject study.

Wrongly Advertised

Those who marketed this movie made a huge mistake. They gave a high expectation of a Syfy type movie. I watched this movie with exactly that in mind and it left me lost and confused. I really believe it's because of the lasting impression the marketing left on me.

It took me just about past the midway point of the movie I started to realize it wasn't about Syfy at all. It's about drug addiction, the mentally disabled, and homelessness. The moment I recognized this, I had a better impression of the movie. Having a career in LE in a city I experienced many with those difficulties. It's easy to criticize the homeless or dismiss them, but if you had a better understanding of the issues they're having mentally your feelings would change. And I think this movie did a good job putting the viewer inside the mind of an addict/mentally ill person. I only wish those in charge of the marketing would have done a better job.

With having a better understanding of the movie, the actors did a great job.

Don't watch the trailer

I don't like to write review with spoiler so I will simple write give a chance to this movie. It's the kind of movie you have to watch with carefulness to the small things since the start or you will lose all. Another important's not a sci-fi movie. Watch it....I don't really understand the negative reviews, maybe some people don't understand the meaning of all

Not bad, at all.

There are a few places where pacing takes you off your feet, but the idea behind the movie and its execution are really great.

It's easy to guess why so many people are having problems with the movie - if you never seen homelessness or drug abusers, or perhaps hate them, this movie is definitely not for you.

Great play by phenomenal actors, brilliant and surprising scenery at times. Solid 7/10

The score might have been a bit lower if it wasn't for the throve of absolute trash of films coming out during the pandemic, which set the bar so low I was genuinely happy to spend time watching Bliss.

More reality than most can face

I was so NOT prepared for the contents of this film after watching trailers, reading critics reviews and film descriptions.This film is a cinematic marvel in its realistic approach to a trip down the rabbit hole.A heart wrenching portrayal of mental health and addiction issues and a genuine glimpse into how reality and illusion/delusion can take control of our lives.Poignant and Beautiful in its own tragedy and must see for all in my opinion.

Definitely better than Nolan's Tenet!

I think you just need an open mind to enjoy it! The feeling of freedom keeps expanding to the very end. It has a certain innocence to it and withdraws you from the real world.


This movie speaks to anyone whose struggled with someone going through addiction and the addict themselves. Very powerful.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Well written, perfectly shot and acted. You can interpret the story in many ways, it can be straight up what it is as in a sci-fi movie, it can be about drugs, it can be about psychosis, homlessness or all of them together. I think first of all to enjoy this you shouldn't go in thinking it is plain sci-fi, it isn't. It's the kind of film you and a friend can watch and have a totally different take on at the end and the debate for hours which only makes it more fun. There is one tiny clue, right at the beginning that seems to make the director/writer hang hos coat on one of the hooks a little quicker than the other. Again, that may be just how I see it. Ignore the very low star reviews and give it a go with an open mind. I was glad I did.

How has this got such bad reviews???

Seriously this is a really good film. It's a great idea, well acted, well directed and well produced. Give it a go!!!!

Loved it.....

The movie is really engaging and keep you interested till the end.After a long time I have watched this kind of movie.The cast is perfect, the story is unpredictable and entertainment is full. Don't know what else would you expect from a movie.If you like the mind bending storytelling Go and watch it.Beautifully presented

Amazingly Unique

I just stumbled across this movie, at first I thought it would be along the same lines as the Adjustment Bureau, I was surprised how it ended up and opened my eyes to the mental challenges of homeless people, ashamed to say that was not something that I had even given a moment's thought to. I haven't watched many of Selma Hayaks films but she is a very good actor.