Reviews for Cooking with Love ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.7 / 10


This is one of the films that make me LOVE Hallmark! So cozy and adorable. Loved the storyline - was getting so tired of characters meeting old flames or going back to their home towns. This one is unique with characters meeting each other for the first time. Also, the cooking show with kids is right up my ally! So good, came away with a wonderful feeling! A MUST SEE for Hallmark fans and anyone who loves a feel-good movie! :)

REALLY made me want to cook!

Great leads

Ali Liebert is so solid in this role. She is perfect for Hallmark. Then add a pinch of Brett Dalton. Mix thoroughly. They combine so well in this movie.

The story has a few cliches and you knew what would happen in the final scene, but with these actors it worked.

Fine but not fantastic

Cute story. Fine actors. But something was off with the lead actress and her eyebrows. Ugh, distracting through the whole movie!

Watchable if you like the actors.

Enjoyable but not memorable

I liked the premise of this Hallmark outing. Something just seemed off to me, and I think it was that there just wasn't any chemistry between Kelly (Ali Liebert) and Stephen (Brett Dalton). Ali is a fine actress but I think she works much better as a supporting character or villain than a romantic lead. I think this movie would have actually been better served by having Kimberly Sustad (Jessica) as the love interest. I would have found her more believable. I also appreciate the light humor she always brings.

Its not an awful movie by any means. Its a good movie for a relaxing rainy afternoon.

Entertaining but not boring

Fun story. Characters were likable but not one dimensional.

This should cement Ali Liebert's place in the Hallmark pantheon of female leads

After several turns as "the best friend" of the heroine, where she all but out shown the leads, Ali Liebert has finally been getting much deserved leading roles in these Hallmark seasonal romances. This one is the best yet. Kudos to Hallmark for recognizing her appeal and giving her prominent roles. I hope she becomes as ubiquitous as Chabert, Reiser, Boston, Polo, and several others.

This one is also helped by a tightly woven plot, good character development and an attractive leading man who has a real arc into becoming (or being revealed as) a good guy after all. I must quibble at this point over one plot hole. Our hero, a diva chef, has his career almost ruined by a viral video of him throwing food on a restaurant critic in a fit of temper. He reveals later that the the video edited out the fact that prior to the food on the lap incident, the victim had made his waitress cry by being so mean to her. Why didn't he just explain that on facebook or twitter? Instead of needing an image rehabilitation, he becomes a hero. It is also absent some of the overdone stupid gimmicks that most of these Hallmarks seem to hinge on. No angels, City bad, country good, factory shuttings, time travel, nor I hate (just fill in the holiday). What keeps it from getting a higher rating from me is the lack of depth, suspense, pathos, or super hot chemistry between the leads. But it's good. Really good.

Ali has the super nice girl who is maybe a little too nice role down pat. Plus she has the most energetic eyebrows I've ever seen. Very cute, if a bit distracting. Couldn't take my eyes off of them.

Home Run! Ali Liebert! An instant HM Valentine classic!

Week 7 -- Valentine -- Premiered: 2/11/2018

Hallmark hit a home run pairing kind hearted television producer Kelly (Ali Liebert) a producer for kid cooking show The Little Gourmet with the cocky hot-headed chef Stephen Harris (Brett Dalton). The chemistry between them almost feels real and very believable. What I really liked about this movie is: (1) Kelly and Stephen helped inspire the children chefs to achieve great things; (2) there were no intruding/competing girlfriends or boyfriends; (3) supporting actress Jessica (Kimberly Sustad) is always lovely and delightful; (4) child actor Becca (Aria Birch) won my heart from beginning to end.

Ali Liebert is beautiful and quickly becoming one of my favorite HM leading ladies, I hope we see her in many upcoming movies!

Through the first seven weeks of the Hallmarks 2018 movie season this is by far my favorite HM movie of the year.

Could have been better.

Kelly is a producer on a cooking show for kids and when the host is injured she needs to find a replacement as soon as possible. She suggests Stephen Harris, a famous chef, with a famous restaurant who lately acquired a bad reputation so this show is the perfect opportunity to improve his image.

I'm not gonna lie: I didn't have a good first impression of this movie. While I thought the theme was original I did find it quite boring and I didn't actually got into it after the first half.

The leading actors deliver an acceptable performance given the characters they had. But I didn't connect with any of them. Chemistry? I'm still not sure. I got the sense that they got along just fine but I didn't sense any romantic chemistry between them. I did find two of their scenes lovely but nothing that makes me melt inside like some Hallmark movies have before.

There were not any jokes, and while the ending was pretty predictable I was surprised there was no pre-ending drama between Kelly and Stephen.

Why is Kimberly Sustad here? She has been in this type of movies as the leading lady and she always delivers.

To sum up, this movie is not disaster, but I felt something was missing and I did not enjoy until the second part of it. Did I regret watching it? No. But Hallmark has provided much better material than this.

Ali Liebert does it again

Ali Liebert once again shows us that she is as good as any other Hallmark leading lady.Her performance was outstanding. There was chemistry between her and Brett Dalton.Kimberly Sustad should have had a bigger part. The only thing keeping this movie from being a 10is the presence of Jeremy. His part in the story could have been left in and his onscreen presenceleft out, or better yet casting could have found an actor with actual acting ability for the part.I have seen Preston Vanderslice in other Hallmark productions and all I have seen is more of the same.The children were great. In spite of an amateur (Vanderslice) working with professionals, a really good Hallmark movie.With 1 point lost for casting, my score 9

a true treat!

This film is a perfect watch for a Sunday afternoon with the whole family.

The story is that of a TV producer and a chef with attitude, who get wrapped up in making a children's cooking show, work out their differences and finally fall in love! So the backdrop is the set of Little Gourmet, which is the show within the show. The challenges that it throws up with the producer Kelly feel very real - promotion, politics, diva chef, illness of the previous presenter.

The transformation of the successful nasty Ramsay-style chef played by the handsome Brett Dalton is pleasing to see! The chemistry between the leads is completely plausible. Who wouldn't be tempted by a Michelin starred chef and the cute girl-next-door producer??

The real highlight of the film is the children, who instead of being the downfall for the film via patchy acting, but instead they were a real joy! The acting solid and the stories moving.

The film is pretty great: cute, kids, nice acting, chemistry and casting, pretty great!