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IMDB: 7.8 / 10

A rather intense and entertaining thriller...

I hadn't heard about the 2020 "Run" from writers Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian prior to getting to sit down to watch it. I looked it up on IMDb just before watching it, hoping to get an idea what I was in for; so I read the synopsis for the movie, but not any reviews.

Normally I am not one to watch an abundance of thrillers, because the genre tends to be pretty much a dime a dozen, but still with the chance given to sit down to watch this particular movie, I did so.

And I will say that director Aneesh Chaganty definitely delivered an entertaining movie. The storyline presented in the movie was one that had me thoroughly entertained, and I enjoyed how the writers kept me in the dark, letting me guess as to what was really going on. And director Aneesh Chaganty managed to reveal more and more of the actual happenings in small bits and pieces, which definitely left me wanting for more, and it was such a good sensation when it dawns upon you what is actually happening.

"Run" is a movie that is driven by some great acting performances by the two leads; that being Sarah Paulson (playing Diane, the mom) and Kiera Allen (playing Chloe, the disabled daughter). And since there weren't all that many people in the movie, the pressure of delivering was bigger for the leads, but they mustered this with excellence.

The build up of the storyline is good and keeps you wanting more, and I like how the director just gradually feeds you bits and pieces of the storyline, as it makes for a very intense movie.

I was definitely entertained by "Run" and it is a movie that was well-worth taking the time to sit down and watch. The ending of the movie, though, was just rubbish - pardon my bluntness here. But that ending was just ridiculous; and no, I am not revealing it, as you have to experience it yourself.

My rating of "Run" lands on a well-deserved six out of ten stars.

A Thin Veneer Over Very Little

There was no progression from a lifetime of being a trusting daughter, to rabid suspicion, it all seemed to boil down to one pill and that's just not enough to retain reality.

I'm sorry to say that by the end of the film, it felt like this was simply made as a vehicle for a real life wheelchair user to have as main part in a film and overcome it, pathetic and patronising.

It's Ok if you have very low standards.

Good but not enough

Well the movie was short but the writing was even shorter so I don't think this movie need hype at all

Misery in all but Name...

An innovative variation on a theme that will keep you engaged with some ratcheted tension buttressed through two excellent performances from Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. Does require the odd leap of faith and occasional suspension of belief but by no means the worst film from the genre you're likely to encounter.

Extremely Predictable

I have to say that Run was, if anything, a very well acted movie.Sarah Paulson plays her part very well and Kiera Allen does a superb job.

What lets this movie down is the writing and directing.As my title states, the story was predictable and I knew what was going on from very early on, and the only thing that kept me watching was the actors. Not to mention quite a few things did not add up.

The directing/editing is also a letdown as some scenes are unnecessary and drawn out seemingly there just to get the runtime to 90 minutes.

I could recommend this for the acting, however the script fails in my opinion and most will figure out what is going on in about 10-15 minutes.

Added additional value to my Hulu membership.

As has happened several times before, an interview with the director and lead actor on NPR put this movie on my do-list. It was a real treat for an evening watch. As I expected, the story was crisp and engaging, containing just enough exposition to jump start the tense story. The acting was uniformly excellent, and pulled me in exactly as the director intended. There were a few plot holes, but like a car racing down a rough road pavement, the taught pacing causes the viewer fly over those rough spots. As a film in the "thriller" catagory, it gets the job done!

Really Fun and Well Made

This was such a good thriller. I think it was one of the most effective ones that i have seen this year.

It was defiantly a fun, hour and a half popcorn fun movie but i think it was just that little bit extra too. The filmmaking was above that for me. It just had that little bit of extra care put into it and i think it made all the difference.

The acting was really great from both of the leads. I was really impressed with Kiera Allen. This was her debut film and i think this will net her even more roles because she was fantastic.

I found the score really great too. It really worked together with the script and filmmaking to really get you into the film. I appreciated it.

You should definitely watch this, its really fun, supper quick and well made.

Don't watch the trailer

I didn't watch any trailer(s) for this movie before I saw it. So I can't say if the trailers give too much away.

I'd say, don't watch the trailer to this movies and you'll be impressed.

Performances were great all around and the directing superb. A wonderful thriller that was well thought of.

Predictable at times, sure. But still a good film and way to tell the story.

Give it a watch. I know I'll see it again sometime.

Very predictable if you've watched The Act before.

Has the same story with The Act. Don't want to spoil too much, but you'll get it if you've watched the mini-series. Only Sarah Paulson's acting is kinda-remarkable; the rest is just... meh. :) The ending could've been stronger, but not bad. After predicting the movie from 15th min., that ending couldn't satisfy me. But if you're a fan of the genre, you should give it a try. ;)

Predictable mess

I'm a big fan of Sarah Paulson's, but this is just not up to any kind of standard. The plot is horribly predictable, the acting is sub-par, the editing is slow and terrible. Kiera Allen is meant to portray a resourceful smart young woman, but she ends up coming across as sniveling idiot for most of the movie.

Bad Pills = Great Medicine for a Fun Movie Night

In this simple, but fun plot, director Aneesh Chaganty maintains a tight narrative, executes some brilliant editing, and draws out from his two female leads nail-biting performances that make this thriller well worth a watch.

OBLIGATORY PLOT RECAP: Chloe is a highly-intelligent, capable 17-year-old girl with a slew of physical disabilities and ailments. Regardless, she is looking forward to shrugging off her small-town life and heading to college, that is, if she can escape the control of her manipulative mother whose dark secrets run deeper than Chloe fears.

Sarah Paulson has practically made a career out of playing insane characters who simmer behind her eyes, leaving you a bit frightened about when she's going to lash out. And, as usual, Paulson delivers her performance in spades. Watching her character struggle to maintain control when her world begins to crumble is terrifying because you know that whatever bad she's done still isn't the worst she can do.

Kiera Allen, who plays the wheelchair-bound Chloe--and who is disabled in real life--makes her feature film debut in "Run," and holds her own against Paulson's veteran-level acting chops. Allen makes you feel every bit of suffering Chloe goes through. She never stops for a second to lament her circumstances, but forges ahead as all good proactive heroines should!

It's a shame watching the media parade around "strong female characters" like Captain Marvel, Rey Palpatine, and Mulan who are nothing more than Mary Sues in their own stories, when brilliantly written female characters like Chloe are struggling to be noticed. This movie made me think of 2019's "Crawl," starring Kaya Scodelario, who played another wonderfully-written female character whose courage, wit, and proactive approach to conflict was character-driven and not magically bestowed upon them because the plot demanded it.

I feel like some critics are being unfairly harsh on this movie. David Fear over at Rolling Stone called it a two-star "misstep," while Jeannette Catsoulis at The New York Times insinuated that it's a bad thing that the movie doesn't rely on flashbacks. Are you kidding me?! My screenwriting professor taught me that flashbacks are the laziest form of storytelling and I agree. They're a cheap way to fill in the blanks, and "Run" is far more clever than that in how it unfolds its backstory.

"Run" is a very simple story and will feel predictable to many, but it's got a few nice twists and turns that will still keep you guessing. The performances of the leads are what will grip you the most, especially Allen's-who knew that watching a character try to write a single word with a crayon would make me cheer for them? You can do it, Chloe!

Put your brain aside and enjoy

Run is a very good thriller . It has amazing acting from both the actresses . Sarah Paulson was creepy and the girl who played her daughter ( can't remember her name ) was spectacular !! This movie is thrilling and tense but it fails on one major factor . The plot . It's filled with plot holes some minor and some major . That's why you have to put your brain aside for this movie . Nonetheless , it's a great movie

Why does this crap exist?

Why bother with this crap. It's like a low rent attempt at a thriller but you already know the ending. The lame attempts at suspense are more annoying than anything. It's a bad lifetime movie to be honest. And I like lifetime movies! It's also overly directed, the music is overwrought and the acting is not great. How can they waste Sarah Paulson! Come on man!!!

I tried searching for a good movie in Run, but instead I will just run back to Searching

This is a new film on Hulu by Aneesh Chaganty (and co-written by Sev Ohanian), following up their cinematic debut Searching (2018) with a thriller involving a mother and her 17-year-old daughter born with several complications (arrhythmia, hemochromatosis, asthma, diabetes, and most impactfully paralysis).

I will say that it's possible this movie is better than I liked it, but if so it would be for its directing and acting, and less so about the writing. I felt like there were holes everywhere, and perhaps too much is thrown at us too soon for us to properly care for the characters and their situation. This kind of movie has been done before, without much new added to the table minus the wheelchair aspect. There were a lot of elements set up for what could have provided a stronger ending delivery and punch, but most of those beats were one-note and used up earlier in the film rather than connecting a strong inner-weaving as Searching was able to do.

I went in blind, and it's likely better that I did given that the trailer is somewhat revealing. I don't think it had a high enough ceiling in the first place to eclipse any wild lack of expectations I already had. My only expectation was in the hands of the creators, and the most redeeming quality this movie will likely have on audiences is I hope they become aware of Searching and see it at some point... which is what I hope most of you all can take away from this. That was my favorite film of 2018, and Run will fall to the wayside as somewhat compelling yet completely forgettable. The story and pre-built relationship just did not have enough juice once the credits rolled.

How exactly do I get the tip of a soldering iron red hot???

How exactly do I get the tip of a soldering iron red hot??? and many other GINORMOUS plot holes the size of the universe...

Loved it!

This movie was really good with a "Misery" feel to it.


Originally intended for release in theaters this smart, intense thriller was sold to hulu and premiered Friday. The brilliant Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) stars as the mother of a supposedly sick child that she's spent 17 years taking care of her. The young woman Chloe, played by solid newcomer Kiera Allen begins to suspect her mother may be the one keeping her sick. The movie is intense and edge of your seat filled with clever twists and turns. Although the material is familiar its executed creatively by Aneesh Chaganty of the criminally underseen Searching. This would have been great in theaters but is still damn good at home.

****/5Eric: ****.5/5

It was just okay.

Sarah Paulson is my favorite, but this film isn't her best. I waited for months for this to come out and I'm left wondering why I was so excited. The trailer gave everything away. You knew the whole story before it even started. There was little to no character development and everything just felt like it was 0-100 with no pacing whatsoever. Also, the makeup department for Sarah's final look-the hell were you guys on when you came up with this? I actually laughed when I saw her.

It was an okay movie. One that you'd be pissed if you spent money on. Same old story, same old acting. Also, nobody knows how to act an asthma attack.

Another pothead plot which I mean, the writers smoked some really good stuff. While high, they thought up the first half of this film. The next day, tired and muddle-headed, they struggled to regain the magic - gone. Ended up doing a lukewarm retread of a syndrome already covered much better in Sharp Objects & The Act. And while it's cheap-popcorn fun to hate pretty much any recent Arah Paulson character, the thrill feels sick and tawdry afterwards, as in: Need a shower. Here's a challenge, or two: (1) Do not write or discuss a script while not of sound mind, and (2) Write a part for Sarah Paulson that allows her to be likeable or at least relatable. The writers & producers of this one missed the boat on all of the above. Direction is tight, with one of the best tracking sequences I've seen in a while - for that, and the first half of the movie, along with Kiera Allen's performance, it gets a '5'.

Sarah Paulson actually scared me!

I am so used to seeing Sarah Paulson portray the victim, I've never taken any of her dangerous and frightening roles seriously until this one! I was literally terrified of her performance in this movie , but I still cared for her character in a way. Kudos to the young actress who played Chloe in this movie, very well done. I give this 9/10 I found it to be a solid thrilling ride that has some heart to it!