Reviews for Fatale ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.2 / 10

What the heck?

Hilary Swank? Academy award winning actress? Wow, this movie was a tough one to get through. It's unfortunate to see her in something of this caliber. This has been a bad year for movies, but this was pure desperation. The most amazing thing about the movie is the house in the first few minutes of the movie...that was it.

Do you hate your eyes? Then watch this rubbish, that'll teach'em!

TLDR; Do not watch this, it is crap!

I could've turned this off at any moment and been fine, usually any movie I can't finish is an automatic 1 (because 0 is not available), but out of morbid curiosity alone I actually finished this steaming pile of garbage, so it gets a 2. I don't understand how Hollywood writers can make garbage like this and continue to work in the industry, but here we are, the writer will probably have a new film out next year Lol. for the love of god! AVOID THIS FILM!

Has been done so many times

This was a boring film. Went no where and nothing exciting. Hilary is an amazing actress, love her. Just never thought she would choose to do this kind of weak film. For me personally, it was a waste of time. But will always follow her projects.

What were you thinking, Hillary Swank?

Wow, what a cringeworthy movie. Ick. I feel like I need a shower after watching it.

Such good actors, yet such a bad movie.

Halfway through my wife and I began comparing this to a Lifetime Movie but worse. Even the music and the cutaway scenes were laughable. The story started with some OK twists and then just got silly. These are two really really good actors, which is why we wanted to see this, but this was embarrassing to watch.

i start to...

Wanda how much actors really know about the film as a final product when they do the acts and shoots, do they have a source of appeal when they see in the aftermath that this was a stupendous idea to take part in.?

this is the kind of film that is driven by large music conglomerates due to lack of sales and a drownturn in numbers of musicvideo viewers, so they put together a very reckognizabel and generic theatatrical script and plot in small pockets between large dosis of r&b-hip hop music driven nonsense of romantic tragedy with some well known actors ,just to sell some more downloads till next film is made.

well you hear the tone i guess, and the moral is lower than my kneecap, so shade away from this 50 shades of defunct culture on the silver screen, a shame thinks the grumpy old man

waste of time

What ever happened to swank dropping so low to movies like thisthis flick is so obvious and story line is picked from past thrillersit is waste its not a thriller it is friller

Could have been good, but wasn't.

Swank bombed and was less than stellar. The whole plot of the movie was convoluted from the beginning. Ealy plays a better stalker than a victim. Fatale " : a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations". Swank was not that. At all. Very disappointing movie from some big celebs.


WTF? Hasn't this been done? Welcome to the year of, "Black women need not apply." It's so insulting towards black women when every single black man in America doesn't want them. Enough of this. Get back to making movies.

Why all the hate?

Really shocked at the bad reviews... I really enjoyed it. Great directing, awesome sets, and the casting and performances were excellent. The story dragged on a little too slow, and either the pace should have been faster and/or some scenes trimmed down so the 102 runtime been around 85-90 mins. The score and cinematography were also on point. It's a well deserved 7/10 from me.

Pretty Good Flick

I thought it was a pretty good story, good character development. But the backing soundtrack was really out of place and seemed inappropriate for the situations.

Had a hard time finishing watching it

Seen it before, the same story all over again. I don't regret seeing it, but I can't really say it's a very good movie. Sure, it has some good scenes, but that's it. Overall it's a used-up story of cat and mouse.

Maybe I have seen to many movies and are a bit picky, but I don't think so. If you don't have to much expectation and are having a 6-pack of beer and some pizza, just MAYBE you'll survive watching it. Or if you watch it with a pretty woman and need to pretend to have the same taste in movies, so you'll score after it's done, then I say go for it!


Good thriller - worth a watch

I nearly didn't watch this when I read the reviews and saw the cheesy 80' style cover image (nothing wrong with 80's I grew up in 80's) but I thought I would give it a go as I had a few hours to spare

I am pleased I did it was a good thriller which kept me interested all the way to the end and also kept me guessing in places to. Yeah there are better thrillers out there but this one is certainly worth the watch even just for the house featured and the views from it

Good thriller - worth a watch

Very enjoyable movie!

I really liked this movie. I'm not sure of why the bad reviews. It wasn't your typical fatal attraction movie. Similar yes but not the same, which I appreciate the writers and directors doing something a little different. Michael Ealy and Hillary Swank are excellent in their roles. True, it may have been less enjoyable if they were played by anyone else but they pulled it off.

Loved it!!

Lots of unexpected twists & turns!! Kept me on the edge of my seat! Cinematography was on point.

Awful from start to finish with very little to redeem it

It was literally seconds into 'Fatale' when I realised I was in for a very bad movie. The movie begins with some narration from the lead male character. It was so awfully written and acted that I could've predicted with 99% certainty that this was going to be a stinker. I wasn't wrong.

This feels like a first draft that never got beyond that. The dialogue is so lazy and uncreative it's actually astonishing that they got an actress like Hilary Swank to sign on. There's an early scene in a nightclub that could've been written by a five year-old.

The characters are also unbearable. It's one of those films where you know who the movie wants you to root for, but in reality there's no reason that you should. Everyone is as awful as each other when you stop and think about it. The movie is also painfully predictable. I won't spoil anything but when a character pulls something out at the end I almost turned it off. The lack of originality was astonishing.

There was one decent bit of tension in the movie that was actually based around a well-crafted scene - only for the character to wake up and reveal it was a dream. You can't even make this stuff up. This is undoubtedly one of the worst films 2020 produced.

worst acting ever by Michael Ealy

I've seen ridicilous performances, but this "actor" tops them all, the suffering and tortured face and pose, specially after sex and while riding his lamborghini are so absured that i wanted to throw up. the story is ridicilous at best, Hilary Swank tries to put some acting into this ridicilous film, but it's lost inside all the garbage. A group of black people reach the top - and stays in the "hood" ridicilous. If i was black - i'd be furious.

A lil bit of Unlawful Entry, a lil bit of Strangers on a Train n more from the 80s n 90s erotic thrillers.

I got tricked into believing the fake reviews which were posted the earliest. A fake reviewer described it as a taut thriller.It is boring n very predictable.Damaris Lewis is one helluva hot babe but she doesnt get that much footage.

In fact, the 80s n 90s thrillers at least have some erotic stuff.

Ther is a scene wher a guy observes someone planning to get intimate in a beach house, later he goes to another person's home, have sex ther n later goes to the beach house n a female is still in her dress inspite of the intimacy.

Basic instinct

First of all, it's good to see Hilary Swank again after awhile.Secondly, the movie is based on the same story as Basic instinct series and Fatal Attraction.

All in all, it's good piece of action and for sure Hilary is a good flavor to the movie.

Excellent thriller

Never got bored always something happenedVery good movieWhy so much people didn't liked it?