Reviews for The Serpent ( ) 720p

IMDB: 7.1 / 10

The worst movie I have ever seen

This was so bad, we were all shaking our heads at what we had just watched. The lead actress was terrible and unconvincing. Her writing and directing very amateurish. We laughed in between shaking our heads at some of the scenes. Don't waste your time with this mess.

Cool Action!

You can relieve stress.So cool, interesting action.

You should watch it!

If you like action films, you should watch it.You will love this film!

It's a good movie to watch.

It's a good movie to watch.If I have time, I recommend it.Actually, I watched it because I had a lot of time.

Excellent fun

This film has great over the top action scenes, an entertaining plot with some unexpected twists and a good looking star.

Good If You Don't Think Too Hard

This is a typical action film, and a good one at that. The acting is well-executed, the storyline pretty good, if a bit confusing at times, and the characters keep you guessing.

Good action, good story

I love spy thrillers and when done well they are fun, but I also like them as action films too. This film was very good, the action scenes are awesome and I thought the story was good too if not a little convoluted.

This movie is really interesting.

The main character in the movie is so cool.She is really strong and braveHer action moves are really cool

Good Action, Good Actor, Good Movie

Good action, good actor, good storyIt was an impressive movie.She has a talent.

good movie

It is a thrilling and intriguing movie. I miss you again.

It's a great movie.

This movie is interesting and thrilling. I want to recommend it to the audience.

Best not to think about it

This is a fast paced, interesting movie that has many twists and turns, most of them that you won't see coming. Angelina Jolie has never looked more confident and beautiful, and some of the ideas in the script are almost brilliant.

Not that Bad

Don't believe everything what you read here.It's not so bad.What do you expect for the killing time movie???

I strongly recommend this work.

If you like this kind of movie, I hope you watch it.It is a very good work to spend time with.It's a good time to watch a movie because you can't go outside.

I feel pity for those involved in this film

If I think a movie is really bad then like most I will write a scathing review. However this film is so bad I feel as if I would be criticizing people with mental disabilities or cognitive delay.

What I cannot understand is how someone in this day and age when every movie is out there for renting or viewing on Netflix etc. they cannot watch them to learn what to do and what not to do.

The dialogue seemed written by 8 to 10 year old kids that have watched every B movie out there and didn't even nail that. The pacing of the actors was terrible also. Lighting? Was there any thought given to that?

I understand budgets can influence the outcome of a movie but in this case no budget could have saved it. If I am writing this it is at least this film can serve as an example to future film makers on what NOT TO DO! Put quality in the script. Be realistic in the production based on what budget you have. Pick quality actors (and not yourself unless you are better than what you find). Lear lighting technique or hire someone that knows it well. It's an essential to film making. Then there is editing! Get an editor and colorist that knows what they are doing.

Yes these things cost money but this movie had more budget than most amateur films I've seen yet many of those surpassed this garbage because their story and intent was foremost.

It's extremely difficult to be the writer, actor, director and producer in any film for extremely talented and experienced film makers. As I said this film would be a waste of time other than it can fulfill a use by being a standard of the abysmal failure.

It's nice to watch with family

Good to watch in cinema... have fun with your friend also

'Inept' Would Be TOO Kind

I watch a lot of movies. Good movies, bad movies, and everything in between. Normally I can find something worthy of note in just about anything - and even a film which is exceptionally dire, I can walk away with the knowledge that whatever I watch next will seem better, by comparison. Bad movies encourage us not to take quality for granted.

That said, this is quite possibly the single worse piece of cinematic effluvia I have seen in many years. The plot is wafer thin and unoriginal. The dialogue leaden and generally delivered with less passion and emotional commitment than the announcement of the day's Specials at my local supermarket. The editing is slipshod, and the cinematography aspires to mediocrity. As to the cast? Well even if pouting and shouting - the main activities of the protagonists - were elevated to an art form, these guys would struggle. A few of the bit part players struggle to make the best of a bad job, but to no end - the leads show no commitment to characterisation, no energy and have no screen presence. that this mess got funding at all genuinely astonishes me

Would I be keen to explore IMDB for other examples of the participants work. Most certainly...if only in order that I might avoid ever experiencing further efforts by the Writer, Director and 'star'.

Would I watch it again? Only if I develop masochistic tendencies.


"Entertaining, thought-provoking, intelligent, and is sure to spark further discussion, which is precisely why the film is so important."

Go see it!

Gia is a dynamo, on and off the screen. Her passion for this project knows no bounds! She is the real deal and is a force to be reckoned with!

Art is subjective

It has always amused me that someone could label art as bad, good, poor, awful, laughable, lame, abysmal, horrible, or any other adjective of the day, as if it is test score. To me, art is subjective, and that is what I have always cherished it for. I believe it should be that way for everyone. I never call a movie awful. I never call a song horrible. I never call a painting lame. Because it isn't up to me. It is up to the individual viewing it. What I consider a classic movie, many would laugh at me for. Our opinions are different. You, me, everyone. That is what makes us unique. That is what makes us interesting. Otherwise we become the sheep that much of the world is becoming now.

That being said, there are many reasons I like this film. First of all, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity of playing one of the of story's characters. It allowed me to be around a fantastic group of people, who all cared very much for each other and the project they were working on. It allowed me to connect with some talented and hard-working artists, such as Gia Skova. I have a very high respect for anyone who makes a feature and is involved with it every step of the way. Not many of us can say that, including myself. Not many people understand the amount of work involved and the sacrifices one must make to get it done. For these reasons, I feel honored to have been give the chance to work with Gia. She has taught me a lot.

In my opinion, the acting in The Serpent is solid. Yes, it is a biased opinion. So be it. The cinematography is beautiful. Very well done. Great editing. The crew was all around fantastic to work with and everyone involved worked their hardest to put out the best product possible with the budget that they had to work with.

We are all growing as people and artists. That is where I find the fun. In the journey itself. My goal is to enjoy the ride and improve myself every step of the way. I don't judge end results, I simply include them in my ride.

See the movie for yourself and then move onto the next adventure in your life. Wherever your journey take you, find the positivity in everything you see and do.