Reviews for The Croods: A New Age ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7.1 / 10

Me & my son Muhammad loved it.

Very entertaining movie and already achieved world wide success . It will delight both kids and adults. Great acting, amazing direction and great story.

Yeah, no...

Awful. Don't understand why it's rated so high. Not funny. Not at all good for little kids. Whole family was very disappointed. Just a low effort money grab. Ahhhh! So disappointed.

1st movie was great.

Prolonged, not comedic, talent wasting silly movie

This star studded cast is wasted on the weak, drawn out, and very predictable storyline. Good visuals from animators. Not as good nor funny as the first Croods. Mediocre at best. This movie can easily be passed.

Hot garbage

The original movie was cute and silly, but this trainwreck was the polar opposite. I've never wanted to punch an animated character before, but.. here we are.

It just got weird and stupid. Probably perfect for anyone under 6 but mostly a lot of cringy, over-the-top, desperate "humour" like if you held a clown at gunpoint.


I really liked the original croods movie, because it wasn't only trying to appeal to kids and was not afraid to deal with topics that aren't completely childish. This movie is literally the exact opposite, and I really wanted to like this movie, but every joke made in this is either badly executed physical humor, or a lazy nonsensical joke like the "peanut toe" GOSH I HATE THE PEANUT TOE! And another bigger problem with this is, the story is kinda conflicted, it can't really be well described in one sentence, not in a good way either. It starts off like it's gonna be about guy dumping eep for whoever the new female character is, I think her name was dawn, but they kinda abandon that halfway through,the same thing happened to several other parts of the story. But the main thing I don't like with this movie is the "humor" it really feels like you're being talked down to as an audience. Other parts of this film, like the way the two families interact, in my opinion, was really well executed. So credit to them for that!

Less than 1 if I could....-1 would be more accurate

Totally un-enjoyable. No laughs, no fun. Far to many political agendas in a kids film. The love story should have been a sub (very sub) plot, at the most. Instead it dominated (and decimated) the entire movie as well as being highly inappropriate for children.

Why do we need to undermine the importance of strong father figures in supposed kids movies? Lame***, lazy writing, straight out of the "woke" playbook. Time and money that we will never be able to get back again.

Do not watch, and do not believe the reviews that were obviously paid for.

might even be better than the original

This was funny and entertaining for the whole family. maybe even more so than the original story. enjoyed it

Better than the first movie

In summary, this movie is about the croods, a prehistoric caveman family + guy who find the bettermans, guys old family friends. They clash over their ideals, as well as over guy, as the bettermans want him to get with their daughter Dawn, while the croods want him to stay with Eep.Visually, this movie is great. A lot of the plant and animal designs, buildings, and landscapes are fantastic, and the first music sequence with guy and eep + the family, and the thunder sisters intro were amazing. The story/plot, especially the climax are a bit weird, but still pretty good. I also thought the music choices were very fitting. The characters are also improved from the first movie, and i liked the bettermans characters and arcs a lot (though hopes arc was a bit eh, i preferred phils and dawns). Overall, a pretty great sequel! Would definitely recommend, especially if you enjoyed the first croods movie.


Comparing to the 1st, its really disappointing. No spirit of a cave man or a wit that the first one has. We watched the 1st one at least ten times and still it makes us laugh. The 2nd one is trying to show too much without a real story.

Nice movie

I thought it was good, maybe even pretty good. I liked the story, the visualsare pretty amazing and so is the animation -of course-, and it has great voice acting too! But the two things I didn'tlike was that the humor feels a bit weird and forced at times, and this also happens with the chemistry of the characters. But overrall, I think its a good movie and I recommend it

A decent, pleasant sequel

While the story hasn't evolved that much, 'The Croods: A New Age' has a line-up of talented voice cast, lively and colorful animation, some big laugh-out-loud moments, and a great message about getting along and working together to turn it into a decent, pleasant sequel.

Someone saw the Flinstones

The original Croods movie was something I didn't much care for, but it was OK. But this one really captures the formula made famous by the Flinstones: behind all our technological advances and sophisticated civilization, we are nothing but cavemen.I saw it with my family and we had a blast recognizing ourselves at almost every beat of the movie. From teen romance, teen rebellion to pet in the house issues, these characters seem embody every modern family issue you can think of.

Very funny animation, gorgeous backdrops, fun action sequences and laugh out loud moments with no vulgar undertones. A very wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

Appaling on almost every front

What's with all the glowing reviews? Seriously??? The story is lame, the characters are lame, the graphics are cool but who wants entire country-sides in kitschy pink, the politically correct feminist undertones are lame in the extreme. My wife and I are both totally into female empowerment, but this was done in such a corny and cheap way, it just sucked. If the kitschy pink was some kind of reference to the feminist theme, my wife would be deeply insulted.

We enjoyed the original Croods as a pretty run-of-the-mill animated story, but this was just dire. The worst of it was that no attempt was made to develop the story or develop some of the vaguely interesting themes in it (caveman vs modern man and their impact on the environment).

After a genuinely stupid and silly beginning we for a moment thought things would get interesting when these themes were introduced, but a few nice jokes aside, it just got more silly and annoying by the minute. No attempt was made to retain a whiff of credibility, and the regular breaking through the fourth wall was just pure silliness. If that's your kind of humor, fair enough, but it was not for us.

Nice movie

I thought it was good, maybe even pretty good. I liked the story, the visualsare pretty amazing and so is the animation -of course-, and it has great voice acting too! But the two things I didn'tlike was that the humor feels a bit weird and forced at times, and this also happens with the chemistry of the characters. But overrall, I think its a good movie and I recommend it

The best sequel I have ever seen

Great family movie! It was definitely better then I thought it would be I really hope they make another one!

Amazing movie!

From start to finish this movie has it all! Hilarious! Perfect family movie.

Good Sequel

Made me laugh so hard. Really good family movie. I think it was just as good or better then the 1st one

fine family friendly film

Guy has been directed by his parents to search for a paradise called Tomorrow since childhood. On his journey, he befriends the Croods and falls for the daughter Eve. He reconnects with childhood friends, the Bettermans, who live in luxury behind walls. Soon, there is a clash of cultures.

It's silly. It's colorful. It's fun. It maintains its family values in a family friendly movie. One can't take this too seriously. I do wonder if Guy has made a big loop to reconnect with his old friends. It's a fine sequel to a fine new animated franchise.

Cute family movie!

This is perfect for the family! Fun, beautiful and entertaining.. what else could you want in this lockdown Christmas xx

Could it be worse?

I don't even know what to say. I think this movie could be enjoyed by feminists and people with no standards