Reviews for Scott and Sid ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.9 / 10

underrated gem

People need to watch these incredible indie movies and support them,Scott and Sid is for sure one of the best movies of 2018 and a great story about two best mates who wanna chase their dreams,and that's what we wanna do, Do watch it and support these type of movies.

A Dark Comedy that comes out shining very bright

I absolutely loved it. With each successive viewing, I noticed the characters' emotions as they coped with the dirty hand that has been dealt to them and making the most of it. I also saw the immense bond between the boys as they already shared the low-class existence and a rather bleak future but seeing nothing but an opportunity to dreamchase.

One of the most underrated movies this year so far ..

Weird title.. Should have been Dreamchasers. I may have been in just the right mood but I was mesmerised and give it ten stars. Love it love. Dream chasing sign me up.

Bromance and Dreamchasing

A great, feel good movie. Lovable characters who you root for the entire film. Deserves to be watched repeatedly to get all the good bits. Deserves more acclaim.

Movie that everyone should see!

Scott and Sid is a film for those people who have faced or face problems in choosing what is good for them.Young minds are at a loss to decide for themselves as they have neither knowledge nor experience to opt for whatever that is good for them.For them, it is not so easy to make a choice as there are times when they have to take into consideration the feeling of others around them.

All ages a must watch.

Life lessons in a movie

When I first saw this movie I didn't appreciate it like I do now. I think it may have been because I was not in the right head space. Just recently I saw the movie again. What an amazing story and moving meaning. The movie teaches you so much about life and and how important your outlook is. You got to get up, and keep moving forward that's what dream chasing is!

If you need a little push, if you're in a hole at the moment, if you don't feel like your pushing yourself enough... hell even if you just want to watch a cool movie check this out.

totally BLOWN AWAY....

I saw the preview of this film and thought it was intriguing. I went to a screening last week and was totally BLOWN AWAY......this film has everything. I grew up in this era. The filmed had EVERYTHING -great beginning = grabbed your attention, then acceptance, then the complex happened and you just didn't know where this film was going to go and then the film closure or was it? This has to be the BEST DRAMA ....coming of age I have seen. I would recommend this film to ANYONE....LOVED IT !!!!!! PLEASE go see this film. I feel due to lack of advertisement that it will be overlooked with other big blockbuster films but I totally related to this film and LOVED IT !!! If you are looking for something to do on a weekend ...get out and watch it

Love it!

A great inspeirationl feel good film. Freeedoooommm

A great film !

Loved all of it. The low scores are not justified.

Surprised! and split the room...

I watched this last night with a group of friends (8 of us) it pretty much split the room, so a little of a Marmite movie. I for one loved it, I thought the way the film developed and the filming styles and technics tightened up along with the acting as the film makers where showing the audience that they where evolving and developing as filmmakers was truly courages, creative and pretty cool. I honestly think that this is missed by most of the audience, well by 50% of anyway.

The film did successfully create a lot of debate. Are we a 'Scot' or a 'Sid' and are we caught up in all of it?!

The pub toilet scene seemed a little out there though lol

Sod it it.....Im a Dream chaser...What's next?.....

Your loss

To all the miserable people who have done everything from complain about the dialogue, the budget, the this and the that....who wants to hear it? IF you missed the point of this beyond-beautiful movie, that's your loss. The rest of us who deeply love this movie do not care what you think.

BTEC Filmmaking

So, so poor. Writing was awful. Directing poor. The actors were unlucky getting this material but were uninteresting and clichéd. How this got made is maddening. To everyone involved, if you liked it, give up.

Good grief

It is beyond me why this film has an 8.4/10 rating. I don't want to be mean, so I'll leave it at that.

Feel Inspired !

An uncomplicated easy to watch film with some powerful lead performances all fitting into the broader narrative of 'Dreamchasing.'Accompanied by an original score and several well played supporting roles, the attention to production quality is apparent and allows the viewer to be easily enthralled , encapsulated by the charm and beauty of the locations and the subtle humour, and to leave the cinema feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!!

A pleasant surprise

This film only premiered in two cinemas in London and there were barely any reviews online so I didn't know what to expect. I was blown away by how amazing the film is. It's a very inspiring coming of age story with brilliant writing. The film had many memorable moments and excellent performances. An outstanding debut from film makers with no previous film making experiences. This is easily one of the best coming of age films I've seen in a while.