Reviews for The Princess Switch: Switched Again ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.5 / 10

First one I feel was better

This one had a different plot but overall acting was okay. just another ones of the christmas movies to watch. It was pretty funny some times but overall I preferred the first movie.

So in love!

The movie series is something so special I just feel so connected and it fulfills certain things in me for some reason The Princess Switch movies are really special to me

It's exactly what you thought it would be if you saw the first one.

It's a christmas chick flick that is enjoyable. Vanessa played three different roles and was on screen 80-90 percent of the movie. Thats talent. Every christmas movie is not going to be a 10/10. They are written for generally a younger crowd to sit around with family and enjoy, or the couple wanting to get into the holiday spirits and watch a movie together in the evening over hot cocoa. If you thought you were going to get the new BIG MUST SEE every year christmas movie after knowing this is a sequel.... then i don't know what to tell you. I enjoyed it. It was predictable to a point. It wasn't all over the place or overly complicated. It had a lot going on but it made sense. And if i was able to follow the entire movie you probably should put your phone down and enjoy a "FUN" movie for what it is.

An overly complicated mess

The first one should've never been as enjoyable as it was and perhaps it just got lucky. Because The Princess Switch: Switched Again is anything but enjoyable. It took everything that made the first and good and decided to throw it away.

The biggest change comes in the form of a third Vanessa Hudgens. And it's this new character that makes the film as bad as it is. Indeed, for the most part, or should I say the parts without the new character, the movie is nearly as charming and fun as the first one. However, as soon as Fiona (the third Hudgens) enters the film, it's quite frankly all downhill from there. It's the type of character that just doesn't fit a film like this. She is unlikeable in every way, and what's even worse, she offers absolutely nothing to the film. But, as much as I dislike Fiona, I dislike her minions even more. All they manage to do is be annoying.

The first Princess Switch film kept its story as simple as possible, just as it should have. However, this second instalment tries to introduce a much, much more complicated and quite frankly dumb plot. The fact that two different characters in the film have to clarify what is happening should be a pretty good indication of what a mess this film's plot is. Furthermore, this film takes itself way too seriously. The first one clearly knew that it was dumb and cheesy and embraced it. It never tried to be anything more than a Christmas rom-com. Switched Again, however, tries to be more than that and fails miserably.

It really is quite unfortunate that this film is what it is. I ended up enjoying the first part more than I'd like to admit and I was hoping that this new one would follow in its footsteps. It didn't, and I can't help but wonder why a sequel was needed in the first place. The first one is great as it is. But if you do make a prequel to that kind of film, then whatever you do, do not change the formula. There was absolutely no need for a third lookalike, nor was there any need for an overly complicated plot.

Had this movie stuck to what it got right in the first one, I think that it could've been just as good. Indeed, there are glimpses of the first movie in this one, and those moments are great. The Princess Switch: Switched Again, unfortunately, tries to be something that it isn't and completely fails.

Loved it!

Corny in some places, of course, but the ending left me happy and completely satisfied! The acting was obviously over the top for some characters, but it only added some humor. The song at the start of the credits was amazing though!!!! If you liked the first one, you'll enjoy this one too! Can't wait for the third.

Dear GOD.

This is beyond a doubt the most mind-benumbing garbage my wife and daughter have ever paraded across my tv screen. It is geared toward 10-yr old girls who want to be princesses, who have no appreciation for whether acting is quality or neighborhood-theater amateur caliber, and who can't process or analyze the logic of a plot line... And the mothers who indulge them, who also want so desperately to be princesses, and are living vicariously through the hopes that their daughters will be one day.

I certainly hope Vanetta Huddie, or whatever her name is, fades even further into obscurity, beyond the hopes of a Hallmark career revival, by being blackballed after this pitiful piece of thespian refuse. Hideous. Wretched. Sorrowfully sensory-hebetating.

Cheese but so much fun

This is way cheesier than the first one but so worth the watch! The plot just gets more complicated and to pull off 3 characters at the same time it's not easy to pull off. So please watch it and put your critical reviews and expectations on the down low because this is an actual good movie! Just sit back and enjoy it for what it is :)


Calling this movie dumb is being nice. Awful accents to go with the awful acting. Vanessa Hudgens being one of the many producers explains why this was made. Time would be better spent watching paint dry.


Movie is too silly, bad way of presenting princess, the outfits and everything, Disney is the only one who should be making princess movies.

Worst Sequel

The Princess Switch: Switched Again sequel was not needed at all. The plot is good but the scenario and the acting is REALLY BAD this time!

Entertaining and light-hearted

Is this the best movie ever made ? No. Is it better than the first ? Again, probably not.But it's definitely entertaining if you get into it with an open mind and accept the fact that you're going to watch a light christmas movie.

If you liked the first one, you'll like this one too.

I mean it's horrible but I'm also waiting for the 3rd film

The plot is ridiculous and everyone makes dumb decisions. People are also not paying for their crimes. It's dumb, it's fun and I want another one.

Annoying little rat

They should have leave that little girl out of the movie, for adoption or something.. I couldnt take it anymore she was so annoying and a very bad actress she better focus on her school or something. I LUV Vanessa, but that little rat ru?ned everhting for me in this movie.

So disappointed

I rarely give a bad score...but this is bad.The only good thing about it it's the cast. Yes, Vanessa it's bloody talented but the plot is so bad I can't even.Living proof that sometimes Netflix should stop milking money and invest in developing good content. (Aham, like the OA was. We didn't forget that,)Overall, without Vanessa this would be a certified fiasco and it's all on Netflix's greed. She played beautifully all 3 parts but honestly the plot is so forcefully twisted it doesn't give any actor much to work with.

Unnecessary sequel

Too mature for teenagers and too silly for an adult audience.It is about the coronation of a queen and how her twin is going to help her and a cousin also identical to wanting to take the throne from her for a few moments.An unnecessary sequel.It falls for all the clichés.We could not even accommodate it in a genre: it can be drama, adventure or youth film or failing that, none of them.A mix between the Disney greats "The Princess Diaries", "Princess Protection Program" and "Twin Game". Or among the top Mexican soap operas like "Lazos de amor" or "Trestimes Ana".Quality.At times parsimonious and at others too fast.With nonsense situations and things.Light performances and two or three moments without achieving.It does not try to prove anything or delve into something.Predictable like all of its kind.A movie for when you have nothing to do.

As cringy as the first movie but I also watched this one until the end!

Like with the first movie I couldn't stop cringing when Vanessa spoke the posh Montenaro wannabe british accent but I still managed to watch until the end. The story of Switched Again was as good as it can get for a part 2 I guess. I did miss the actress Alexa playing the little girl Olivia from the first movie. The girl in part 2 was less charismatic and fun in my opinion.

What did you expect?

If you had a negative feeling about this movie going in, you probably had a negative one going out. It's a light movie that builds off the first movie with even more ridiculousness and accents from Vanessa Hudgens. Yet, that's exactly the reason why I liked it. It's Netflix one upping Hallmark, sometimes you just need cozy.

Cute, Funny, and Entertaining...

Fans of the Princess Switch will not be disappointed in this second instalment of the movie series. Though the story was predictable and the premise behind the 're-switch' made little sense, the movie kept me engaged thru-out. Plus, there was a bit of a twist to the 'switch' this time around. Vanessa Hudgens's performance, in her multiple roles, was excellent. And the performances of the supporting cast, such as Nick Sagar (as Kevin) and Sam Palladio (Edward), were strong. The dialogue was cute and funny at times; I laughed a bit with the use of new words such as 'couzy' (aka cousin). And I do like the Balkan theme for the names of the kingdoms. I was trying to come up with some myself during the film...maybe 'Croatiannia' (for Croatia) or 'Ljubljanaro' (for Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia). The scenery, props and sets were beautiful. Well done. Overall, though a bit silly at times, I found myself taken in by this movie. It is a cute, funny, and entertaining film, a nice little edition to Netflix's original Christmas movies.

Loving the Christmas Netflix movies!

This one was just as good if not better than the first one. Great little family movie or just a good one to watch with friends. I love how it all came full circle. Only thing I didn't care for was the annoying cousin and the obvious actress recast of the daughter Olivia. Other than that this movie exceeded expectations and I look forward to the third installment next holiday season.

Bad Olivia

Easy movie to watch with yout family. But the only thing i concern is about Olivia's cast. Really bad to change the cast. The girl at season 1 was better. Better smile and act. Sorry to say but im this season 2, The energic girl is gone. Really like figurine. U shouldnt change the cast if the new one does not into the character