Reviews for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion ( ) 720p

IMDB: 8.9 / 10


If your a fan it's time to cry. ????????RIP Uncle Phil

Just cried my eyes out.

I've always been a massive Fresh Prince of Bel Air fan since I was 8 years old. This reunion was so sweet and heartwarming and pretty much everything I expected it to be the second I heard this was being released. I definitely cried my eyes out. Highly recommend.


Thank you for reminding me of my youth. Maybe I live in a far country, but it was the most fun and trace show in my life. It made me cry too. It was a nice meeting. R.I.P James Avery.

Fresh breath of air!

After another day at work in this pandemic and under mask this reunion shines bright and takes us to some better times. I am 31 years old but i grow up with this show, and when I saw how much they put effort in James Avery memory tears just started and lasted till end. Fresh prince and cast of it were light back then, but now when I think of many hours watching these guys that light just shines brigher!

So cool

This was so cool. One of the greatest shows ever made, I still watch it and know every episode. It was really great to see the cast talk about their experiences.

The new Gold Standard of Reunions

This was so well done. There are so many shows from this era that bring back nostalgic memories for so many of us. But when shows are canceled, actors move on. Sets are broken down. And "real life" goes on... for all of us.

But what I think this reunion did was capture and remind us of the essence of a fictional TV family lived out by the real life people who played them. And there is no greater evidence of that than the reconciliation of the relationship between Will and Janet Hubert!

Now THAT'S art imitating life!

Remembering greatness

I was very happy watching reunion 30 years latter, because you could actualy see how actors grew up, mostly on personality level. Show was pristine, emotinal and most of all I am very happy that they included Janet Hubert, as all bad things parallel to that great show of 90s finaly disapeared...

Beyond what I expected!

Literally everyone who was a star on the show was in attendance. The tributes and flashbacks were nothing short of amazing. Be prepared to both laugh and cry.


This was thee best reunion I have yet to see on any show. The tears I shed brought me back to the 90's but opened me up for the future. The display of healing that took place on that reconstructed set brought a joy to my heart. Time, growth, and maturity took 27 years to bring understanding to a misunderstood moment. It makes you consider your own moments and if you misunderstood anyone in your sphere of influence. Black excellence on so many beautiful layers. Thank you

So glad they did this!

Excellent!!! Oh the memories! And so glad they were able to get the whole cast back, sans James Avery may he RIP.

What a Reunion!

What more can you ask for in a Reunion? We got closure, questions were answered, rumors were cleared up, and a tribute to the late great James Avery brought us to tears. Here's to 30 years!