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IMDB: 5.8 / 10

isn't this Babadook?

I kinda forgot how the story went but i'm pretty sure this is just Babadook with iphones and fwends. The sfx isn't that great and some of the characters actions are questionable, but the spooks are pretty good, just the right amount of cheap jump-scares and smart atmospheric spoopiness here and there. Still, if you haven't seen Babadook i'd recommend that over this.

I wish people here would stop trying to be producers and directors...

And the acting police.1. For all the crappy movies I have to wade through to actually find something worth watching these days is like finding a particular needle in a stack of needles.2. This movie had an original plot, decent acting (despite what another "reviewer" had complained), it was creepy, and you didn't know the ending 30 minutes into it.3. I gave this movie an eight because it's actually one of the better creepy movies I've seen in three months. I don't know about all of you, but indie movies are starting to grind on my nerves. I have to turn on the subtitles because I can't understand what they're saying most of the time. And then you have these user reviewers who critically acclaim movies where there's some hidden meaning in the ending that leaves you asking, "wtf was that and why did I just waste ninety minutes of my life I'll never get back to watch that bunk?"

So, this movie is not fantasy as another review suggests. It's a very decent horror movie that I think most people will enjoy.

Eerie, creepy and suspenseful with an ending that will melt the blackest heart

It's rare that a movie blows me away and sticks with me for hours after I've finished watching it, but that's exactly what Come Play did to me. Right from the beginning, the eerie vibe starts and it doesn't let up.

I have a tendency to get deeply involved with movies of this nature, outcast child struggling through a broken home and difficulty in school. Yes, it's because I can completely identify, so it makes these films more effective and personal. In this case, Oliver is an autistic child who uses smart phones and iPads to communicate.But when an e-book titled Misunderstood Monsters appears out of nowhere, the story begins to unfold.

Misunderstood Monsters is about Larry, a lonely creature just looking for a friend to protect. But it's not as simple as that, Larry is not the kind of friend you want. He taunts, torments and injures as he tries to gain enough strength to "take" his chosen new friend, in this case Oliver.

The amount of tension is constant because Larry is persistent, and the moments of peace are very brief. Eventually, mom and dad put their differences aside as each becomes aware of Larry and his intentions, and their attempts to stop Larry become a lot more challenging than just destroying the devices of communication in the immediate vicinity.

The basic story of the parents is that mom is the primary caregiver who struggles to help her child gain the ability of speech and have some sort of social interactions with others. Dad is the fun one who distances himself from the serious aspects of caring for a child with limitations, and prefers to be the lighthearted and fun parent, despite the inequality in responsibilities. Further interpersonal plots twists are one of Oliver's school bullies was once his best friend but that ended in a misguided effort by mom to protect her son from scrutiny. Larry plays on all of this in an effort to convince Oliver to take his hand and be his 'friend'.

And like the best movies of this nature, the ending is very bittersweet. You realize the steps mom is willing to go to protect her son, to the point that Oliver actually understands. It's a real heart tugging finale and it has choked me up both times (so far) that I've watched the movie, and that's not an easy thing to do.

This is a classic film in that you understand the director likely had aspects of Oliver's upbringing in his own childhood, and that's what gives it a very penetrating authentic feel. It's smart and scary, sweet and sad, and ultimately very effective for those who can connect with the subject matter rather than just expecting a silly knife wielding psycho looking for his next teenage victim to off.

An extra mention to the child actor playing the lead role. He did an outstanding job! Right away, your heart goes out to him. He portrays a shy timidness with the innocence of a child that makes you just want to protect and comfort him. His looks and mannerisms playing such a challenging role at his age are to be commended because nothing about it seemed silly or fake. He kind of reminded me of Danny from The Shining but even more engaging.

There are a number of messages in the movie, one of which is how technology has crippled human interaction and responsibility. All you need to do is look at how many millennial females cannot seem to drive a car without a phone in their hand and you completely understand.

Come Play became an instant classic for me. I was never bored and was on the edge of my seat the majority of the movie. The ending that left me sitting there in the dark feeling a bit emotional helped solidify it as a new favorite. Very well done and highly recommended.


This movie scared the heck out of me and very sad ending

Very entertaining horror!

The movie is a good way to spend the evening, acting is decent, love all young talent, storyline is entertaining, I like the fact that parents believed and jumped on the train of fighting this monster quite early in the movie!

The movie is heavily inspired by Stranger Things, but way scarier version that's for sure.

Just watch it (5 maybe 6 out of 10)

No, it's not a masterpiece that would deserve 10/10 as some have rated it here. But it's not a total crap either so it doesn't deserve 1/10 ratings either.The story as a whole is actually good, something different. There are few jumps scares, some better than others, there's some creepiness at times. It's supposed to be a horror movie but at times it felt more as fantasy - I think that might be one of the reasons why this movie is rather weak, the director couldn't make up his mind what genre to choose.The main actors, unfortunately, are terrible. The few ones that are actually ok play only secondary roles. The parents are annoying, you actually hope that at least one of them would die - they're so unlikable (I won't say if anyone dies or not because I don't want to give spoilers). Some the dialogues would make your eyes roll as well. I don't know what went wrong, the movie had so much potential to be so much better. I thought it might have been the budget but for 9mil (to compare: Babadook had only 2mil) I would expect something better.In short: it's an "ok" movie. Definitely something different. The 5.9 score it has at the moment is fair.

well done, scary, tense atmosphere, good pacing.

I liked this movie. i had low expectations for this film due to its cheesy plot in the trailer, but ultimately was pleasantly surprised. It was scary, had good pacing so it didnt feel too long, and the heartfelt story of the family really made me connect to them. interesting yet good emotional ending. I like these horror movies that dont get a lot of fame but are done well. Plus they show the villain quite a bit. 8/10

Something different, good movie

I think this was a good horror movie, which had something new in it that kept it interesting. The general presentation was very good.

The pacing is a slow burn with more and more weird stuff happening as it goes on, which I liked a lot. Being someone who hates jump scares I was glad this one didn't really have any. The horror aspect was well done but some might find it mild maybe, and it was scary.

I like that there seems to be an allegory happening in the background of technology causing people to become more isolated and lonely; which of course is sad but true. The demon could be interpreted as a representation of loneliness perhaps as you get older.

I'm not sure why this one was lower on the ratings, but I think it is underrated and I enjoyed it.

7/10 a good novel horror.

Creative use of devices to accentuate scares

This movie is a little gem of a horror film. Not saying it's the best but for what it's worth, it scores points on some decent scares using electronic devices. It's refreshing to see that we haven't run out of ideas just yet. Great acting by Julian Jacobs. Definitely worth a watch.


Movie does the excellent job to depict the struggle that every parents has with children with ASD. For me its not abut the monsters, its about cleverly interconnected pallet of art pieces, bravo !!!

This Movie Came To Play

So I went to see this movie cause it was a horror movie finally in Dolby (after Tenet held the theater for like 6 weeks) and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was paced very well for tension and excitement but it also allowed for character development which is always great to see in a horror movie. The characters that you thought would be cookie cutter roles that you seen a hundred times in scary movies end up surprising you in how they turn out. The monster was definitely scary and kept a great suspense going the whole time. And then, it finished off with a very strong ending. I want to learn more about the monster and would love a sequel. 10/10. (Gillian Jacobs definitely did not Brita this up!)

Not bad not great

I thought this movie was just alright, nothing really special about it. The movie felt a little repetitive and predictable at times. I didn't find it very scary either. The monster was cool but didn't really do anything. Mostly just creeped around the entire time. Generous 6 stars.

A beautifully scarey monster movie from a childs point of view.

I really enjoyed the originality in how the movie makes a vague distinction between possible supernatural influences verses online child predators in telling a story about a very creepy and scary monster that seems to seek sympathy for being lonely and having no friends by communicating t his through an online children's book to an Autistic child who can't speak and say no to this monster. I was beginning to think this was going to be a kind of Maurice Sendack "Where The Wild Things Are" kind of tall tale. BIG NEGATORY ON THAT! This is some scary movie on a psychological level I've not seen in other similar movies about monsters.

This is clever on so many levels in toying with the audience at the same time drawing them in as to what it is and what it wants with an Autistic child who can't speak to say no to the monster that it doesn't want to be its friend.

Very good special effects and convincing looking monster and very scary. I don't know if this would freak out kids at the age of the child actors that experience this monster. I know at that age I would just soiled myself and ran out of the theater screaming.

I predict this is going to be a classic horror movie on lines of the Chucky, the killer doll in The Child's Play movies. You've been warned!

A nice surprise

I started watching this movie without any expectations but this movie was a really nice surprise. It has a good mixture of jump scare without it being overwhelming and the storyline was good also good.It has nice effects and good sound effects.I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a good horror/thriller with a twist into the modern.

Reminds me of Poltergeist...

And I mean the 2015 remake, but with a better story. Acting was solid, especially with this kind of premise. I think what made me like this film was that it had heart. Obviously, there are plot holes but it's better not to question it and just enjoy the ride.

Pretty damn scary

This movie may be rated for 13+, but I know many adults that would be thoroughly spooked by this one.

There's really very little that I can say I disliked about this movie, it was well-shot, the acting was good, the pacing kept me interested throughout and the idea is fairly fresh.

If there's one misgiving I have about the film, is the audio. The show jumps back and forth, between using almost inaudible whispers to extremely loud bangs. Something I usually expect from horrors, getting the audience to lean-in and listen before a scare, but it was a little overused here.

Overall though, fantastic film, made my Halloween much more spoopy.

Jacob Chase delivers one of the biggest surprises of 2020 with Come Play!

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2020 is undoubtedly one of the worst years ever for movies, not even in terms of quality, but the infinite delays of highly anticipated films automatically make this year more underwhelming than what it would ever be. Nevertheless, it still delivered a few surprises along the way. Movies that I wasn't really expecting to like as much as I did (Underwater, The Call of the Wild), or even films that I knew I'd enjoy them but eventually end up absolutely loving them (The One and Only Ivan, Palm Springs, The Personal History of David Copperfield). Jacob Chase's feature directorial debut is amongst the former group. I only knew the premise and the cast, which I have to admit didn't really convince me, but I still gave it a go since this could be my last trip to a film theater this year...

If it ends up truly being my last time watching a movie on the big screen this year, then it's a wonderful final film. Come Play is one of the biggest surprises of 2020. There are so many aspects that I absolutely love about it, but it doesn't escape from several issues as well. I'll start with the impressive performance of Azhy Robertson (Oliver) as a non-verbal autistic kid. As someone who has shared some time with a young autistic girl, I left the theater fully believing that Azhy was, in fact, autistic in real-life (I didn't recognize him from Marriage Story). I was mind-blown when I found out he wasn't. His display feels so realistic and authentic that I never thought his portrayal was pure acting.

John Gallagher Jr. (Marty) is really good as well, but he doesn't have as much screentime as Gillian Jacobs (Sarah). The latter isn't exactly awful, but she definitely disappoints in the more sentimental moments. She's great during the horror sequences, adding to the suspenseful atmosphere, but when the time comes to really deliver heartfelt dialogues and passionate expressions, Gillian fails to offer a convincing performance. The other kids in the movie are also quite cringe-worthy, but not every young actor can be incredible at such a young age.

Despite the cast's irregular interpretations, none ruins the captivating story behind Larry, the "misunderstood monster" on the other side of the screen. The social commentary is loud and clear, giving the film a whole other layer. Jacob Chase's commitment and dedication to this work (based on his own short) are palpable throughout the runtime, visible through the numerous tiny details spread across each storyline. I found myself astonishingly invested in the narrative. However, Chase often repeats scenes meant to pass that social message he so desperately wants to transmit, transforming many scenes that could be genuine into something extremely forced.

This last aspect is compensated with innovative horror sequences with highly creative use of today's technology to generate an incredibly tense environment. There aren't many jumpscares, but most are pretty effective. Nevertheless, it's the suspenseful atmosphere throughout the entire movie that elevates the overall horror vibe. Chase also employs long takes, which ultimately leaves viewers at the edge of their seats due to some excellent camera work (Maxime Alexandre) and seamless editing (Gregory Plotkin). I really like the score (Roque Ba?os), but there are a couple of moments where the almost silent music weirdly becomes an adventure tune.

Another brilliant technical decision comes from Chase's work with the VFX team. As expected from a low-budget production, the visual effects would never reach today's standards if they decided to show the monster in plain sight during daylight. If you go into the film expecting a monster movie where the latter is the protagonist, forget it. The crew was intelligent and humble enough to acknowledge the not-that-good VFX quality, so Chase "hides" the monster with low lighting and "shows" him during night sequences and/or through a smartphone/tablet's camera. It might be a disappointing aspect for many people, but I was delighted with this smart decision.

It's more of a family drama than a generic horror flick. There's a fair attempt at delivering something special, and I do believe it was very close to being one of the best films of the year. The treatment of the autistic character is near-perfect. I love the fact that not only the movie shows every problem that a condition like this brings, but it also demonstrates the extraordinary qualities that autistic people possess. Even though he cannot speak, Oliver is exceptionally clever, fun, and brave, something I believe most of today's society doesn't think autistic kids can be. The ending is both bold and surprising, finishing on a significant emotional moment that will leave viewers with a bittersweet reaction.

In the end, Come Play is one of my favorite surprises of this year. Jacob Chase proves that he's a dedicated filmmaker who knows his craft. With exceptional preparation, Chase presents an extremely captivating narrative, distinct from the generic horror flicks that flood every year. By focusing on the emotionally compelling story instead of the formulaic jumpscares, the horror sequences have a much more significant impact due to the viewer's connection with the main characters, especially Azhy Robertson's. The latter delivers one of the best young performances of 2020, interpreting an autistic kid with remarkable authenticity. However, the rest of the cast is not up to the task, especially Gillian Jacobs, who disappoints with an overall emotionally underwhelming display. The social commentary is important and efficiently transmitted, despite Chase eventually losing his balance and exaggerating the number of scenes that ultimately become forced. Technically, the suspenseful atmosphere steals the spotlight from the few yet effective jumpscares. Ends with a surprisingly bold, emotionally bittersweet moment. As long as you don't expect a "monster flick" packed with predictable scares, I sincerely recommend it to anyone looking for a Halloween plan.

Rating: B+

i shall not dwell...

Over the symbology of this film, other than say that im overwhelmed by the sensation of true fear, like the ones i felt when i was a little boy afraid of the thing called''bolla'' here in norway, and the film is completely without blood and gore, thats almost unheard of i would say a nightmatre on elm street without blood and gore factor could be a good comparishion( i hate to compare ,but larry told me to do it sooo...)

so plain horror you get, almost nonstop seemingly never ending, and the production has a vast variety of sound and light effects, cgi of superior quality, and the children actors are like made out of a good mix of tom and sean and some forrest in the edges. and its a film that will scare the heck out of people that are convinced that that can track ghosts via the camera we all have in our digital gadgets, and will for sure loose their senses each time a light starts blinking.

im ready to declare that this is the best of its kind made in this decennium, pure horror for all its worth, hypoanemic and hypointestinosic it is, and could even be used by the round table a saturday evening with the family, not familyfriendly but rather safe wihin the frames of common scares. its a must see film is the grumpy old mans message

Better then similar films from the same genre

The trailer looked good so I buckled up and gave it two hours of my life. And I'm glad I did. The build up to finally seeing Larry the was worth it, and it was honestly creepy. I had a few good goose bump moments... but I never got jump scared like other reviewers said. I was kinda hoping that the story was going to go in a different direction then it did, I was hoping Larry really was misunderstood, but I'm satisfied with the ending, albeit a bit predictable... it was rather sad... so If you got a soft spot i'd recommended having a tissue nearby.

Much better than expected

I really enjoyed Come Play, I thought it was orignal and had a really creepy vibe to it. Yes it was a very simple plot but either way it was enjoyable.