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IMDB: 6.6 / 10

Low Expectations, Pleasant Results

I mean, Mel Gibson as Santa with a gun and an attitude. In my mind this was going one of two ways, Santa Slay type camp or trying to be some sort of serious action thriller. I think it toed the line well. The relationship and chemistry between Mr and Mrs Claus is one of the best Mr & Mrs dynamics shown on screen. Is this the greatest movie of all time. No. But it sure was a damn fun hour and three quarters

Jingle Boom

Watched this online for free(sorry, not sorry) and had no expectations. I didn't even know the guy from vice principals/ hateful eight/Django and others was in the movie, so when I saw him, I was even more anxious to see where it went. Without telling anything about the story-- great movie, great actors (i love Mel Gibson, f the haters), and a good story that everyone should enjoy. Not your wholesome Christmas movie, but definitely one that should be on any "Christmas movie" list.

Jingle hell

Best christmas movie since Die Hard. Dont listen to those cry babies who make like someone stole their candy.If you are one of them,go see disney's bambie and whip for a cartoon's mom.P.S> Mel is still one of the Greats.

Something different

A different take on a Xmas movie. Plenty of violence and swearing. Mel and Walton were awsome. Got this as a blind buy and glad I did.

A great holiday b-movie.

Pulpy, well written and edgy; "Fatman" is destined to become a holiday cult classic.

In this dark comedy/thriller, an unorthodox Santa Claus is fighting to save his declining business. Meanwhile, a neglected and precocious 12 year old, hires a hit man to kill Santa after receiving a lump of coal in his stocking.

This film sounds ludicrous but really delivers the goods. Mel Gibson is so great, so badass it's hard to turn off your screen. Walton Goggins is as terrific as ever, always playing a twisted villain. This is the perfect B-movie with the most insane twists and tons of blood... perfect for the holidays (LOL). The humour is on point and the story is original. The hypeman and I both recommend "Fatman".

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Keep your expectations low...

I saw the trailer and loved it. So based on it and my love for Gibson and Goggins, I thought this was going to be a new Christmas classic.

Well, as usual, it's best to keep your expectations low going in. It certainly wasn't a bad movie in any way, and I did find myself chuckling every now and then, but ultimately it left me feeling empty and disappointed.

THE GOOD: Gibson is always great. Goggins is always great. But I really loved the spoiled rich kid who puts the hit out on Santa after getting a piece of coal for Christmas. Honestly, his character was the best thing about the movie, because the casting was perfect (was he intentionally supposed to look like a young Ben Shapiro?), and he truly was a little ****. It might have been nice if he was used a bit more, but what's there is excellent.

THE BAD: The movie's premise runs thin pretty early on, as you already know where it's headed. After a very solid first 40 minutes or so, it just begins to drag until the conclusion, which felt like it suffered from some major budgetary limitations. What could have been legendary just ended up feeling like potential unfulfilled. The running time on the movie isn't very long, but they easily could have trimmed a good ten minutes or more and it probably would have had a better pace. Also, when your premise is supposed to be very adult and offensive, it might have helped if they actually went for it instead of playing it safe.

I did enjoy it, but I can't see myself watching it again sadly.

My kind of Christmas film!

After all the hallmark movies, it's nice to see an actual movie. Santa is a bad-ass. A santa with economical problems.

Just watch the damn movie, you'll be impressed. Mel Gibson is gold.

It just does not work

Cute idea, what if Santa was a badass, but it falls flat completely and it isn't half as original as one might think on first glance.

After the world is established in a very quirky, illogical and disjointed way that I suppose it meant to be funny, but only makes your toes curl, it quickly becomes a meaningless action pic.

There are no stakes, there is no sensible continuity and morally it is all over the shop. It is like somebody wrote the outline and a commission of b-writers randomly pasted in dialogue, the odd joke here and there and random actiony bits.

The notion of taking a known narrative or character and subverting it isn't new. It is just the latest gimmick writers reach for in our current situation of extreme cultural poverty. This is just another example how slowly but surely culture proper is dying.

Has alot of room for improvement but awesome flick non the less!

I really enjoyed most of the characters even tho the writing might be upped a few.. Mel did an awesome job I think with the role he had.

Wish more goes this direction with loads of material, a more "dark" version of these types of movies are much appriciated!

Over all awesome enough midst all the bs that has come out lately!

8/10 - abit generous perhaps.

your brain say thank you

Your brain is going to thank you for not seeing this bad movie.

An interesting idea, but they didn't do anything with it

I don't know what this movie was supposed to be. It is not a comedy, because it simply isn't funny. I can't recall a single time that i even exhaled the air through my nose a bit louder, let alone laugh during watching it.It isn't an action movie, because the action scenes are sparse and, more importantly, amateurishly done. You're more likely to laugh at the action scenes (and not in a good way) than at the "funny" lines.It isn't a thriller, because the story is undeveloped and, despite the movie having an interesting premise, the actual plot is quite bland. They missed every opportunity to make the story interesting and compelling. Throughout the movie I kept expecting it to get better, but it just never did.

This definitely is a different kind of Christmas movie, but different doesn't necessarily mean better nor even good enough.One final note - despite people who keep calling this movie Tarantino-esque, it is nothing like it, so you'll be even more disappointed if you watch it expecting some kind of Tarantino vibes.

This is awesome

I can't believe this movie exists. It's high production, actors are good.Many may say the story is stupid and too straight forwards...but this is a movie, that could've been made in the 80's. People who grew up with movies which don't take themself too serious like "Commando" for example really miss such movies.And i'am not talking about cheaply made C-movies. In the 80's there was an audience for this kind of movies and that's why they were highly quality produced. It's about the fun. And i had fun watching this movie. It's just this kind of flick you tell your friends about "Hey have you seen this crazy movie where Mel Gibson as Santa Clause saves christmas with guns?" And of course they answer with no. And then you tell them: "Well, buckle up, kiddo. You're in for a good time, get the whiskey!".

Nothing more to add. We need more films like that,

Not what I expected. Pleasantly surprised.

Went into it expecting a different movie and was pleasantly surprised. I found it entertaining. I can't really lock it into one category for a movie but just go into it open minded and I am sure you will enjoy it.

I don't know what to make of this film. I know for a fact that I didn't enjoy it much! [+40%]

Fatman is one of those films that makes you think it's going to get better but doesn't. After an intriguing-enough start, it fizzles out in plot (I mean, I like a good irreverent comedy, but this sure didn't cut it), the action doesn't exactly instill interest and a decent ensemble is left to fend for themselves given the lackluster screenplay. Tackled right, Fatman could have been disgraced actor Mel Gibson's comeback flick (by no means, endorsing what he did or his attitude). He plays a Santa that isn't cheery, spreading smiles and distributing wrapped presents around the world. This version of Chris Cringle is often drunk, bruised, and totally devoid of the Christmas spirit. Quite certainly, what keeps him going is the resilience shown by his wife Ruth (played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste), with whom he shares believable chemistry.

An angry kid orders a hit on Santa: this is Fatman's one-liner. While that may sound pretty enticing on paper, it doesn't hold your interest for 95 minutes as the treatment is a tad formulaic. The showdown between Santa (apparently, a mind-reader) and the assassin (played to generic effect by Walton Goggins) is restricted to the film's final 15 minutes or so, and it gets over so quickly that you forget what went down, along with the rest of the film. The scenes solely featuring Gibson and Jean-Baptiste are probably the only thing worth salvaging here. And oh, the one time I chuckled was when an army man learns how Santa's elves operate and refers to it as "a hell of a way to run a crew".


Wow!!! How could someone create a movie like this? Serial killer searching for Santa to kill him? YES, awesome, want that. Never thought I would enjoy a thriller reinterpretation of a Christmas story, but I definitely enjoyed this one. Recommend for those who enjoy Tarantino movies, this is something like he would film (and most probably enjoy watching).

We need more of this!

On paper this is a film that should not work. Not only does it work, it even exceeds expectations. Even though it is not balls to the walls action, it knows how to keep you hooked and amused at all times. Great performances by the whole cast, great premise and makes the most of what little they have. Maximum effect so to speak. Very amusing movie and I would not mind if we got a lot more adventures of this iteration of the jolly fatman.

Tarantino-esque, festive(ish) thrills with guns & elves

It's dark. Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Quirky. Definitely violent. A little slow to start then .... BOOM in the 3rd act.

This is the type of Christmas film that Bill Murray's character (Frank Cross) pitched to the studio in the 1988 film Scrooged.

Mel Gibson is perfect as Chris Cringle and Marianne Jean-Baptiste is delightful as his wife. Walton Goggins is... Walton Goggins.

Not for the kids! But it's the Christmas movie that 2020 deserves.


I was actually excited about this one because story idea of hitman trying to kill Santa was a good plot for real fun movie...

But there was too much attempt to include leftist nonsense than to build a real story....

Total waste of time...

What happened to Mel Gibson?

This movie is bad. It doesn't make much sense. It's not well written, badly produced, the acting is bad. I can tell that actors are "socially distancing" in the movie. I expected more. I expected a somewhat coherent story. Fantasy and reality is melded together. There is no realism in this. It's just sad. 2020 is sad. This movie is sad. Mel Gibson should start drinking again to see if that helps (probably not). If this is how movies will be post-corona then I say it's no use. Just stop. You're better off watching reruns of Star Trek TNG until the end of time.

Behind different doesn't make it great

A complete different approach from your knowing of X'mas, but the weak plot is just, weak. Not much happening in the story overall, not much telling either