Reviews for Jiu Jitsu ( ) 720p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Really wanted to like it, but it failed everywhere

From fake fighting scenes to visible padding of stunt men to fake uniforms to nonsense let's use fists instead of guns to bad camerawork.The script is 1/10. If they adjusted the script to make it more realistic, it would've propelled the movie to a better review and a better script just needed some common sense in some areas, like the beginning of the movie as an example. (no spoiler) translator scene didn't make any sense. A US army base of all white men with no translators yet when it came to fighting, they were all Asian men... Where's common sense? Why was it so hard to adjust the story just a tiny bit?!Then the horrible shaky camerawork in most fighting scenes. You know, my 4 year old camera can do much better. Ever heard of steadycam? Nobody like a shaky camera during intense scenes, gee, after a minute, you just want to vomit of all the motion sickness. 1/10 for directing!!

I had low exceptions and just wanted some Mortal combat fights and little story, but the movie just failed it. Even the fighting was so fake, I was literally laughing during a number of scenes. If you like WWE WWF fake wrestling fighting, you may like this movie.

It almost looks like a few people got together, put some money in and decided to make a movie to see where it bring them, All money went to set and stunts and little to everything else. The editing of the movie is actually not bad. Bad CGI would've been ok if the script was at least somewhat decent.

Sick from the shaky camera

While everybody complains about the lousy action, the terrible state of Cage, I want to point out another reason NOT to see this movie. The camerawork, it's awful, then there is shaky cam (a lot of it), then they glued the camera to the guns, then unnecessary closeups, it's terrible.

Bad Movie!

Nicolas Cage and Frank Grillo are in this movie, but it ain't a guarantee this is a good movie. In fact, this is a bad one! DO NOT waste your time watching this movie!

One of the worst movies that I saw

Theres nothing positive about this movieStory, fights, the music.. all was really bad

It's really a bad plot, nothing makes sense

I dont give it 1 for the sci of the alien guy

Classic Example of How Bad a Movie Can Be

Being a massive Nicholas Cage fan, I was sincerely looking forward to this movie. But I cannot tell how bad this movie was. I was waiting for 39 minutes through the movie telling myself that it might turn out to be okay when Cage appears but there was nothing redeeming this movie from its extremely bad direction. Don't get me wrong here. I still love Nicholas Cage but this just isn't my favorite one of his.

Despite having a great pool of cast members, this movie goes on to show that every element of a production is important to make a successful movie.

1. The action scenes were way too amateurish.2. I've seen better CG done by tiktokers.3. The pauses were way too long.4. The bgm is basically the same throughout the entire movie and sounded like it was from the 60s.5. The story cuts were seriously disconnected and hard ("boring") to follow.6. The camera angles for some action shots were all wrong.

I would have given this 0 stars if I could. Still can't believe I've watched this in 2020.

Kung Fu meets Predator

The huge problem with the movie is the title there is at max 1min of jujitsu, lots of Kung fu and even sword fighting.The title drew me in, the low budget alien and terrible story that has no reference to the title and terrible acting settled this as a bad movie.Nicholas Cage is one dimensional and honestly an actor getting worse with age.I love Frank Grillo such ashame he signed on for this movie, no doubt from the promise of good fight scenes. Those scene lacked real world style and took more From Asain stylisted fighting.DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Don't add this to your resume

I don't know why Nick Cage keeps doing these cheezy movie roles... this is the worst on yet... Hope he works on getting his quality up... no more national tresure or face off 2, con-air 2? he used to be my favorite actor... good thing Bruce Wills didn't do it... Up your game Nick! Get Uncle Francis to help you!

Not "so bad it's good" you were hoping for. Just bad. Really bad.

You know those b-movies of the old, like Bad Taste? Which are so tacky and bad they are entertaining? This is not such a movie. It's just straight out bad and even the outlandish theme can't save it.

The acting is bad. It's not entertainingly awkward bad, it's just bad with dialogue that has no pacing, makes no sense and leaves you wonder if it's a college student's first attempt at writing.

The camera work tries something new by at times mixing hand-held with static and sometimes even first person, leaving just a confused impression.

And the effects.. They are in that uncanny valley of looking too bad for realistic effects, but looking too good to be goofy.

There's no redemption to this movie, it is just straight out boredom.


Nota a simp but I gave 10 for this flim just because of Marie Avgeropoulos

Nic Cage fights an alien but his eye bulging, grimacing n Cage Rage performance is missing. In fact, Cage Rage was much needed to fight an alien.

I am generous with a 5 for some good action, Frank Grillo n Nic Cage.But utterly disappointed to see Grillo get less screen footage n the missing Cage Rage.

The lead actor's facial expression is terrible. They shud have taken Scott Adkins.Ther was no need for Tony Jaa's character n he is jus added n his character goes on n off but survives while other characters perish.The action gets tedious aft a while cos its the same stuff again n again.The film is devoid of tension n the end is a piece of cake.The acting is terrible, the dialogues r atrocious, ther ain't enuff brutal deaths but the good aspect is most of the film is shot in good lightings.


Can someone explain how the first 15 minutes of this film contain 6 hours of fight sequences?

Couldn't take any more, switched off after about 20 minutes...way too much fighting!

One for the die hard fans of whoever these MMA stars were.

Don't Waste Your Time

I don't believe Nicolas Cage would be starring in this truly awful movie. Seriously wasted 2 hours of my time. I hope the rest of you guys won't repeat my mistake.

Worse than expected.

When I decided to watch this movie I knew it was going to be bad, but I thought the script/story would be bad, not the action and cgi as well. This looked like a low budget, "fanmade" cgi. The action scenes, besides being unrealistic and excessively long, gets boring to the point where you actually want to skip them. I couldn't finish the movie, is that bad.

No Jiu Jitsu, no acting no story

Writer's "inspiration" was Alien, Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, Guyver. However, for some twisted reason, he decide to put all that into one movie. There is no story line, no motivation for main characters' actions, no cinematography.The only beautiful shot was when two of the characters were walking across a field, shot from above. No acting, despite Cage's honorable attempts.

I would forgive all of the above, if, atleast there was real Jiu Jitsu. As the name states, this movei is about the martial art. However, most of the fighting was the regular, Holywood style, flashy fighting. Here and there there were some Jiu Jitsu specific moves and that it.

Please avoid wasting your time.

Been wanting to see a movie about Jiu-Jitsu for ages

.. I'm still waiting

I can disregard the lame sci-fi and Predator look-alike stuff.

I can live with the lousy sound and score

I'm okay with the blood being painted on afterwards

I just want to see some nice well choreographed Jiu Jitsu.

But alas - the camera crew has apparently never filmed martial arts before. And - the stunt choreographer didn't get the memo that the style should be Jiu-Jitsu.

There is no Jiu Jitsu in this movie

Which is a crying shame since since Jiu Jitsu was a uniquely modified form of judo that Japan popularized after WW2, and it would have been nice to finally give it a movie all its own. Speaking of missing things, ditto for the plot, the acting, the audience interest and the entertainment value. Nice to see that Tony Jaa is still working, though.

10 minutes of Nic Cage and his double

Unfortunately the movie fails to use Frank Grillo and Tony Jaa while Nic Cage gets to be Nic Cage which is always good but it's just an extended cameo and obviously he wasn't on the set at the time as Grillo and Jaa and they fix that with bad editing and using doubles. 90% of the movie we stuck with the lead a handsome man who can fight but with no acting skills once he stops fighting he is very boring. As expected the story doesn't make sense and the director keeps you busy with the action which was fine and the cinematography was very uninspired. This movie is so much of a mess it's watchable but it wasted the chance to be a real cult classic.

Hot Mess

The acting was just brutal to watch. Everyone was super stiff and the storyline went nowhere. It tried to be a Predators/Fighting Action movie/RomCom all in one. Pick your lane! If they really wanted to be Predator Lite and failed miserably. The red flags were there when I saw Nicholas Cage was in it. You know there are just red flags that you know a film will be bad. Nick Cage if one of those flags!!! What of waste of martial arts talent in Tony Jaa.

The film is so so bad! Watch it drunk

The effects are ridiculous, the story disjointed and making no sense, the acting is horrible. I mean, I would love to be able to say "except Nicholas Cage", but he is also really bad. And the cast is filled with actors you've seen before and respected for their work: Cage, Rick Yune, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo, Juju Chan. I mean, they were never Shakespearean thespians, but they did action well. Guess what: the fight scenes are bad! I mean, this is like someone made efforts to mess this movie up! The only way one can enjoy this is being drunk out of their minds and laughing all the time.

You people are crazy, like him.

First of all, this movie is a 5.0 for me, but i gave 10 stars to help justify the ratings.

This is one of those low budget B grade movies with some talent that you won't enjoy with high expectations. there's some good moments and stupid moments in it as well, but overall, it's kinda fun and entertaining. The non-stop action and fighting from the martial artists is the best part of the movie, and I appreciat that.

As for nic cage, he is not that superstar that he used to be, so what else do you expect from a broken actor? Your complains about him are timeworn.So, move on, people, move on.