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IMDB: 6 / 10

Forget it's a sequel and it's an ok Zombie actioner.

If you forget it's a continuation of the fantastic Train to Busan it is actually quite an enjoyable zombie film.Sadly this sequel goes for the big epic Hollywood action set pieces and loses all the feel and soul of the great Train to Busan as it goes for action rather than tension.It is well acted. A fairly decent story.My main gripe was the CGI car chases. They looked so fake and it was a regular thing throughout the film. The movement of the vehicles was bad and cheapened the whole feel. The cars didnt have the correct movements.The set pieces and cityscapes in ruins looked great.The zombies continue to impress in their creative and original jerking movements especially as they first 'turn'. Loved that.

A few totally cheese parts, the grandad & the Jane character!? Oh dear.The ending. Hmmmm

But take it as a stand alone zombie actioner and its enjoyable.Needed to be a lot more gore in it though. Felt very PG friendly at times.

Zombie run.

it's more a video game

90% of the movie it's a poor CGI, looks like a video game...

Too ambitious, too long - and no train.

It is 4 years after the events of (the excellent) first film and a large part of the Peninsula has been quarantined.A group of petty criminals are sent in to retrieve a truck full of booty from the zombie infested zone where they bump into the survivors of the plague who have gone all "Hearts of Darkness"

This is basically a duller version of Mad Max Thunderstorm on a fraction of the budget.The action relies on a lot of poor CGI and is very uninspired.The characters are flat, dull stereotypes and spend their time casting long, dull monologues at each other.

This film is much too long and everything that happens you will see a mile off.Like a lot of badly written apocalypse films the zombies are terrifying - until that becomes inconvenient then they are useless.

It is such a shame as the first one is such an excellent film

Mad Max with Zombies and infinitely worse CGI

This completely misses the character driven and well paced story of the first. One of the biggest movie let downs in recent memory.

Bit of a rollar coaster

This movie will mess with you a bit, especially if you've seen Train to Busan.

At first, it seems a strong start but it doesn't take long for it to become something akin to Mad Max: Zombie Edition. This feels out of place considering how serious the first movie was. The action during this part is good and the Korean wasteland looks excellent. If you've played The Last of Us video game then you'll probably think they took inspiration from it, like I did, in terms of the visual style. But, the horror and emotion is kind of missing during this section of the movie and, as a typical Zombie movie trope, humans become the real enemy for a while. That's so cliche that I'm fed up of seeing it now. This part of the movie isn't 'bad', it's just probably not what you signed up for. It's still entertaining but in a different kind of way.

The ending is the real star of the whole movie though. They seem to throw all the emotion that the movie was lacking at you all at once. There's some very satisfying conclusions. It makes the whole thing worthwhile because without what came before, the ending wouldn't have been as impactful.

Train to Nowhere

The unfortunate truth of this sequel is that it has absolutely nothing of what the original movie had. There is no real emotional connection with the main characters.

They rely on horrible CGI way too much which really takes you out of the scenes when all the car scenes and most of the zombies just look so fake.

And as for the car scenes, for a moment I thought I was watching the wrong movie and was actually watching a Fast & Furious zombie sequel.

To sum up, the plot is simplistic and ridiculous, the action scenes are for the most part lacklustre, there is no real connection from us the audience for the characters, though they heavy handedly try their best, unsuccessfully I may add, and the CGI is horrid.

Not Recommended.

I came back to lower my rating

I lowered my rating from a 3 down to a 1.

Worst movie of 2020 by a wide margin. Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible CGI (special mention, worst CGI I've ever seen), terrible everything.

I loved the first film, I hated the second. The first film had a small budget & a big heart, the second had a big budget and wastes 94 minutes of your life. I would have preferred to spend that time counting the leaves on my nectarine tree.

Gosh damnit.

They shud have focused more on the rat king zombies. Nevertheless, a fast paced action film.

Did i say action n not zombies?So as a stand alone, it is a good action film but nowhere close to Train to Busan in terms of zombie stuff.The story takes place four years after the events of part one. A guilt ridden Korean soldier now living as a refugee in Hongkong is sent along with four fellas to retrieve a truck full of money from the quarantined Korea now inhabited by zombies.Comparison to Mad Max, Doomsday, Fast n Furious will crop up everywhere. But the point is, is it entertaining? O yeah! Tons of car chase n gun action sequences. Fans of Train to Busan like me will b disappointed.The social commentary, the emotions, the characters n most importantly the zombie stuff is missing here.The climax scene in slow mo with melodrama gets on ur nerves. Watch out for the UN's major Jane. Her dialogue delivery n the way she runs is hilarious.So far actor Geoffrey Giuliano was the top choice to play white actor's role in Thai films n finally he landed a role in this film too.

I want my money back

Ima korean and I was so embarrassed in the theatre.. why must include cringy english? it was so cringy to listen.. and they use english a lot! i thought the director wanted same fame the Parasite director got and tried to make it like a Hollywood movie but failed incredibly. A 10 year old kid can make better movie than this. Absolute trash. i want my $14 back. Such a waste of money..............

Does not even come close to Train to busan

I'll make it simple.

If you like Invunrable cars, basically a car can drive through 1000 zombies and not even get a dent or brake a side mirror.

If you love Kids driving cars better than anybody in fast and furious franchise has ever driven

If you cant get enough of plotholes and Terrible cgi cars

I mean even sharknado is more realistic than this....

Loved train to Busan, sadly i Hated this.

Im just disappointed after watching the first film

Great first film and was raving about this new one. Tried to add more action , end of the world gang and loads of CGI and i just wasnt impressed.

1) Story line works for the most part..but keep reading2) The antagonist(s) were forgetful especially the Captain who was a damp squib3) The CGI on the car chasing parts: nope4) So many plot holes5) The ending, what was that?? I cant spoil it so you just have to watch it.

To fast to Zombie 2

If your going into the cinema expecting "Train to busan" quality, you will be surprised. Its the typical sequel trap. They throw in way to much Hollywood wannabe actioncrap, try way to hard to include every genre into one, to pretend this is something else then it should be.

I really loved Train to Busan, it was an awesome and unique Zombie flick with high quality. Emotional ride with fear, stress and good story. Was glued on the monitor whole movie through, it was that good. Korea really made a classic with that one.

This is the complete opposite. Its plain stupid. Zombies seems pretty harmless cgi placeholders only meant to fly in the air and get hit by cars. U never feel any kind of fear och horror in this movie, its just dumb action with stupid lines. Story is crap, writing is crap, very low character development, plotholes, timejumps, stupid characters, actors who overact and make a fool out of themself.

If you take Transformers, mix it with Zombieland on drugs, add Fast and the furious... ehm... and then add World War Z cgi zombies on a budget then u get this. But worse then all those movies ofcourse.

The carchases are computer generated, and it looks like a PC-game. Also most of the Zombies are just cgi, ragdolls flying all over...and it really shows its fake. Its World War Z style, but cheaper ripoff. When the end comes closer, they even try to switch the pace from rollercoaster action to emotional cry drama and it just falls flat like a pancake... u end up laughing cause its so silly.

Plus, the plot armour on the soldier is of epic proportions, he cant miss, hits only headshots, zombies throw themself on him, but he got his anti-bite armor on so they cant touch him, he got time to think a few seconds now and then, even if he is surrounded by soldiers or zombies on every direction... cause they wont do anything to him while he feels sad.... boohoo....

Stay away from this at cinema, its not worth the money. Look at it some day at home when your really bored and want some brainless entertainment.

Brings Shame

This movie has pretty much nothing to do with the original. The only reason they are linked is to try to get bums on seats.

So many plot holes, so boring. Avoid.

Wrong Turn.

I'll start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of the series and a horror aficionado. Train to Busan was a masterpiece; especially given nobody thought zombie films could be reinvigorated when it released. Seoul Station was even legit. Peninsula was lost in translation for what made the original film the gold standard. Shallow characters, too much reliance on guns. No soul. The movie basically became what the F&F franchise became sad to say. I don't need to go over the story since it's in the description. The action was ok if not way over-the-top. The cinematography was alright. I don't know if they changed production teams or not, but didn't feel like the same budgeting went into that facet. I know the director was the same for all three films which is what surprised me that he signed off on this film. Regardless I suppose it's worth a weekend rental when it drops. My recommendation though is don't get your hopes high.

Not as good or original as Busan, but still an entertaining zombie action film!

The rumours are true: Peninsula can not be compared to its brilliant predecessor, Train to Busan. Subtleties make way for non-stop action and the movie also has a big Fast & Furious vibe. But especially on the big screen it's also a very exciting and entertaining film. I'd give it an 8 out of 10..The story is similar to the upcoming Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder: a group of people must go back to zombieland to retrieve some bags containing lots of money. It looks like an easy mission at first (those zombies are harmless in the dark!), but of course it all goes wrong very soon. Welcome to hell!.Some things that struck me while watching the film:.
  • Peninsula looks amazing on the big screen (the destroyed city). However there is a lot of CGI and because of that it sometimes feels like watching a videogame
  • The story begins during Train to Busan and makes a timejump of four years.
  • There are some English spoken scenes in the movie and frankly they're terrible. I can accept that Asians speak English with an accent, but there are also "English" or "American" characters in it and they act very badly. The interview scene in the beginning - telling us what happened in the last four years - is embarrassing
  • Some emotional scenes are really over the top, but I guess that's the Korean way of drama
  • There are no actors of Train to Busan in the sequel
  • The film only costed about 16 million dollars to make. That's low budget in the States. World War Z had a budget of 190 million
.No, unlike Train to Busan Peninsula doesn't add anything new to the zombie genre. It is however a fun and entertaining ride and the first 20 minutes are awesome. I also liked the ending.

Can't wait to watch it again.


A great follow up to Train To Busan

Don't believe all the extremely low reviews about Train To Busan 2: Peninsula. Even though the movie might be laking on a few points, it's a great and exciting movie.

The action and zombie scenes are great, there is a perfect balance between tense situations and moments of character development. I read some reviews on here claiming that there was no character development at all, I bet they didn't even see the ending... You may feel more for certain characters then others but I guess thats also just the charm of the zombie-genre (take the walking dead for example), you'd probably feel te same in a real life zombie apocalypse :-)

I was just enjoying the hell out of this movie and I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing. Just don't expect a Train To Busan copy, because then indeed you'll be disappointed. Before you go, realize that this movie is 4 years later. In most of the zombie series/movies I've seen, thats enough time for the humans to get grip on the world and start to take over; resulting in them becoming more of a threat/monster than the zombies do at that point. Just as in those other movies/series, zombies are more used as a weapon/distraction or tool than a weapon in itself. Train To Busan 2 is no exception.

Furthermore; soundtrack is great and adds a lot, i've seen complaints about the cgi; cgi is fine, characters are interesting enough (perhaps lack a bit of backstory but it's ok), acting is great, story is good.

Can't wait to see where they'll take it from here. I highly suggest every zombie genre fan to check this out ASAP, it's worth it. And also for people who've seen Train To Busan, just go in open minded and you won't be disappointed!

The Worst Movie that Came Out of South Korea

I have no idea how this movie takes itself seriously. I can understand the bad CGI or weird acting, but why is this movie thinks it's telling a good (or consistent) story? Things are ridiculous from start to finish, and it feels like a bad copy of a Fast & Furious movie. And at the end, they try to create some drama, but you will not be able to hold your laugh. It felt like a cash grab attempt on the citizens of the countries where the theatres are open.

I still cannot believe the movie has 6/10 in IMDB. Are people watching another movie?

A lot of valid criticism in the reviews I have read

I was one of three patrons of a local theatre showing this film, which opened yesterday, Friday, August 7.Plot wise the story contunues to highlight family, in this instance a captain and the brother in law he is estranged from, and a second anchored by an aging grandfather who could easily been dismissed as senile, his very strong daughter and her two girls.Throw in HK gangsters and a dishounored former military unit doing its best to survive in Inchon.Shake and stir.The action is non stop, which actually distracts from the adversaries' character development and any actual suspense or mystery.Everyone is too well armed, quite the contrary to TRAIN TO BUSAN which was pared down to just the necessary.Its characters served a purpose that propellled the story along, and those characters were of interest, so their demise was felt.I did not know the lead actor, though I have seen enough Korean films. I would not place to much blame on his shoulders.If i wanted to see a Mad Max clone, I wouldn't, I would watch the originals.

Fake Cgi

Everything look so fake even the whole fighting and racing scene was shoot in the dark. Story was so weak that can't convince people. Last scene was created for the heroic moment but was too dragging and intentionally.I have no feeling for the lead actor and actress if they both scracfied in the movie.

Very disappointed

As much as I love the first movie, I expected more from this sequel but I have to admit that it was a bit boring in my opinion. there's not much action like the first one where they were being chased by the zombies.