Reviews for Greenland ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.5 / 10

Not awful, not great

Mediocre/good movie. Wasn't too campy but also not original in any sense. Decent acting with a few tense scenes. Overall a decent choice for movie night.

Pretty solid

For an action/disaster film, it had a well written plot. Acting was solid and it had heart. My only real criticism is that there wasn't enough shown about what was occurring around the globe as the plot progressed.

A boring and annoying remake of 2012

I thought this movie was going to be amazing, the effects and cast gave me that impression. Instead, we got a news of a movie that drags on for quite a long time before it feels like it's actually started, while the family makes one bad decision after another, putting themselves at risk for no good reason. The kid is whiny and clumsy, while the parents come off as a couple of spoiled brats.After watching this mess of a movie i wondered why is it that Hollywood keeps remaking the same stories over and over again. I'm sure it all boils down to a "safe money" perspective.If you've seen the trailer you've seen all the good parts, the rest is just boring.If you want a good apocalypse movie, go rewatch 2012.

Watch this movie!

Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature."Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice."

Not what I was expecting, but it unexpectedly worked.

If you're going into this expecting some high-stakes thrills and excitement with mind-blowing action and effect, you'll probably be disappointed, because that's what we've all become accustomed in these type of films. But in an unexpected and refreshing change, writer Chris Sparling made this story more about family dynamics and humanities quest for survival during an extinction-level disaster. This felt less Hollywood-ish, and more realistic than I expected, and that's a good thing. Director Ric Roman Waugh did a great job putting together Sparling's script. The 119 min runtime was just right, as was the pacing. The score was decent, but felt a little overbearing in some scenes. The casting was good, with Butler delivering as usual, but Morena Baccarin seemed bland in most of the film, and her constant side view during the car ride highlighting her terrible nose job was annoying. The score was decent, although overbearing in some scenes. I was disappointed with the 1990's CGI effects especially having a 35M budget. Nevertheless, a fun and enjoyable ride, and a solid 8/10 from me.

It is fun, But you feel that you have seen it before, especially if you see many films of this kind, it is worth watching, but with half your brain

As clear from the story, the movie is considered a movie about disasters and the end of a the world, a classification which many people love, and over the last 20 years we have shown very excellent films of this category, such as Snowpriecer, Mad Max Fury Road and World War Z, but on the other hand we have seen very weak ones too, like 2012 for example

The main problem in this movies is no matter how different details differ, but their screenplays remain very predictable, and often the viewer remains aware of what happens in the end of the movie, few films broke the routine and these films are stuck with the viewerThe movie Greenland is unfortunately not an exception, the structure is very traditional and expected from the first scene to the last scene, but despite this it is not a bad movie, of course it is traditional and does not have new ideas in itself, something that may puts you off and makes you decide not to watch it, but at least it implements these old ideas well and achieve the most important goal, which is to thrill and suspense the viewer to the endTo be completely fair about this point, I must say that there is one new idea in the meddle of the movie that I liked very much, But I cannot talk about it in details because I don't want to spoil it

I liked that the relationship between the husband and his wife has its complications, which creates a faint dramatic line in the background of the events and has a noticeable presence, which made the relationship more realistic and added a lot to the film

But of course, the film cannot go beyond the usual flaws in commercial films, which are the defects in directing many senses, there is no noticeable ideas or shots, for example a scene in the movie that is shot in extreme darkness and takes 3 or 4 cuts per second. As a result, I actually saw almost nothing of itAnd other problems like lazy acting and medium performance at the best of times, and corny sentences that we've heard 100 times beforeBut the vasual effects in the movie were very good and helped the general appearance of the movie to come out well

It's ok

Stuff falls from the sky, there are explosions, lots of running around. It is usual disaster film fare. There's no clever story, no room for actors to stretch their ability. It starts and then progresses to a predictable conclusion. It's a film that will fill some time but will not leave a lasting impression.

Great effects!

The movie was superb, acting, special effects,etc..

The story was too much to be realistic, but hey it's a sci-fi movie anyway.

Really intense!

I'm into these kind of movies and I really enjoyed it, it has a lot of twists. It's worth giving it a watch

Really tense view from the ground up

Ok. Not a masterpiece. But pretty good at creating an atmosphere of tension. Had me at the edge of my seat a couple times.You're not looking at the heroes making the grand decisions to save the world. It's just the people who are trying to survive the end of the world with little information and a lot of fear (sounds familiar?).Gerard Butler best acting in years. He really needs to keep the beard. Morena Baccarin is good and the kid is not bad either.

Solid flick!

In in very short words:If you liked these kind of end of the world movies from the 90s, you gonna enjoy this one. The main cast is pretty good and even the smaller roles do a good job. The story is pretty intense and has some nice twists and surprises. Story is a bit predictable und unrealistic at times, but what do you expect? CGI effects range from okay to pretty bad at times, but it doesn't bother too much.

Definitely worth a watch. 6.5 out of 10

That child

What a mess, the child just keeps sitting and waiting... for christmas?

An incoherent pastiche of familiar tropes and scenes derived from other films

Greenland (2020) feels as if the filmmakers wanted to make a profound social/political statement, but lacked the foggiest notion of what to say. Or perhaps they earnestly believed the incoherent babbling that comes across is somehow deeply profound.

The earth is about to be struck by a comet which will trigger an extinction-level event, only this is no ordinary comet, but a Hollywood comet. It's existence comes as a complete surprise. NASA tracks the precise paths of 20,000 near-Earth asteroids, 500,000 pieces of space junk, and several thousand satellites, but somehow missed a humongous comet headed directly for us that could wipe out all life on the planet. This comet will wreak havoc and destruction over a course of several days, first with some chunks large enough to wipe out entire cities, then with a meteor shower of molten metal, and finally with a chunk the size of Manhattan, which will wipe out nearly all living creatures.

The filmmakers don't explain how NASA could miss noticing so many objects hurtling toward the planet or how all these fragments manage to remain on the roughly the same trajectory and hit a moving target travelling at 107,000 km/hour or 2.5 million kilometers a day.

Fortunately (for a lucky few), the president will implement Dr Strangelove's plan, except without the polygamy, and fly "the chosen" to Greenland to wait out the coming Ice Age in huge underground bunkers. Apparently Trump managed to buy the island in secret, as Denmark doesn't seem to need these bunkers for their own citizens. One wonders how such a plan would have evolved in real life. Trump would have insisted on a merit-based selection process, while Pelosi and Schumer would have withheld funding unless the chosen represent the ethnic and cultural diversity of the populace, with spots reserved for undocumented aliens and geriatric politicians. The filmmakers never try to explain how the chosen are chosen. The president is never seen, reduced to a disembodied robocall voice.

Garrity (Gerard Butler) and his family must contend with the forces of nature, an uncaring bureaucracy, a society that has devolved into anarchy, various criminals, and existential dilemmas - the grist of several distinct (and not necessarily compatible) movie genres. The result is an incoherent pastiche of familiar tropes and scenes derived from other films.

2012 and a Half

Generic 2020s Cinema from start to finish, 1 Hour 59m later. Title 'Greenland' was a one-word spoiler, symptomatic of this Big Hollywood's biggest failing - a patent lack of imagination. The flic was at least entertaining, released as it was to vie for top Christmas spot, but it was just too darned predictable. With these vast sums of money to waste to deliver sophistication, why on Earth couldn't some of those dollars've been used to find a Writer? The movie 2012 was a terrifying but original concept. But sorry, that one's been taken.

too long and slow

Its way too long with not much at all happening, its all drama no thriller. everyone is stupid and do only stupid shizz :) in real life they would be the first to die.

One of the worst films

Wanted to like this.

Found it impossible.

It's a 'dumb' film. One of those films where the characters make dumb decisions at every turn. So dumb that as the film goes on, you hope something bad happens to them.

These types of films are insulting to the mind.It's not even in the mind-numbing-veg-out category. It's simply bad.

Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Acting is whatever, filming is whatever, storyline is bad.

We should be able to sue film makers when things are this bad, for recompense for the time of our lives wasted watching it. In this case 2 hours.

If you like dumb films, with dumb decisions then this is for you.

Sure was not for me.


Ok ish Film ruined by Woke message

Great effects and Tired story,but don't like to be constantly bombarded (no pun intended) with Woke messages.These scenarios of White bad non White good are just as dangerous as the other way round, just make it real and stop preaching please.

Better than expected.

A decent end of the world movie that deals with what would happen on the ground.Follows one family, and their interactions with other desperate people.Reasonable acting, and nice special effects.

Worth watching.

Edge of your seat thrill ride

Nevermind the bad reviews! This movie is awesome. I swear people are so hard to please these days. This film definitely had my heart racing. It got extremely intense there several times. This has to be one of my favorite disaster flicks. Deep Impact eat your heart out. I highly recommend giving this movie a watch. 8 stars ????

Anyone else notice this?

Everytime a character was bad they were a certain race...Everytime a character was good they were the opposite color.....this is happening in nearly EVERY movie Hollywood is releasing lately...And its getting old fast!