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IMDB: 6.5 / 10

That child

What a mess, the child just keeps sitting and waiting... for christmas?

An incoherent pastiche of familiar tropes and scenes derived from other films

Greenland (2020) feels as if the filmmakers wanted to make a profound social/political statement, but lacked the foggiest notion of what to say. Or perhaps they earnestly believed the incoherent babbling that comes across is somehow deeply profound.

The earth is about to be struck by a comet which will trigger an extinction-level event, only this is no ordinary comet, but a Hollywood comet. It's existence comes as a complete surprise. NASA tracks the precise paths of 20,000 near-Earth asteroids, 500,000 pieces of space junk, and several thousand satellites, but somehow missed a humongous comet headed directly for us that could wipe out all life on the planet. This comet will wreak havoc and destruction over a course of several days, first with some chunks large enough to wipe out entire cities, then with a meteor shower of molten metal, and finally with a chunk the size of Manhattan, which will wipe out nearly all living creatures.

The filmmakers don't explain how NASA could miss noticing so many objects hurtling toward the planet or how all these fragments manage to remain on the roughly the same trajectory and hit a moving target travelling at 107,000 km/hour or 2.5 million kilometers a day.

Fortunately (for a lucky few), the president will implement Dr Strangelove's plan, except without the polygamy, and fly "the chosen" to Greenland to wait out the coming Ice Age in huge underground bunkers. Apparently Trump managed to buy the island in secret, as Denmark doesn't seem to need these bunkers for their own citizens. One wonders how such a plan would have evolved in real life. Trump would have insisted on a merit-based selection process, while Pelosi and Schumer would have withheld funding unless the chosen represent the ethnic and cultural diversity of the populace, with spots reserved for undocumented aliens and geriatric politicians. The filmmakers never try to explain how the chosen are chosen. The president is never seen, reduced to a disembodied robocall voice.

Garrity (Gerard Butler) and his family must contend with the forces of nature, an uncaring bureaucracy, a society that has devolved into anarchy, various criminals, and existential dilemmas - the grist of several distinct (and not necessarily compatible) movie genres. The result is an incoherent pastiche of familiar tropes and scenes derived from other films.

2012 and a Half

Generic 2020s Cinema from start to finish, 1 Hour 59m later. Title 'Greenland' was a one-word spoiler, symptomatic of this Big Hollywood's biggest failing - a patent lack of imagination. The flic was at least entertaining, released as it was to vie for top Christmas spot, but it was just too darned predictable. With these vast sums of money to waste to deliver sophistication, why on Earth couldn't some of those dollars've been used to find a Writer? The movie 2012 was a terrifying but original concept. But sorry, that one's been taken.

too long and slow

Its way too long with not much at all happening, its all drama no thriller. everyone is stupid and do only stupid shizz :) in real life they would be the first to die.

One of the worst films

Wanted to like this.

Found it impossible.

It's a 'dumb' film. One of those films where the characters make dumb decisions at every turn. So dumb that as the film goes on, you hope something bad happens to them.

These types of films are insulting to the mind.It's not even in the mind-numbing-veg-out category. It's simply bad.

Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Acting is whatever, filming is whatever, storyline is bad.

We should be able to sue film makers when things are this bad, for recompense for the time of our lives wasted watching it. In this case 2 hours.

If you like dumb films, with dumb decisions then this is for you.

Sure was not for me.


Ok ish Film ruined by Woke message

Great effects and Tired story,but don't like to be constantly bombarded (no pun intended) with Woke messages.These scenarios of White bad non White good are just as dangerous as the other way round, just make it real and stop preaching please.

Better than expected.

A decent end of the world movie that deals with what would happen on the ground.Follows one family, and their interactions with other desperate people.Reasonable acting, and nice special effects.

Worth watching.

Edge of your seat thrill ride

Nevermind the bad reviews! This movie is awesome. I swear people are so hard to please these days. This film definitely had my heart racing. It got extremely intense there several times. This has to be one of my favorite disaster flicks. Deep Impact eat your heart out. I highly recommend giving this movie a watch. 8 stars ????

Anyone else notice this?

Everytime a character was bad they were a certain race...Everytime a character was good they were the opposite color.....this is happening in nearly EVERY movie Hollywood is releasing lately...And its getting old fast!

Every bit of opportunity thoroughly squandered and we're left with a very mediocre movie...

I must admit that I was certainly expecting more from this 2020 disaster movie than what writer Chris Sparling and director Ric Roman Waugh actually managed to deliver with "Greenland".

Well now, don't get me wrong, because I am not saying that this is a bad movie, nor am I saying it is a movie that isn't entertaining or enjoyable. It certainly was. However, the movie was just way too generic, mundane and predictable. And for a disaster movie, then I am afraid to say that the movie was frightfully devoid of massive scale destruction.

Visually then "Greenland" was good, however, I was hoping to get to see a lot more destruction as the meteor and the fragments made contact with Earth. There were a few destruction scenes, and they most definitely were good to look at, no doubt about it. But for a disaster movie, then there just wasn't nowhere near enough of destruction and pure CGI mayhem throughout the course of this movie. It should be said, though, that the CGI and special effects that were in the movie definitely were convincing and looked very real and good on the screen. So thumbs up to the CGI and special effects crew.

"Greenland" felt more like a family drama laced with some end-of-the-world disaster theme. At no point throughout the course of the movie did I really feel like the world was about to end. Sure, it was mentioned in the movie and the premise was staged for it, but director Ric Roman Waugh just didn't come through. I have to admit that I didn't really sit down to watch "Greenland" because of the family drama going on between John Garrity (played by Gerard Butler) and Allison Garrity (played by Morena Baccarin) amidst an end-of-the-world scenario. No, I was here for the end of the world and the spectacular effects showcasing the destruction. But sadly, "Greenland" wasn't really all that great in terms of being a disaster movie.

The movie does have a good ensemble of actors and actresses, and I will say that both Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin carried the movie quite well, and the child actor, Roger Dale Floyd, definitely also added something good with his performance. It was nice to see Scott Glenn in the movie, just a shame that he wasn't given more screen time.

While "Greenland" is watchable and entertaining for what it turned out to be, I just felt cheated out of a grand disaster movie experience; one that I thought would have put the 2009 disaster movie "2012" to shame and knocked it off of its seat in the throne of disaster movies.

My rating of "Greenland", once the ash has settled, stands on a very mediocre five out of ten stars. The movie was just way too generic and following a very strict run-of-the-mill-how-to-make-a-disaster-movie blueprint.

One poor decision after another

You know the scenes where you go "oh come on, why in hell would anyone do that ?!". Well, this movie is packed with characters having poor judgment and taking the most idiotic decisions possible (and being hysterical), and it's all done for the sole purpose of generating obstacles and create tension.And it works ! It does create a lot tension, but it's all aimed towards the scenarists, for blatantly taking you for an imbecile.You'll very quickly find yourself wishing for the death of some of the main characters, which would make things so much better, but then the movie would last only 15/20 minutes.


Ahh Hollywood movies. There is something so nice, tender, and predictable about the sequence of events that unfolds.

We start off with the typical protagonist introduction, a boss man doing construction things. But things really kick into high gear when we are introduced to Morena Baccarin running on a treadmill, because you know women - they get fat and they need to exercise like all the time. Then of course she opens her mouth and its the usual women stuff, so you can go get a snack and come back in 5 minutes. They'll include some kid scene that is annoying and cringe for everyone involved, but you are still in the kitchen getting a snack, so its tolerable.

I'm only 10 minutes in but you can tell this movie will end the way it started - predictably, boring, probably large sound effects, a few million in pyrotechnics and more cringe worthy lines. Looking forward to it!

Edit: Yep. It was boring AF.

The best and worst of human nature is on display

Greenland is a raw, tension-filmes disaster film that showcases both the noble and dark sides of human nature, when everyone knows the end of the world is near.

With spectacular visuals and an emotional narrative that is framed by the harrowing experiences of one family, this movie should definitely be enjoyed on the Big screen


Absolute garbage movie! Poorly executed and terrible acting.


Strongly emotions. lived every moment of the film. Yes, there are inconsistencies, but you forget about them if you put yourself in the place of the main character.

Very good film

The best disaster film ever don't listen to do guys that said 6.5 cause it's a ten trust se this film

Leave the disaster films to Roland Emmerich

I came in expecting 2012 levels of schlock, but somehow, someway, 2012 is closer to Melancholia than this thing. I wanted an eye-rollingly test-filled Gerard Butler-dragged flick where comets rain screams and explosions down upon humanity, not an endurance test of how long I can persist watching unlikable characters for the sake of the requisite shots of charred and battered national monuments.

If you're going to do a cardboard family plot, disaster filmmakers, please at least make them likable. I'd like to be actively rooting for the characters to survive, not indifferent.

One of the Worst Disaster movies I've ever seen

This Movie is an absulute piece of trash i know usually disaster movies are not oscar winning but this one was really bad feels rushed same dumb trying to save my family plot like always, movies like this are always about family drama but i think The Day After Tomorrow,2012,Geostorm they were enjoyable and had much better disaster scenes

Finally a disaster movie that moves away from the cliches

In the last few years Gerard Butler, sadly, has become a synonym for a movie flop. There has rarely been a movie in the last five years with Butler in it, that was not either bad or completely awful.The last of which, to name few were, the last part of the Fallen Trilogy, "Angel has Fallen", the less than exciting WWII thriller "Hunter Killer" and one of the worst movies to be made in the last few years, "Geostorm".Knowing all this I went into "Greenland" with a certain level of skepticism. Luckily, Butler seems to have gotten a lot smarter in his choices because "Greenland" is a quite entertaining motion picture.While I am not a fan of disaster movies, mostly because they always follow the same boring concept namely, a family or gets separated for some stupid reason and tries to find each other again over the next two hours while their journey is complicated by various obstacles of human or nature kind."Greenland" is no doubt a disaster movie but fortunately it is a little more exciting and creative than most of its kind over the last few years have been.The movie begins with John Garrity (Butler) visiting his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin) and their son Nathan. John and Allison are separated but they seem to get along fine. Nathan is fascinated by the stars and the asteroid that is shooting towards earth. Soon the Garritys invite some friends over, when a presidential alert appears on their TV and phone telling them to pack some bags and drive to a close by airfield.When they get there they are ushered in and just before they are about to board the plane the separation plot kicks in. Admittedly it's not as stupid as usual.Now this might sound like your typical disaster movie but trust me it's not quite."Greenland" is smart in how it handles it's characters and the plot is not always straight forward.The movie tries less to create tension with the looming disaster but rather does so through the human element and the different characters the family members meet on their way.We only get to experience what the family members do. There are no five or six main characters that each have their own agenda.Even when they're separated, the Garritys stay the focus of the movie. They meet good and bad people along their journey and what I liked in particular was the honesty with which the director handles these characters. Many people are selfish and greedy and even in situations like this one, where working together is most important, people still only think of themselves.The movie works also because Butler and Baccarin have a very good chemistry. They are the couple that has had hard times but still loves each other and would do anything to stay a family.Butler is really good here. As good as he hasn't been in years. It's not a very difficult role or something that would be beyond his skillset but it is more serious and dramatic than his usual tough guy parts. Quite a few times I was happy to see that he can do more than growl and butcher an American accent. Granted, he still butchers it but at least his character is so charming and likable that we can overlook it.The love and tenderness he shows in his face a few times is one I have never seen of him and, in a particularly important scene, we see the self loathing and disgust in his face.I believe he always had it in him and I am glad he finally chose a movie that allowed him to bring out his full talent.Baccarin is good too, especially on her own. She hasn't had too many major roles yet in movies but I hope she will soon. She really is a capable actress."Greenland" is certainly worth watching and if you have the chance and the current situation allows it, go see it next month when it's released. It makes for a welcome change of pace.

Nothing special

At times i found it boring and just thought to my self when is this going to end. Didnt impress me at all. Effects were good tho and characters were not that bad either. At the beggining of the movie i thought this had potential of being a great film. I was clearly wrong.