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IMDB: 6.7 / 10

Too political for kids movie !

This film has too many messages and signs of racism present. I don't recommend this adaptation of the Roald Dahl story at all for the lack of creativity and political messages present. I prefer the 1990 classic family film. Skip this new adaptation!

Anne Hathaway is not the only one killing this movie

The Grand High Witch is killing it. but seriously, she's terrible.From the start on, with the weird Chris Rock voice-over, this remake goes wrong wherever it can wrong. The acting is stiff, the focus is hardly on all the other witches, the CGI is not good. Even the housekeeping cart seems to come from the CGI box. Positive thing: Octavia Spencer is doing her best to be a genuine grandmother, and she succeeds, but that's about it.OK, yes, I am a fan of the 1990 movie. Even though it wasn't as close to the original story, I really can't believe Roald Dahl would recognize his book in this mess. The first movie was gorgeous in it's authenticity. It has folklore, it has an edge, it has a heart. This is Hollywood factory work and seems to want to be much more than it can deliver. It made me miss much more than the purple glow in the witches eyes. It made me want to just throw up like a witch who smells children.I'm not saying you shouldn't watch it. I am sure that an entire generation who never grew up with the original will disagree, but to me, this is like cursing in a church. It's horrible.

Incredibly bad

This adaptation was nothing like the original. The special effects for the witches mouths were incredibly bad as well as Anne Hathaway's accent. 10/10 would not recommend wasting your time watching!

A CGI driven bore.

"The Witches" misses opportunities and makes me wonder why director Robert Zemeckis continues to make mediocre films. Take a break, Zemeckis.

In this fantasy film set in 1968 Alabama, an orphaned young boy stumbles across a conference of witches while staying with his grandmother at a hotel. Based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Aside from fun performances from Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer, "The Witches" relies too much on CGI, which in my opinion is making movies worse with every use. What happened to getting a real cat in a movie? Is it really about animal rights or more because Hollywood doesn't want to train an animal to sit on Anne Hathaway's forearm? Chris Rock as the narrator was a nice touch and the highlight of the film. Overall, I think Robert Zemeckis should take a break from making movies to find his groove again, because right now it's getting tired.

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Different yes but missing key things imo

Yes you'll always have the the original movie or book were superior crowd no matter what but you have to give a movie a chance to be good, this falls short in a few ways imo. Firstly way too much too much attention is paid into the special effects without much focus on anything else.

My gripes, the grandma, she's very cold at the start, doesn't fill you with the same sense of comfort the original grandma in the 1st mobiedid.

Brunos parents, in the original movie you had a bit of dialogue from the father which gave you a sense of what type of person he is, this movie basically did nothing to create any type of other characters apart from the main ones

The hotel manager, in the original movie he was a bit of a snivelling stuck up so and so whos character you started to hate but he redeemed himself at the end, in this one the manager just looks confused and has no redeeming qualities at all

All in all a disappointment, the original set itself as a very dark childrens film where as this one was more focused on trying to be too dark than actually being so and just looked comedic at gimes, a shame because the story itself has so much potential

The Witches should have stayed in the 90s

Just watched the remake of Roald Dahl's The Witches. It had so much potential but unfortunately falls flat with its over use of awful CGI effects. One for the kiddies but if you're a fan of the original classic, stick to it. Not even Anne and her terrible accent could save this toned down version!

Cheap and tacky movie !

This film is a snooze and looks cheap and poorly made. Acting is bad and mediocre. Don't recommend it at all!

Nothing here but eye candy

This film is barley considered a movie... nothing more than eye candy. The film is not engaging enough for kids and not Sophisticated enough for adults. Not sure what audience it targets. Too main stream and actually kind of boring at parts! Don't recommend at all!


The original was better. They should of just left this movie alone all together

Not fit to fill Anjelica Huston and Anne Lambton's square-ended shoes

I wanted to like this, the original adaption is one of my favourite films since first watching it as a child, however, this remake is a low budget CGI fest with cartoonish characters that rob the film of any potential to be scary or sinister. Forgettable with zero kindertrauma, they should have left it alone.


I just don't get it??? Why do producers think it's a good idea to re-make an already fabulous movie????? WHY???? Why not remake a movie that should have been good and wasn't!?

People Need to Be Smarter

Why do I say "people need to be a little smarter"?.... because it is a remake by Robert Zemeckis. I LOVE Robert Zemeckis (we share a birthday and he's a great storyteller fun fact, also sharing a birthday with George Lucas). There was nothing wrong with the original, however technology gives you a little more room to play with the execution of the storytelling. None the less, a lot of the 1 star ratings were simply because the leads were black? Seriously, it was compared over 4 times to a 'what if' a historically black film was revised with an all white cast. Which is extremely demonstrative of their ignorance because that has already been done with a lot of literature and black characters. As well as people stating this is a "political" remake, when no one really thinks that until you factor in their own insecurities of having minorities in leading roles. Anyway, I don't love Anne Hathaway... her acting was a little much, but that may have been how the director wanted it played. No one can really recreate that Anjelica Houston portrayal but she does it in her own way which is what an actress is supposed to do. It's just a bit distracting from the story. Overall a great FAMILY film. One person did say "it wasn't as scary as I remembered it as a kid". Which I agree with, but you may not realize that fear as an adult. Seeing those feet, mouths and claws may be more of an impact for a child, or it may have purposefully been made kid friendlier. Because I was 4ish when the original came out and I couldn't sit through it I remember being terrified. that also may be the difference between CGI and practical effects. Still a great watch, people who rated it poorly where looking for an updated remake without it being "updated". It's not a transformer movie it's a Roald Dahl adaption. I and a lot of people can feel apart of the story now with a lead character portrayed by people of color.

What a piece of garbage

What the F... is Going on? Im a norwegian, and one of the best things about the original, is that the beginning is set in norway. Bergen. The story about the girl in the painting. Dahl had norwegian parents, so i really love the beginning of the original.

Why do the keep making terrible remakes of really good movies? The make up in the original is far surperior to the terrible CGI in this movie. If you check out the drawings in the book, the Grand witch is way off in this movie. The CGI is more like the Scorpion King.

That someone in the comments gave this movie 7-10 is just nuts. So incredible bad

Bland and boring re-make!

Nothing new nor exciting here at all! Makes sense why it's free to watch with hbo max subscription! Terrible re-make of a classic! Don't even waste your time!! BOO!

Medicority wrapped up with terrible CGI.

Anne Hathaway can't hold a candle to Angelica Houston and neither can the rest of cast against their 1990 counter parts. Zemekis's direction is bland and unimaginative. Avoid.

Another remake nobody asked for

I love Octavia and Anne, but this movie seems like it was rushed and that they were just phoning it in.

To begin with, the original is a cult classic, so how dare you mess up with it. Then, if you are gonna do it, well, do it well. They were clearly going for a kids friendly movie but I mean, this story is creepy. The mouse animation takes you away from it, specially coming from Henson's animatronics. The Great Witch reveal is underwhelming, and the changes/additions to the story don't serve it. It just doesn't adds up.

It pains me that Cuaron and Del Toro are attached to this project as producers. Zemeckis seems to be going in decline and it just sucks. Dahl's fans may be happier with this ending, but with all the other changes I dunno how they can be happy with the movie in general.

Shameful - straight from the opening scene; you could tell it was going to be dreadful!

There is going to be a lot of unemployed actors in Hollywood, very soon.

Is there anyone left who understands the public mood?

Don't waste your time

Awful.... why remake it the first one was great... the special effects are too much and take over the movie and they aren't actually that great.

Don't watch this... enjoy the first one again instead

They ruined it! Why oh why?!

This was one of my favorite stories growing up. The old movie was not the best but good enough for the technology they had back then. I always dreamed of them remaking it! But lo and behold this was terrible. Everyones acting sucked and there was no good direction nor good effects. The cgi of the old film was actually better. Ahh they ruined it for me! Please don't pay to watch this movie.

The Witches or... The Witch?

What was this? There's complete no plot or storyline in this movie. Characters are just nowhere or without existance. An hotel that is empty of people, where is everyone? The high witch is the only one who talks or acts in this movie from the rest of the Witches group, the rest are just robots. I don't know who approved the script for this remake but should be fired inmediately. Where is the makeup? Where is the evilness? Where is the Witch? Both kids have more personality while they are mice than humans. When they are in human form they are so lame. But as mice they are cometely different in form and intentions. This is just trash.