Reviews for Love and Monsters ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 8.6 / 10

Sequel would be awesome

I was not expecting much but it was a really good movie.


Dont see these very often these days. Great famlily fun!

Can't wait for the sequel!!

I loved this movie, and if you like cool monsters designs and comedy Zombieland style you will love this movie too, the main character is funny and rest of the cast played their roles really well, the movie takes turns that you don't expect and is overrall awesome.

i think covid19 has left reviewers with serious cognitive problems

Ok maybe a 4 is too harsh, but it doesn't deserve more than 5 stars that's for sure. It's basic acting, basic plot, no originallity...i know very few good movies have premiered since the pandemic took place but we should not lower our standards...

Heartwarming, funny and entertaining!

Good movie to watch on a weekend night when it's cold or rainy outside or you're just stuck in quarantine. Interesting premise, pretty good creature cgi, a main character that becomes much more fleshed out as the movie progresses than he was at the beginning of the movie, lovely side characters and some pretty cool scenery. Straightforward plot with a few surprises and twists along the way, some cliches too. The acting and the screenplay were decent, nothing groundbreaking, but the movie is definitely worth a watch if you're bored!

Don't settle

Love & Monsters - Just see it! It's an end of the world love story with monsters. Got a few laughs in it and gets you wound up in the characters. Acting is good, production is good. There really is nothing bad I can say about this movie. It's a feel good family type flick. I think there were a few curse words and a few people get gulped by monsters but it's done in a fun way. If I had kids I'd let them watch it.

When I finished watching I had that same good feeling I've gotten with movies like Jumanji or Goonies. It's the kind of movie you'd walk out of a theater with a grin on your face thinking "that was fun"

Oh yeah and Michael Rooker is in it so thats a plus

Awesome movie

When I was released in India in Hindi dubbed?? I love itPlease dubbed this movie in Hindi

Funny, creepy, cute, lovable.

I wish I got to see this in the theaters. Let's hope they make a part 2 it was so good!

Delightfully surprised

Went into this having heard nothing about it and not knowing what to expect, which is rare in this day and age. As soon as I saw that Dylan O'Brien was the lead I decided I'd give it a go, and it wasn't a mistake. O'Brien is in his wheelhouse here, playing on the likeable beta male sidekick role that made him a breakout in teen wolf. He brings humour and heart to a project that could have easily been a generic and forgettable affair, aided with some great supporting stints from the likes of Rooker and Greenblatt, however brief they might be.Funny, warm and utterly charming. It's a family friendly Zombieland, without the expletives, the gore and...well, the Zombies. Well worth a watch if you're bored/down and in need of a good cheering up.

Most upbeat and fun Apocalypse

Loved the originality of the movie with fun spontaneous comentary from main character. Hope a 2nd comes around!!!


It had great scenery and good acting. The plot was okay, could've been better but over all it was a heart warming movie. Hope there's a sequel.

Great comedy adventure movie

This movie is fun to watch and entertaining. It has comedy and adventure. For the comedy part, most of the humor come from Dylan O'Brian's excellent performance. All main characters are likable and the dog character Boy is so freaking cute. This movie is very suitable for family to watch and for people trying to forget some parts of the reality such as politics. Not so much for forgetting the coronavirus though but I'm craving for fun movies with decent scale of production, and this movie satisfies that craving, at least for now.


I went into this movie thinking that it would be some great escapism. And it definitely was. This isn't a horror movie. It's an adventure, a romance and a comedy. It's the end of the world. Or is it?

I hate to get serious with this review, but it really felt poignant right now. Don't be afraid of the monster outside. Get out and live your life. What a great message. It really hit home.

Anyway, I can't remember any specific flaws to the movie. It was fun, it had its moments of emotion and it had it's moments of suspense. I really can't ask for much more out of a movie.

I've enjoyed with every single moment of this movie

Really light-hearted and fun movie with great cast and decent acting. What else can I say?! If you're here for a big franchise with lots of explosions you are on wrong place but if you want to have really good 2 hours than you will have as much pleasure watching this movie as I had.

Personally I thought this movie was great

In a time when there is zero new releases, no new content in theaters, and productions being delayed further back. This movie by far was the best movie I have seen in 2020. With that said, I thought that it was an amazing movie, the story was awesome and kept me intrigued, the acting was great. I purchased this movie and will watch over and over again. This is just my opinion, I would recommend it if anyone is interested.

I love love and monsters

Everyone involved in the making of this movie should be proud. Yes the plot is simple and it's been done many times in this genre and several others, like for instance The road, or The book of Eli or 28 days later... But in this case more like Zombieland if it was rated PG-13.Dylan O'Brien plays Joel, a character much akin to Jesse Eisenberg's "Columbus", a kind of neurotic and unwilling protagonist out of his depth, who is rescued by Michael Rooker (playing Woody Harrelson's "Tallahassee") the grizzled survivalist with the adorable Minnow (Arianna Greenblatt playing Abigail Breslin's "Little Rock") in tow, whilst on a quest to find his love interest Aimee (the lovely Jessica Henwick playing Emma Stone's "Wichita")... Confusing?Not really. It's a post-apocalyptic road trip monster filled action love story movie that is a romp and a riot.It's not often you get to see a movie where even it's weakest link is still holding strong... The dialogue is witty, the scenery is beautiful but appropriate, CGI game is strong most of the time, and cinematography crisp & clear, no lightening cuts and shaky camera. All the cast brought their A-game.Hero and Dodge lent so much emotion to their joint portrayal of "Boy" the dog, they both must be very good boys... and Mavis the robot could almost pass the Turing test.You may have to suspend belief a bit in a couple scenes... But just remember you are watching a movie with giant frogs and snails and it shouldn't be too difficult. For me it's a 7 but a strong one.

I'd love a sequel.

It's a lot like zombieland which is probebly one of my favourite films. The main character is not will smith or the rock, it's a skinny nobody. Dylan Obrien is amazing. The film is funny and the action is great. The monsters are also really cool. The dog is a badass. I'd love a sequel. more characters more worldbuilding stuff like that.

THAT was an unexpected kind of movie

I was prepared for another boring to death movie flick, making questioning my taste on movies. I was surprised in a good way.The movie had it all, great FX, good acting, Monsters, unseen twists, everything i needed for a Saturday night.

And most of all, for bad or good, an open ending that leaves room a return (which traditionally will suck).

Highly recommended.

Great fun

This was a very pleasant surprise. It′s a great creature feature about a guy that sets out on his own across a post apocalyptic California (I think it was California -though actually shot in Australia-) to get to his girlfriend.All actors (all but one -Michael Rooker- unknowns to me) do a good job. The special effects, while nothing to write home about, are perfectly fine, the creature design is pretty cool and the dog is adorable.I have probably overrated this a bit, but it′s been a long time since I enjoyed a movie so thoroughly that I ended up with a smile on my face.

No zombies!

An apocalyptic film without zombies is worth its weight in gold these days.The monster were kinda silly, but the story, the pace and the character were pretty good.Filming locations were also great and different from the usual Hollywoodian sameness.And, Thanks God, there were no "in your face" PC proselytism, which was refreshing.Love and Monsters is the type of a film that a father can watch with his daughter or a mother with her and son and without feeling embarrassed most of the time.