Reviews for Batman: Death in the Family ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 0 / 10

Recycled scenes of previous movies

Based on the trailer everyone but DC fanboys could see this was going to be a "movie" made from recycled scenes of previous movies and that's exactly what this is. Go watch the originals.

Not a new film, just a recap to red hood

Do not see this movie as it is just a recap and of 30 minutes not 96


I watched this flick by chance and I was blown away! This is a piece of art. The movie is comprised of a few story snippets, with Batman's being the first and least intriguing. The rest of the stories -- featuring characters I am not familiar with such as "Strange," "the Phantom Stranger," and "Death" -- were very well done. I am curious if there are other movies just like this one. Highly recommended.

LAZY and Insulting to DC Fans. DO NOT BUY OR RENT.

This is a new low for DC. I never thought they would have treated their loyal fans with such disrespect. Batman: Death in the Family is a shameless and LAZY repackaging of clips from Batman: Under the Red Hood, this time narrated by Bruce Wayne. It's unbelievable. I'm glad I only rented it - but still upset that I wasted five dollars on this shameless cash grab by DC. SHAME ON THEM.

All right guys, let's blow this thing and go home!

Batman: Death in the Family is the latest ripoff con job from Warner Brothers Animation. They were thinking to themselves, well our movies aren't doing so well, so let's just retcon an entire movie that we think still has some gas, how about Under the Red Hood? It's a recognizable title, a title we're still coasting off the fumes and good name of, and people still like it; let's slap together a 30 minute short with the cheapest animation possible through an overseas company with inferior quality, cobble that 30 minutes into another title and market it as an "interactive" movie. Let's stretch this thing out and pad the hell out of it by slapping it into another story in the most awkward way we can. We'll patch any of the holes with ADR dialogue and still images, and maybe it'll work. This movie is the equivalent of fixing a dirty carpet hack job. All right guys, get the hot glue, a bunch of duct tape, gum, plaster, anything that'll work, oh but we're still gonna charge you for it. Can you even call it animation when nothing moves on screen? Warner Brothers can't look me in the eye and say that with a straight face. Animation implies that something is moving on the screen. Instead of actually animating it, cause that's too much work, let's just make things stand very still then dump a whole bunch of exposition and narration, cause we aren't able to tell a story visually anymore. This is the worst tricking the audience gimmick since Cloverfield Paradox. We haven't even gotten to the story yet, which is another carpet crammed into a dumpster, then set on fire. Jason Todd is one of the worst character that DC created, and no one cares about him or his story. People realize they killed him off back in the day for a reason, right? I guess we don't learn from our mistakes, something that Warner Animation can't figure out. All this movie proved to me is that no matter what universe Jason Todd is in, he's still a dick and a murdering psychopath. Basically, he was screwed up from the start, and screwed no matter what. We can't do anything new with him, I guess. I'd be embarrassed to call myself a writer if I wasn't able to do something clever with a character. People are still drinking the cool aid thinking Warner Animation still makes quality films, which they haven't done in at least 10 years. It's funny to see them so desperate though, to the point of turning into a sleazy fix-it-up plumbing company that still charges you when they exploded your entire bathroom.

Total rip off

Bought the digital release on iTunes... kept watching & waiting for the movie to start.Just a recap on past DC animated Batman movies.. with barely a minute or so of new footage.Yeah you get a few additional extra short movies BUT no full movie here to see. I would certainly AVOID THIS.Utter utter Con job.

not impressed, feel cheated

This is a series of 30 min cartoons, felt like you were watching Sat morning TV. We get the redundant RED MASK story, a Hawkman story, a weird artist cartoon, a Sgt Fury story ... it is like DC had a few cartoons laying around and thought they'd tos them on a disc for a cash grab. Disappointing.


I'm annoyed at myself for buying this movie. First, the digital version doesn't allow for making interactive choices as was advertised in all of the previews. Only the physical copy of the movie allows for interactive choices. Second, this movie starts with Batman retelling the story of the movie "Under the Red Hood" for a half hour. Batman just narrates throughout most of a half hour short story. Boring!!! Then credits roll and another short story begins. I'm not sure why they decided to make a movie retelling the story of a previous movie, but it's a dumb move on DC's part, and worse, it's misleading to the consumer who thinks this movie is a coherent original story. I should have read the reviews before I purchased it. Waste of money, in my opinion. I would say this movie isn't even worth renting. Just go ahead and buy "Under the Redhood" instead. With DC movies, sadly, ALWAYS read the reviews first!

Waste of Time and Money

Digital version doesn't have interactive features. I want my fifteen bucks back.

DC could do better..

I've been a longtime fan of all DC content. Especially their Animated movies. This, was a step backward. DC could do better than this. DC fans deserve better than this. Recycling footage from Red Hood and filling in screen time to barely, if at all, expand on the story. Give people something more compelling and less repetitive.

Absolutely Horrible

Basically a 20 minute or so clip show. There was some other video story starting up after but I just turned it off. Waste!!!

Batman Death in the family

Batman Death in the family was a very short film if you could even call this thing a film,and because of that i wasnt able to fully comprehand our characters in a better way and i found it to be rather to fast,how staff was happening on screen and it felt rushed since a very beginning till a very end.Story was solid and entereteining in a sort of way,animation was also cool and voice acting impressive .But like i said short runtime and rushed moments were little to much to me and some scenes were even hard to see how fast they were changing between from scene to scene,in end this was unfortunetly animated short film but it had solid staff in it

Mostly Recycled Footage, Little Interaction

Batman is one of those comic characters who is not afraid to delve into darker, more mature storylines. A Death In The Family is one of them, and it is infamous because readers actually got to decide the ending, which involved whether or not Jason Todd, who was the holder of the Robin mantle at the time, lived or died. and has gotten its fair share of attention and backlash for the final result. This movie is an adaptation of the story as well as a follow up to 2010's Batman: Under The Red Hood (as the cast from that film reprise their roles in this one).

Keeping with the interactive aspect of the comic, the movie is done to the point where it allows you to make choices that change the story. Before the film starts, the movie gives instructions on how to make choices (but thankfully, it can be skipped for those who watch it again or don't want instructions). The movie for the most part, has new footage mixed in with what looks like scenes taken from Under The Red Hood. Immediatly, this can be seen as bad, as the UTRH scenes are sadly just copy-and-pasted into the film, without any additions to take advantage of the R rating this film got. Basically, when you get to the point where you choose Robin's fate, you get three choices (that is, if you're watching the Blu-Ray. The digital copy does not have the interactive part). If you choose the Robin Dies route, all you get is a repeat of that film (only with Bruce Wayne/Batman narrating). Also, there is not much interactivity in this movie. Two of the paths do not allow you to choose to change the story, while one has most of the interactivity, which sadly hinders this more.

Because of these problems, the movie is too short (the longest being a half-hour), making this an underwhelming film. The only good thing about this is John DiMaggio does a good job voicing The Joker, but this interactive film is a lackluster and a waste of $18 I bought it for at Wal-Mart. Avoid this and look for something better, like Batman: Under The Red Hood (which is way better in its original form).

Very Underwhelming Attempt--try harder, DC!

I bought this movie the instant it was available, and after the first ten minutes I knew I wasted my money. This movie was so disappointing in that it was nothing but a recap of "Under the Red Hood" and very little else. If you're going to make a Death in the Family movie, make the movie and not some half-assed attempt at it. I really wish I could get my money back. I only gave it five stars because the animation was good and I like the voice actors. Storywise, this was a complete and utter failure.

I want my money back, DC! You tricked me!

idc what people say

This was a great movie from warner brothers jason todd was an unexplored character in dc films until titans and seeing red hood animation with multiple choices is amazing

Good action, short story

Weird. We've read the comic. We know the story. 30 min of Batman and Red Robin and 30 min of Hawkman, 30 min of Phantom Stranger, 30 min of Sgt Rock. Good but SHORT. Like watching Saturday morning cartoons, but paying $6 for it

Another Great Animation from Warner Brothers

Batman: Death in the Family is a 5 episode film: Death in the Family, Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange (my favorite), The Phantom Stranger, Death. Very high class collection and I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes. At the end, I always look for the name Sam Register; responsible for putting together a series of home-run hitting animated films. Sam is the best!