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IMDB: 7.1 / 10

A two hour and thirty minutes monologue

This is essentially a two hour and a half monologue in the voice of different actors intertwined with two different storylines. The first is some kind of sci-fi short story and the second consists of a series of expressionist metaphors intended to reinforce ideas conveyed by the monologue. Together the three components add up to the two hours and forty five minutes total duration of the footage.

The main issue with the monologue itself is that it is purely ideological, meaning non-factual and poorly documented.

The artistic insertions, on the other hand, happen to be hackneyed, predictable and poorly executed, whereas the short story end ups being a commercial pitch to raise funds for an "utopian" futuristic design project.

All in all, the whole thing is pretty boring. The only reason I gave it five starts is because, if soporifeous, this thing remains an attemp for refocusing the debate on crucial issues.

Important Topic, but nearly 3 hours of an atrocious movie.

This film is basically a regurgitated lecture of Peter Joseph's lectures. One character in the film is played as a professor and is quoted as saying "Some things were considered external to this contrived competitive game they called business" This clearly sounds way too much how Peter Joseph uniquely talks.

The script was indigestible and felt like a course instead of a movie. There was literally no plot. I guess you can say there was a tiny storyline, but it was clouded out by over used jargon. It was very hard to keep my eyes on it for nearly 3 hours.

The Good:
  • The music was nice and fit the scenery of the film very well.
  • I follow Peter Joseph's work, so I do find the topics in the film extremely important

The Bad:
  • No plot. Not a documentary. My guess is you can call it a Mockumentary
  • Acting is so bad. Like really bad. I can't knock the actors. Al Pacino himself wouldn't be able to give life to such a script.
  • The special effects and color grading was bad and pretentious at best. Overblown soft tones and lumination was a bit nauseating.

Conclusion:I gave the rating of this film a 2 and not a 1 because I felt that the film's topic is important. Capitalism is an extremely inefficient system. Although we have no other system better to replace it, we have elitist fans who defend Capitalism which ultimately impedes on any progress to our social condition.

This film feels as though it's directed at Peter himself and those who agree heavily with the Zeitgeist Movement. If there was any attempt to bring further outreach to those outside this circle or provide an enjoyable movie, then this Film failed miserably. If there was no attempt to bring further outreach and it was created purely to provide a somewhat entertaining outlook of the movement for those WITHIN the circle, I think it did well.

Another excellent, introspective film for high-level thinkers

I first discovered Peter Joseph's work some years ago and quickly absorbed all the Zeitgeist films. It was the first time I'd seen, on screen, someone talking about subjects that others felt were too taboo to mention or too "strange" to consider. I remember that Einstein often got the same feedback, as well as Tesla and many others who developed works that seemed on the edge of simple understanding.

A lot of people who don't like to think very much won't get his films. Which, unfortunately, is pretty sad and makes sense as to why the topic of the film hits home for those like myself. In a way, their dissent of the films are self-fulfilling prophecies.

However, the one thing I do love about this latest film is that it pokes fun of itself, often commenting on what the non-target audience member may be saying to themselves. And in the words of many famous folks, if you can simply explain something then you completely understand it. Some of the scenes do just that. Others, however, take a deeper level of introspection.

In the end, InterReflections takes a deep dive into the human condition, and explains it in digestible bites that allow one to see themselves in the characters, while exploring the possibilities of what could be. Looking forward to more, as the end seemed to allude to a "part 2".


Fantastic film by one of the revolutionary minds of our time.

Brilliant showcase of time-conscious, thought provoking, cultural, reality art.

This is what the world needs to view. I have watched many a film/documentary & nothing comes closer to the sheer perfection of social commentary that this film exudes. Metaphor after metaphor of pure genius writing.

A Transcendental Film

Humanity, you've been waiting for Interreflections for about 12 thousand years....

This film, unlike any other socially conscious film ever made, offers answers to questions you didn't even know you had. And it will take you places you never thought were possible.

It truly is a transcendent work of art, social commentary, and vision for a far better world than we have now. HIGHLY recommended!

Very important movie for our generation

Excellent! Thanks Peter Joseph for this tremendous work

If you rate it less than 10, you're not smart enough to understand the film.

If you haven't given this film a 10 then you're simply not bright enough to understand it. Harsh but true. I


This movie is grand... Why? Because it takes the innovative step needed to target the current abomination that is human society. It is a small but malevolent group of people, pulling the strings that control all of us, and anyone who speaks against it, becomes the target of this group. But now, in 2020, when this group has influenced so many over the years (by creating social discord through media, thereby allowing people to do their bidding and fight one another) we the 99.99% are waking in the millions to the deceit and propaganda.

If you rubbish this movie, you work for the elite, without even knowing that you do. You can continue to be their slave or you can overcome the tyranny and be part of a society ascending into greatness.

Loved It

I would recommend the book over the film. Joseph's the new human rights movement. At least from the standpoint of tangible information. His outrageous interpretation of his own book in this crazy fantasy multi time frame thing is both exciting and bizarre. Still love it!

Mind blown!

Definitely one of its kind. So much crucial information packed with very artistic metaphors. Can't wait to see the next one!

Star rating not genuine.

The low rating is not a fair representation of this peice. There are a group of trolls down voting it.

The World Needs To See This

A film that will expand your perspective beyond the box. Thoughts and ideas that are desperately needed to make the world more just and free. Peter Joseph is a thinker that will be appreciated more by future generations than by our generation. Just watch and allow yourself to see things differently.

This discussion needs to reach the public forum. Nice job Peter!

Loved the film, a little slow in some parts but clearly presented and with a sense of humour.

Sophisticated activist art- I loved it!

As a human concerned about where we are heading I appreciate Peter Joseph's tireless dedication and work to provide solutions and understanding of the core root problems we must overcome to survive. After many years of heady academic work, his latest gift to humanity is this beautiful art piece. A labor of love, every scene is crammed full of thought provoking information and social commentary, wrapped in a beautifully rendered visual celebration.This movie draws you in from the start, and takes you on a journey that at times makes you laugh, and cry, and challenges you on many different levels. I think there is something for everyone, but for those that expect 'more' from a film, you won't be disappointed. I have seen this film multiple times now and I gain more insight and notice new things with each viewing.In an age of formulaic, simple, safe and boring Entertainment it is refreshing to see something new and different.Watch with an open mind, and let Peter Joseph take you on quite a ride.

Intellegtual, intriguing and A LOT to pull on!

This movie is long! I finished after 2 sittings and I have to say while I love traditional Sci Fi (bad or not) this isn't traditional. With a very experimental feel I was curious in its unfolding and was actively working to put scenes together as there were layers of depth it seemed as scenes progressed. VERY intellectually stimulating. It had me up the next couple days thinking. Things I've never connected before. I'm going to give it a second watch for sure because there is just so much depth and after talking with someone else he was able to notice more references then I did the first time so this is defiantly a movie that deserves multiple watches and not a movie for passive watching, it demands your attention at least if you're a puzzle solver.

NOT a movie for those without upper level brain activity or tiny attention spans. The Sci Fi is bad but impressive at times and the ethos of the film and intellectual aspects for me make it a 10/10. Same reasons I love Christopher Nolan films but this one has no where near that budget and still seemed to deliver on the intellect and philosophy. This one is going to go over many heads but those with the eyes and minds to meet it on the level of its presentation will be in for a very rare treat indeed. I'll be following to see the discussions about this film. Very curious as to where this goes!

Highly Recommended! A MUST Watch!

This again, a Peter Joseph Masterpiece. I just love the artistic representation of his book "The New Human Rights Movement".

We need more of this kind of documentary/movie for everyone else who havent read the book.


The avaited solutions.

Lesson learned. Starting to change right now. If i were a smoker i d say never again.Recomend it urgently for everybody.

A long time in coming,...

... and hopefully it got here, on time.

We've been starving for this message, for decades. Finger crossed that ready for it, and that it's not too late.

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Long awaited Peter Joseph contribution finally here... and well worth the wait

Keep em coming, the world desperately needs thoughtful, considered, intelligent debate, conversations and engagement in these challenging times

Thank you for all your works, efforts and insights ... you are appreciated ??????????