Reviews for Cagefighter ( ) 720p

IMDB: 8.5 / 10

Great sports film

Everything you need in an action film, enjoyed the fights and training scenes.

Poor man's Rocky

Basically a poor man's Rocky but with UFC.

Poor acting, predictable story line. Avoid

Great acting and good story line.

This was by far the best mma movie ever. The story line plus The way Chuck Liddell coached and how he interacted with everything it made it look real and a good movie. I know it's not a 4.5 rating so that's wrong and need a to be changed. The fighters in the movie are great and make it to where your licked in and can't wait to see them fight. This is a must see movie.

Uhhhhh MMA Champ? How?!?!

I dont see how this guy was supposed to represent an MMA fighter. He didnt do anything worthy the whole movie. Might as well have been some backyard fighting movie.

These other reviews saying its a great MMA movie have to be fake. Its a joke.

Its not bad...worth a watch

Of course the good guy aways wins, why shiuld thismovie be any different.

Overall a very watchable film, Mox being the standout actor. Alex m did a very admirable job as well.

Music and Visual effects where all note worthy. Standout out track being Octogons.

Will Watch again again next time, when the boys are over.

Extremely boring movie

This move is a boring. The fights are a joke.The animations used in the fight scenes were just straight unpleasant.

Predictable and simply bad mma

The movie was predictable from the beginning and the fight scenes were poorly choreographed.

The acting was good but it couldn't distract you enough from the movie failing to draw you in.


This move is a boring. the fights are a joke, i have seen boring mma fights that was way more exciting than the fights in this movie

Warning! Extremely boring movie.

I guess this movie might be OK to watch if you're friends with any of the actors and you watch it as a "Fun thing" whilst getting hammered on beer and weed.

It was truly a rather boring and predictable movie, and the animations used in the fight scenes were just straight awful, like wtf.

Thank you for reading this banger of a review.

This is our generation's 'Rocky' - not be be missed!

Absolutely love this film. It's packed with action, impressively realistic fight scenes and a storyline that really draws you in. As a fight fan, this movie has it all - MMA, Wrestling, the intricacies and politics of the fight business, and convincing, likeable characters that really bring it to life. This movie will go down with the best fight movies like Rocky, the Wrestler and others, and its big finale outstrips them all. Highly recommend!

A great movie with loads of action

As an MMA and wrestling fan this movie was right up my street. Great action and I really enjoyed the story. There was some great characters and I thought the acting was spot on.

Hollywood should have their eyes on MOX

Jon Moxley is a great actor. No wonder he's so good in AEW and WWE. Hollywood should definitely have their eyes on MOX.

A very conventional film.

The movie follows the path of the usual underdog story. The green screen effects seem very off often. The movie does not not make any new innovations in "the underdog plot" causing it to become very stale and predictable. The only person in this movie who is entertaining is Jonathan Good who acts with a lot of conviction. The fight scenes however are also a big plus as they are very well choreographed. Overall, an inoffensive film with a pro-wrestler as it's best actor (no wonder).

Great story!

All the characters are very charismatics and the story is very well told!

In The Top 5 MMA Movies Of All Time!

I really love movies and action. This movie I really related to for a few reasons, one being that I'm a wresting fan, a ufc fan and a fan of rivalries. This movie was really put together well and had a good story line. The actors did a great job and you can really tell that they're passionate about what they do. This is very rare these days with movies, because of ego and actors letting it go to their head. The quality usually goes down but I found with this film it was consistent all the way through. The fight scenes were very realistic and I felt like I was in the cage with them. Everybody Loves A Good Story About A Underdog. The Comeback Is Always Greater Than The Set Back.

Great story, captivating cast

This is an exciting and engaging movie with a cast and story that draws you in to the human element, and great fight sequences!

I've trained MMA and cornered MMA fights and this is faithful depiction

I've trained MMA and cornered MMA fights and this is faithful depiction.

I really enjoyed the movie it was fun and faithful to the struggles of an MMA fighter and the business behind it.

Must watch for fans of sports movies and boxing movies also.


A breath of fresh air!

Cagefighter: Worlds Collide directed by Jesse Quinones and starring newcomer Alex Montagnani as Reiss Gibbons, is a breath of fresh air in the world of combat sports movies!

Jesse has a good style of directing with the pace feeling very well balanced throughout yet not rushed which can be difficult to pull off with fight movies & Alex is very likeable as Reiss, he's got a good heart and you want to see him win!

The movie also has Legendary Combat Sports talents such as Chuck Liddell, Luke Rockhold, Jonathan Good aka Jon Moxley and Jay Reso aka Christian, who all churn out solid performances in their very fitting roles!

Liddell is perfect in his role as Reiss's trainer Marcus and exhibits dramatic chops which will surprise people. Rockhold plays his role well as the pushy glory hunting trainer, Moxley is electric, crushing it as the larger than life smack talking superstar wrestling protagonist who demands respect and is happy to prove he belongs in the cage & Reso is brilliant as this worlds Joe Rogan/ Ariel Helwani type character!

Elijah Baker and Georgia Bradner offer great performances as Reiss 's quick witted manager and Reiss's loving partner & Gina Gershon totally owns her role as the tough as old boots Max Black, owner of Legends which feels like this worlds equivalent of the UFC!

This movie offers realistic fight scenes, good drama and a true insight into the world of MMA that we rarely get to see depicted on screen!

I'd happily see a sequel as this exciting world they've created with intriguing characters is certainly worth further exploring and delving deeper into!

Roll on a sequel, I wanna see that 3rd fight!