Reviews for 2067 ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 4.6 / 10


?2067? is more frustrating than the average indre sci-fi misfire because there's so much potential embedded in this clever story.

Kodi Smit-McPhee is quite simply ineffective as Ethan Whyte. There is alot of cringeworthy dialogue and the movie is clearly a low-budget affair.

Much better than expected.

I was initially put off by the review on IMDB from Alex-volk-1 but it looked OK from the trailers so I watched it.

It is professionally done, the actors are excellent as is the plot. It might be a little predictable at times due to the use of time travel and ecocide themes but that's what films are once you've seen more than a couple of 100. The story was complete.

I went back and reviewed the original review's reviews! Haaa he's not a very positive person.

Enjoyable for many reasons. I'd say give it a spin if you like SciFi. I laughed at a few things in there but wasn't sure it was supposed to have a hint of humour.

Enough from me, enjoy it.

the hard way is the right one

The cast is a bit anonymous but the story is very good and original. Didn't had too much expectation at the beginning having seen the low score but I was very surprised by the positive message of the movie and the finale. Probably many that gave a low vote didn't understand why to trust people you must not trust people and sometimes the solution to a problem is not a solution because is not a permanent one but a quick fix.I higly recommend this SF movie, the first in decades that doesn't start with a scene of sex, doesn't wrap the story around a beautiful girl, doesn't need to insert an alternate gender to fill the holes of the storyand where the end doesn't seems a tale written by a 4 years old child.For me 10/10. A movie is about a story, not explosions, automatic machine guns and damsel in distress to make it understandable even by the unfortunate minds.Movie is art and art can't be for everybody otherwise is not anymore art but a product.

I gave it 1 because 0 is not an option

I just have to say it people.WTF did I just see?If the acting was worse then than script is just impossible to tell.I can not believe that Australian movies are actually getting worse becauseover the past decade they have been horrific. Why are Australian taxpayers supporting this sort egregious and totally asinine garbage?I know that it is because "we just have to have a film industry" attitude but then why make krap like this? I sort of know the answer because I actually know a fair bit about the people in the OZ film madness and those that work for the SA film corp are just about as low as you can sink. No furking idea about film but a lot of middle management psychosis.They will never get better so what I suggest is that they kill off these government film supporting madhouses and let the free market do its thing. Better no films than this garbage.

Super bad acting

Acting is horrible, especially the lead actor doesn't have any acting skills at all and is overacting all the time, wide eyes rolling, like in silent movie.The Sample libraries, that have been used to used for the score are not a good fit to the pictures, way to loud and slick.If you don't have a high budget for a Scifi-Movie, you should at least have a convincing story and decent actors.A waste of oxygen, worse than Covid-19.

So awful

Bad acting. Stupid dialogue. Protaganist has one setting: panic with emotional blubbering.

Ha ha ha gotta love some of the silly reviewers

OMG I'm still laughing at the reviews for this, "the story is mind blowing" "a realistic sci-fi movie" oh dear.I did actually enjoy this movie but it was a struggle with all the wobbly melodrama & the hokey science, the time travel aspect is straight out of "12 monkeys" & "predestination".Ok so all the oxygen is gone & people are breathing man made o2 through masks while outside but not in buildings? So if there's no oxygen outside, why isn't air rushing out of rooms when doors are opened, didn't see anyone go into an airlock.The ending is also very suspect, no more plants are alive in the world due to lack of oxygen so sending back a couple of tons of extinct plants from the future aren't going to survive without oxygen long enough to replenish the worlds oxygen supply, just silly.This is simply a "by the book" drama, one overly dramatic scene leads to the next with God awful stringed instrument music.Cinematography is very good, cgi & special effects are ok.Better casting choices & a much better writer or even just a better thought out story & this could've been a pretty decent movie, no better or worse than what's coming out of the Russian film industry.

Dissappointing in the extreme

This movie is just plain discombobulated, disjointed, and i just didn't care about what happened to any of the characters...

This is sad, because I love a good Sci-Fi movie. This just didn't have it.

It seemed like it was trying way too hard to be a great Sci-fi blockbuster-type movie, but it was years from that unfortunately.

I thought I'd give it a try - even with the poor 4.7 rating, thinking I don't know what - but that rating is being kind. Oh well. Live and learn...

Not As Bad As They're Saying

Simply put - if you like Sci Fi you willl enjoy this movie. FX are decent, the lead actor is a bit ropey but the rest of the cast are ok. Decent story line as well. Not as bad as a lot of these reviewers make out

A realistic SCI-FI movie

This is the story of humankind in 2067. They are suffering from a lack of oxygen. They are generating artificial oxygen to survive. The main actor in the movie is an engineer who works in an oxygen generating company. The company gives him a time travel mission to save humankind. I liked the story. It had the elements of drama and SCI-FI. To me, acting could be improved. I liked the special effects especially the scene that shows the future city. The background music and sound effects were nice. In summary, I recommend this movie for SCI-FI fans.

The story is mind blowing

I thought the movie wasn't going to be that great. But I love Sci-Fi so I gave it a shot. The writers were genius. I felt it was a great story. It kept you on your toes and it was exciting. It's no action movie but the science involved had to be really thought out to make this script so good. And the ending, oh my god, that was great. I wanted to see more, I wanted to see if maybe what he did had some effect on the ending. I know we will never see a part 2 of this movie but I would love to see some fan made fiction for a part 2. I don't want to say to much but wow this was really cool.

Oxygen thieves

I wish i couldve sent myself a message from the future to not watch this.

A science fiction without logic or science

Scientists can't keep trees alive in the laboratory but they can invent a time machine? This movie is a joke. Don't even want to go into low budget, low quality acting

Exceeded my expectations by far

This is a solid movie, the special effects are really good (the future city and technology), the story unfolds in a sensible way, and I thought the actors were believable. The pace was also really good, and I was excited to see what comes next.

One could discuss if the time travel parts make sense, but I think they mostly do (depending on how you think time travel would work) and they mix in some philosophical questions (can people change? in what do you have faith?). It is also a good mix between what you expect and what you don't expect - it has no super crazy twists, but it does have some surprising revelations, which is even better in my opinion, as you never know if the next thing that happens is what you expect or slightly different.

If you like scifi and time travel as a topic, this is really good. And the end might be a bit short and sudden, but come on people, have some imagination - you don't have to spell out everything in crazy detail, and making this movie 20min longer with a super detailed ending would probably lead to people saying the movie was too long ;-)

Pretty solid easy viewing

Won't change the world, but the effects are good and plentiful, the acting isn't so bad it takes you out of the movie, and the plot just about enough to keep you interested. If you like losing yourself in sci-fi worlds without too much thought involved, you might enjoy this.

A waste of oxygen

Besides the very low production value, Australians can't act.

Sunday afternoon viewing

Not a bad flick, but not noteworthy either. The effects were decent and gave it a proper sci-fi setting. The Dialogue was wanting, and to be honest, too much crying going on, far too much! It is one of those sci-fis were you have to ignore the science, just accept the plot holes the inaccuracies make. The acting was pretty stiff. It tried hard and probably the effects were the best feature of the film - which is a bit worrying. All in all though, still gets a 5 for a Sunday afternoon which is a pass and not a complete fail

Pretty solid movie without "country X saves everyone" motifs

It's a pretty solid story. There's no huge twists or turns, it just tells itself. There's some sci-fi paradoxy stuff, but nothing too big.

The best part: since it's Australian there's no need for "we the best ever so we will save everyone hooraa!" stuff. And it's much better because of it.

Just one person's journey and choice in a dying world.

Very poor plot &bad acting

This is not a good film.The plot does not make any sense and the acting, not even one actor to save the day. I am amazed at what gets funded by Netflix these days - this movie has all the ingredients in it's plot for a good SI-FI film - apocalypses is coming, time loops, end of humanity, hope and some personal drama (that is just low grade due to poor acting). But, the story doesn't work and the acting is taken out of a low grade orror B movie.

Waste of time.

Completely illogical movie

When you think that it can't be worth, it will be worth. Each new scene adds new strange and stupid details