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I got my Sega Genesis for my 12th birthday, it was AWESOME!!!

The Sega Mega Drive here in Europe, aka Genesis in the US, was a fantastic machine. We used to play it for hours every day. It had no memory, so I would put it on pause the night before I went to school, and then me and my friend would cycle as fast we could after school, back to my home. My mother would then often have cleaned up my clothes and turned off the machine. DUDE, we worked for days to get to the final boss... Sometimes I just hated my mom!!

I loved Nintendo too, but the Sega just kicked ass. I bought Sonic after being with my mom to the bingo, I won $250 that day, that is like $1500 today. I bought the game for around $65 that time. That was a lot of money for a kid. If you wonder, yes my mother took the rest of the money, her ticket. I didn't care, I was high on Sonic. Man, I had many great days, weeks, month and years with Sega. What a time to grow up. Magical!

This documentary gave me so many fun flashbacks. Me and my friend, who played at my house back in the day, sat here with me and we smiled, laughed and just loved this documentary. And we had some few beers too.

Really fun watching this. And to the guy who left a review, saying that Sega really wasn't that big of a deal... Dude, I'll challenge you any day LOL.

If you ever was a gamer or are a gamer, this is a must watch!! 10/10

Very similar to other docs about Game Consoles...

...But, nonetheless, good. Watch it if you played through your youth in the 80s/90s and you will love it. After watching this I understood, somehow, why I did not like anything Nintendo, until today.

Sega fanboys

It's a pretty enteraining story about the rise and fall of Sega. A bit (16 bits??) too sentimental however. Sega games and hardware were never all that, and it's pretty obvious that they never had a chance after their cowboy marketing strategies were eventually exposed by a lack of quality titles, if they ever even had one.

To say that it was all the fault of a jealous Japanese executive is pretty cheap and I wouldn't surprised if that golden guy from SOA blast financed this whole thing to get even. :)
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