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23.976 fps
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114 min
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2.4 / 10 
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Directors: Max Dementor [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A woman who is struggling with the conflict between her faith and her personal life must defend herself against the spirit of a demonic nun who is bent on destroying her.


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Garbage, to forget asap

After the second scene, I forced myself to watch the first 20 minutes . But I gave up. Can we say that this is a movie ?? The worst experience in a long time. The only thing they managed to do was to fool people who wanted to watch "The Conjuring". At first I thought it was a joke or an essay recorded by children who took daddy's camera without any cinematic knowledge. But then I felt ashamed for the whole crew that produced this thing.

The worst movie

The worst movie ever, i just wasted 15mins from my life, i really woumd advise the director to quit directing and please @Michael Chaves, don't try to make any other films. Everything is bad the quality, acting, film without a story and 000 creativity


I thought I was watching The Conjuring 3. I wasted 5 bucks on this. I don't think Sling will give me my money back either. ;(
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