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Action | Adventure
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25 fps
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94 min
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Abba Makama [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The Lost Okoroshi follows Raymond (Seun Ajayi), a security guard (and something of a layabout) whose main preoccupations are checking out women and figuring out how to escape the bustle of Lagos in favor of the more relaxed countryside. Despite, or maybe because of, his seeming "averages-ness", he's beset by surreal dreams where he's haunted by a traditional Okoroshi masquerade (ancestral spirit). One morning, our protagonist wakes up to discover he's been transformed into a purple spirit. Having lost his voice, he must navigate Lagos in this new form. His journey takes him across the society, to the club, and even into the world of a secret society bent on claiming the masquerade as their own.


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A captivating and funny critique of Nigeria...

This is a really vibrant, dream-like film with a completely original soundtrack. I have never visited Nigeria or watched any other movies made in Nigeria and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of life in Lagos. It was a little hard to understand the characters at first, so I put on the subtitles and that helped... A lot.

The story follows the main character named Raymond as he transforms into a costumed spirit, or masquerade, named Okoroshi. Okoroshi gives good fortune and wealth to the good and punishes the wicked. Watching a giant, purple, shaggy-looking spirit dance and interact with the different characters was great.

Some scenes dragged a little but overall I really enjoyed this filmmaker's critique of modern Nigeria (and other parts of the world). He definitely has something to say.
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